Introducing the newest Seismic spring mount for effective vibration isolation

Seismic isolators offered by ANDRE HVAC International

ANDRE HVAC International has a wide range of seismic isolators to reduce the transmission of vibration and high frequency noise coming from a variety of applications and industrial machines like fans, HVAC equipment, piping, duct works and other industrial machinery. Our seismic spring isolators are designed in a way that helps limit the issue of vibration and noise while offering increased productivity, stability and most importantly longer life of the equipment. 

Seismic spring mounts, rubber seismic mount, and independent seismic restraints offered come in a complete range for various applications. In addition to this, ANDRE HVAC International offers cable restraints which are used with spring and rubber hangers for restraining of seismic affect on any suspended piping or any other equipment.

Variety of seismic mounts

Seismic spring mounts comes in different configuration that are captive, housed and snubbed for floor or stand mounted equipments. These seismic isolators are designed with special multi-directional and flexible restraint to limit equipment movement during sever seismic disturbance. Besides this, during the normal operation, the seismic spring mountings provide vibration isolation in case of equipment movement and displacement causing high frequency vibration.

  • Seismic spring mounts Seismic spring mounts are vibration isolators that limit vibration & restrain seismic forces that affect air handling units, fans, pumps, chillers and other applications that are installed in a seismic zone. These seismic spring mounts are ideal equipments for large application that are often subjected to external environmental factors like wind or seismic forces. The mounts offered are powder coated and galvanized for a long lasting life.  
  • Seismic snubber Seismic snubbers are the best and the most effective way of vibration and seismic control. This equipment is nothing but an open spring and seismic snubber combination that helps in limiting vibration and affects of seismic force on applications. During the normal operation these snubbers do not interfere in the working of the application. These equipments or snubbers are ideal solution for post seismic disaster wherein the application is required to be functional after a seismic event.
  • Seismic cable restraint Suspended applications that require restraints, seismic cables are an ideal option. These cable restraints require no training for installation, have welded options for attachment, and are well designed to withstand seismic forces at maximum rated load.