The dynamics of the spring isolators in their modern avatar

A lot of developments have taken place over a period of time in the spring vibration isolation hangers. In the initial years, pads of cork and rubber with a hole in the center were used as vibration damping materials within the hanger frame. Some of the spring

spring isolation hangers

spring isolation hangers

vibration isolators used the spring only for the desired deflection. It was much later that the modern spring loaded isolation hangers came into the existence. They have the single deflection and double deflection variants available to match the deflection requirements of the clients.
The construction of a spring vibration isolator is simple. It has a rectangular steel strip frame with holes at the bottom and top. A round pad elastomer is bonded to the metal frame at the bottom. A spring with a cap is placed on the elastomer pad. The part for which vibration isolation is required is suspended by a stud that passes through the bracket, elastomer and spring and is tightened with a nut on the spring cap. The hole in the bracket is so large that it allows a 30-degree angular freedom to the suspended part. Thus any variation in the construction or supporting structure is easily taken care of.
Like the bottom portion, the top of the spring isolator is also linked to the rigid structure through a wire or stud. The stud passes through the top hole in the rectangular bracket, round rubber pad, steel washer and is tightened with a nut. Here the rubber element ensures that there is no metal to metal connection and the structure is isolated from the hanger. The large diameter of the steel washer is a safety feature and in the case of a fire, even if the rubber burns the steel washer holds.
The features of the spring loaded isolation hangers are as follows:
• Adequate corrosion protection is provided to the rectangular steel plate housing by powder coating or galvanizing.
• The load capacity of the rectangular housing is tested at a multiple of 5 to the rated load capacity.
• Color coding is done to indicate the load bearing capacity and the deflection characteristics. The steel washer integrity is checked at 50 per cent overload conditions.
• As per the customer requirement, the spring vibration isolators can be supplied with the springs in the pre-compressed state from the factory.
• The spring vibration isolators are designed for a misalignment within an arc of 30 degrees.
• Neoprene is the preferred elastomer material for its capability to withstand tough environmental conditions.
• The spring isolators are easy to install. Direct mounting on the support structure or the stud rod is possible.

The spring isolators for HVAC are used to suspend the air conditioning equipment and ducting etc. from the ceiling or the support structure. The spring isolators HVAC work on the same principle as any other spring vibration isolator and can provide the desired spring deflection. The scale sticker on the bracket inside allows you to read the amount of deflection under load conditions. Based on the load capacity and deflection required you can easily make the choice of the right spring isolator for HVAC system. The spring

spring isolation hangers

spring isolation hangers

isolators for fans provide the ideal vibration damping with similar loads and deflections.
The chillers which are mounted on the floor are a very heavy piece of equipment. So instead of hangers, the spring isolators for chillers utilize the floor mounting techniques. Heavy springs are used along with the metallic brackets to suspend the heavy chiller tanks at the legs and other support points. Sometimes a set of springs is used in the same spring isolator to meet the load and deflection requirements. Since the flooring is isolated from the vibrations in the chiller tanks, the chillers can also be mounted on the rooftops to meet the regulatory guidelines.
If you are looking for spring isolators Edmonton or spring isolators in Houston, the right place to go is Andre HVAC International Inc. The company which came up more than a decade ago is highly specialized in the spring vibration isolators. The company website provides you with the data and tables for easy selection of the spring vibration isolation hangers. You have to clear on the dimensions and space availability along with the load and deflection requirements in order to make the choice. Whether it is the requirement for a chiller, fan or the complete HVAC system, you can find a wide range of the spring isolators in each category.

Spring isolators are the effective anti-vibration tools for suspended equipment

All modern buildings, malls and industrial complexes make use of the spring isolation hangers for suspension of equipment associated with HVAC, fluid transfer, and any other moving parts. The rotating and reciprocating parts generate vibrations which are transmitted to the surroundings and structural members. It is the spring type vibration isolators that dampen these vibrations and prevent the transmission to the supporting structure or piping. The spring deflects against the load both in the static and dynamic conditions and the elastomer element absorbs the vibrations.

Spring hangers for pipe: All metals have a coefficient of thermal expansion and hence they expand when heated. The metallic pipes which are used to transfer fluids in an industry will undergo expansions and contraction depending on the temperature of the fluid that they carry. If the pipes are put on rigid supports they are likely to be damaged and deformed permanently because they are unable to absorb the force exerted by the pipe when it expands. The variable spring hangers, on the other hand, absorb these forces through deflection of the spring. Also, the spring hangers for pipe allow for an angular movement of 30 degrees from the support point. The pipe thus gets the freedom to expand without much restriction and comes back to its original position when it contracts on cooling.

  • The spring hanger for pipe comprises a steel housing, high deflection spring, and an elastomer element.
  • The riveted plate on the vibration hanger carries the pre-set factory values.
  • The installation position is indicated on the travel scale.
  • The hanger spring’s travel scale also indicates the hot and cold positions. The deflection that happens due to the weight of the pipe in the normal state is called the cold position. The vertical displacement of the pipe when it is carrying the fluid in the hot condition is earmarked as the hot position.
  • The marking is done through blocking pieces which can be removed and reinserted in the position as per requirement.
  • Adequate corrosion resistance is provided by galvanizing the vibration isolation hangers.

Spring isolators for HVAC:  The heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment and its ducting is almost an essential part of the residential and commercial buildings, industrial complexes and malls etc. As per the regulations, the air conditioning equipment is required to be put on the top of the buildings. The air conditioners and air handling units etc. can be mounted using the vibration damping mounts. These are simple elastomer pads with threaded metallic inserts where the equipment can be mounted and bolted in position. In case the air conditioner is to be suspended from the ceiling the spring isolators for HVAC can be used.

The ducting for the HVAC is spread to the various floors in the building and is normally concealed in the false ceiling of each floor. Since the ducting is attached to the HVAC equipment, the vibrations from the moving parts are transmitted to it as well. The spring vibration isolators HVAC become an important tool for preventing vibrations from getting transmitted from the ducting to the supporting structure. In the absence of spring isolation, the noise generated by the vibrating ducts and supporting structure would pollute the working environment.

The structure of a spring isolator: The spring vibration isolators have a simple structure. A metal strip is bent to form a rectangular housing. The housing is attached to the ceiling or support through a rod. The elastomer element prevents the metal to metal contact and dampens the vibrations. The material of the elastomer is weather resistant and can withstand harsh environments also if required. The spring vibration isolators allow for certain construction anomalies by accepting 30-degree variation in the suspension rod. This is possible because of a large diameter hole in the bracket. The spring element deflects based on its load bearing capacity and the spring isolation hangers are rated accordingly. In general, the springs are rated for one-inch deflection.

Andre HVAC International Inc. is in the field of anti-vibration products for more than a decade. It caters to the specific requirements of the clients by providing them with the right kind of solutions. A wide variety of spring hangers is available to suit the requirements of the clients for their HVAC and utility piping suspension requirements. The products perform to the client’s satisfaction and require the minimum maintenance. Support is available for making the right selection of the anti-vibration products for all your needs.

Take control of your vibration issues with the latest anti-vibration products

The popular vibration isolation products include small springs, neoprene, and fiberglass mounts that provide good vibration isolation medium. The common spring vibration isolators and anti-vibration mountings are readily available from the house of Andre HVAC. However, with the advancement in technology there are new products that make use of the visco-elastic polymers for the isolation of vibrations. These special elastomers not only absorb the vibration waves but also convert it into a small amount of heat energy that is dissipated. Listed below are the different types of vibration isolation products that are available and suited to specific customer requirements.

Vibration isolation systems: Andre HVAC International Inc. provides a wide variety of vibration isolation systems specifically designed to meet the end user vibration free applications. These include vibration control workstations, bench-top platforms, and vibration isolation system platforms. You can also get vibration isolation mounts for use by original equipment manufacturers when designing and retrofitting sensitive equipment.

Spring isolators for chillers: If you are into the installation of HVAC systems, you would have probably known by now that the noisiest part of the equipment is the chiller. The designers try to isolate it from the rest of the equipment by placing it into the mechanical room. Despite the isolation, the chiller vibrations and noise is transmitted via the structural members and can cause noise pollution in the work areas. The ideal solution for this problem is the use of spring isolators for chillers. The Andre HVAC International Inc. range of anti-vibration spring mounts provides the customers with a wide choice of anti-vibration products.

Anti-vibration fan mounts: Any rotating piece of equipment generates vibrations and fans are no exceptions. The vibration problem gets accentuated when there is a rotor dynamic balancing problem. The anti-vibration fan mounts are quite effective in isolating the fan vibrations from the support structure. Thus, the support structure stays protected from vibration damage and noise is greatly reduced.

Mason vibration isolation: Mason has earned a reputation for itself in the field of vibration damping, noise control and seismic isolators. The company has been in the field for more than five decades. The construction contractors demand the vibration isolators and vibration mounts as per the Mason brand name. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you the Mason vibration isolation products for your anti-vibration requirements.

HVAC vibration isolators: HVAC vibration damping is the area where Andre HVAC International Inc. made a modest beginning in the year 2003, in Ontario Canada. Today AHI enables building owners to execute their plans for installation of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems without the worry of noise and vibration problems. The dedicated expert team from AHI provides technical assistance to the customers in the selection of the correct HVAC vibration isolators as per their project specifications. The HVAC spring mounts from AHI reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from the pumps, motors, fans and chillers of the HVAC equipment to the building structure and protect it from damage.


Troubled with Noise and vibrations? Adopt vibration control products for relief!

People around the world are quickly adapting to the anti-vibration mountings, isolators and hangers to get over their vibration and noise troubles. Vibrations, as you know, can cause irreparable damage to the support and noise can be a deterrent for the smooth operations in a workplace. There is a variety of anti-vibration spring mounts, isolator mounts and other anti-vibration machinery available from Andre HVAC International Inc. to take care of your vibration needs. Let us look at the various vibration control products:

Anti-vibration motor mounts: The Andre HVAC anti-vibration motor mounts are capable of sustaining high vibration frequencies. The construction of these vibration isolation mounts is very simple and consists of neoprene elastomer disc and a steel mounting bolt. These are manufactured using the compression molding process and the stem of the bolt is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Pump vibration isolators: The base spring mounts are used for vibration control in air handling units, fans, pumps, other HVAC equipment and generators. The pump vibration isolators from Andre HVAC come in three possible options. These are with no base, only with a lower base and with both top and lower base. The core which is encased by the spring is made up of foam rubber pad and polyethylene.

Spring vibration isolators: Andre HVAC spring vibration isolators are used to cut down the transmission of noise and vibration that is generated by mechanical, industrial or process equipment within a building structure. These vibration eliminators are used for boilers, chillers, compressors, fans, pumps and cooling towers.

Spring isolators for fans: The fluctuating aerodynamic forces or the rotor unbalance in a fan lead to the vibrations. These are transmitted to the supporting structure and may lead to noise which can distract people in an office. If the magnitude of vibrations is higher, it may lead to a gradual destruction of the supporting structure.

  • Vibration isolators are used to prevent or limit the amount of force transfer to the supporting structure.
  • Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you the range of HVAC vibration isolators and spring isolator for fans to take care of your anti-vibration requirements.
  • Products are available for both stationary and portable applications.

HVAC spring mounts: As per the latest construction regulations most of the utility equipment needs to mount on the top of the buildings. Hence, the protection of the building structure from vibrations becomes all the more important. The HVAC spring mounts and HVAC vibration isolators can be used for mounting the air ventilation units, chillers, pumps, air conditioning equipment and heating equipment. The entire product range of HVAC spring mount is available from Andre HVAC International Inc.

Mason vibration isolators: The contractors, consultant and architects ask for the vibration control products of Mason industries by name. The anti-vibration manufacturer has dominated the field of noise, vibration and seismic control for more than fifty years. Andre HVAC brings to its customers the Mason vibration isolatorsfor meeting the specific brand requirements. The product range from AHI includes a variety of other vibration isolation mount and anti-vibration spring mount choices for its clients.