Effective vibration isolation technology for suspended equipments

Spring hangers are vibration isolation equipments used for providing vibration isolation for suspended equipment. They offer a combined solution for both vibration isolation and for high and low frequency noise. These spring isolation hangers are often used in suspended equipments like the piping and ductwork with no lateral loads and no change in operating weight.

The application of spring hangers in suspended piping and ductwork helps in preventing vibration transmitting to the surrounding structure. There is wide range of Isolation hangers available in the market, designed in housed cages and encompassing rubber, spring and rubber and spring combination hangers. These spring isolation hangers prevent your machinery from getting damaged with their vibration-control hangers and isolators. The vibration isolation spring equipments are ideal for securing heavy pipes or equipment to limit noise and vibrations during their operations. The hangers effectively isolate transmission of vibration or any form of structural sound. Further, these spring hangers are known to prevent many installation errors as it permit a degree of movement of piping which eliminates the need of a flexible hose connection. In addition to this, the vibration spring hanger isolators will also manage the expansion issues of riser pipe lines.

The market offers a wide range of spring isolators designed to minimize structural transmission of noise and vibration generated by almost any application. With a wide range of hangers available with coil springs for low frequency applications, rubber-in-shear for absorption of sound and shock, this equipment are perfectly designed to offer maximum isolation. Besides, these spring hangers are sturdily built for long rugged use and maximum provision of isolation equipment.

Typical application of spring hangers –

Spring hangers are isolation equipments typically used in suspended equipments which include air handling units, axial fans blower, cooling and heating equipment, ductwork exhaust system, fan coil units, pipe work platform, pumps, ventilation and much more.

The dynamics of the spring isolators in their modern avatar

A lot of developments have taken place over a period of time in the spring vibration isolation hangers. In the initial years, pads of cork and rubber with a hole in the center were used as vibration damping materials within the hanger frame. Some of the spring

spring isolation hangers

spring isolation hangers

vibration isolators used the spring only for the desired deflection. It was much later that the modern spring loaded isolation hangers came into the existence. They have the single deflection and double deflection variants available to match the deflection requirements of the clients.
The construction of a spring vibration isolator is simple. It has a rectangular steel strip frame with holes at the bottom and top. A round pad elastomer is bonded to the metal frame at the bottom. A spring with a cap is placed on the elastomer pad. The part for which vibration isolation is required is suspended by a stud that passes through the bracket, elastomer and spring and is tightened with a nut on the spring cap. The hole in the bracket is so large that it allows a 30-degree angular freedom to the suspended part. Thus any variation in the construction or supporting structure is easily taken care of.
Like the bottom portion, the top of the spring isolator is also linked to the rigid structure through a wire or stud. The stud passes through the top hole in the rectangular bracket, round rubber pad, steel washer and is tightened with a nut. Here the rubber element ensures that there is no metal to metal connection and the structure is isolated from the hanger. The large diameter of the steel washer is a safety feature and in the case of a fire, even if the rubber burns the steel washer holds.
The features of the spring loaded isolation hangers are as follows:
• Adequate corrosion protection is provided to the rectangular steel plate housing by powder coating or galvanizing.
• The load capacity of the rectangular housing is tested at a multiple of 5 to the rated load capacity.
• Color coding is done to indicate the load bearing capacity and the deflection characteristics. The steel washer integrity is checked at 50 per cent overload conditions.
• As per the customer requirement, the spring vibration isolators can be supplied with the springs in the pre-compressed state from the factory.
• The spring vibration isolators are designed for a misalignment within an arc of 30 degrees.
• Neoprene is the preferred elastomer material for its capability to withstand tough environmental conditions.
• The spring isolators are easy to install. Direct mounting on the support structure or the stud rod is possible.

The spring isolators for HVAC are used to suspend the air conditioning equipment and ducting etc. from the ceiling or the support structure. The spring isolators HVAC work on the same principle as any other spring vibration isolator and can provide the desired spring deflection. The scale sticker on the bracket inside allows you to read the amount of deflection under load conditions. Based on the load capacity and deflection required you can easily make the choice of the right spring isolator for HVAC system. The spring

spring isolation hangers

spring isolation hangers

isolators for fans provide the ideal vibration damping with similar loads and deflections.
The chillers which are mounted on the floor are a very heavy piece of equipment. So instead of hangers, the spring isolators for chillers utilize the floor mounting techniques. Heavy springs are used along with the metallic brackets to suspend the heavy chiller tanks at the legs and other support points. Sometimes a set of springs is used in the same spring isolator to meet the load and deflection requirements. Since the flooring is isolated from the vibrations in the chiller tanks, the chillers can also be mounted on the rooftops to meet the regulatory guidelines.
If you are looking for spring isolators Edmonton or spring isolators in Houston, the right place to go is Andre HVAC International Inc. The company which came up more than a decade ago is highly specialized in the spring vibration isolators. The company website provides you with the data and tables for easy selection of the spring vibration isolation hangers. You have to clear on the dimensions and space availability along with the load and deflection requirements in order to make the choice. Whether it is the requirement for a chiller, fan or the complete HVAC system, you can find a wide range of the spring isolators in each category.