Anti-vibration pads for safeguarding your industrial machines and equipments

Anti-vibration equipments are ideal vibration isolation pads used for the purpose of dampening noise and isolating of vibration. These anti-vibration pads are designed in a way that offers maximum isolation to machines and equipments in operations. There are a wide variety of vibration isolation pads available in the market. Depending on the application and capacity of load, one can select the right anti-vibration isolation pad for their machines. For equipments as diverse as speakers to heavy duty machines, vibration pads like speaker isolation pads and anti vibration rubber pads are available to suite your requirement.

Andre HVAC Inc is a reputed anti-vibration rubber pad manufacturer and supplier offering its clients specially compounded anti-vibration pads. These that are used in varied industries including refrigeration plants , compressors , conveyors , air conditioning plants, diesel generators , business machines that generate vibrations, shock and noise in high frequency range. The vibration isolation pads are designed and engineered in different sizes and designs and also custom made as per the requirements of the customers. Our rubber anti-vibration isolation pads are made from superior quality rubber materials that serve for a longer period of time.  Hence, our vibration isolation pads are widely acclaimed by our customers across industries.

The rubber pad isolators offered provides high frequency vibration and sound insulation. They are designed in a way that reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration plants, and other such varied applications. Further, these anti vibration pads are also used as shock preventers in machines. The rubber anti-vibration pads have today become an ideal solution for all vibration and shock issues. Since they are designed of high quality rubber, they make a great product that is virtually resistance to ageing, compression, water & oil or extreme temperature conditions. Used in different applications like compressors, conveyors, diesel generators, fans, motors, pumps etc our products are widely in demand among clients. So, if you are searching for a product that dampens or isolates vibration caused by machineries, then do get in touch with us for a perfect isolation solution.

Cost effective anti-vibration pads for speakers

Anti-vibration pads for speakers

Anti-vibration isolation pads are vibration isolators specially designed to decouple the sound from speakers. The speaker isolation pads basically isolate the speakers for a better and an accurate sound, by eliminating the unwanted sounds and resonance on a hard surface. Installing these speaker isolation pads will not resonates with the desk or shelf on which they are placed.

By reducing the resonance, these vibration isolation pads give you clearer sound quality. Decoupling a speaker from the surface has a positive impact on the sound quality. It sharpens the bass response and improves the stereo image. Once you install these vibration isolation pads you will see that the low frequencies are more even and there is an overall increase in the detailing across frequency spectrum. Basically, the use of speaker isolation pad is to impart the energy into the air, and not the surface on which they are placed. This can be achieved by providing cushioning at the base of the speaker to limit the unwanted vibrations and suppress resonance

Anti-vibration pads offered by Andre HVAC Inc

Andre HVAC Inc offers a range of Anti-vibration pads to select from for speakers as per their platform shapes and to suit the studio setup. The vibration isolation pads come in sets of four units and are used in pairs to be placed under the speakers so as to distribute the weight of the speaker. The cost effective design of the speaker isolation pad makes it ideal for studio use and other applications wherein vibration is a major problem and decoupling of it is required. Each of the four units of vibration isolation pad offered is of high-density low compression foam that provides effective isolation.

Features of Anti-vibration pads offered by Andre HVAC Inc

Given below are some features of anti-vibration pads supplied by Andre HVAC Inc.

  • De-couples the studio speakers from any hard surface
  • Speaker isolation pads prevent unwanted buzzing and resonance
  • The vibration isolation pads offer leveling wedges that provides a leveled surface for the speaker
  • These speaker isolation pads feature high load baring capabilities.

So, in case you wish buy or consult about anti-vibration pads do visit our website or give us a call for assistance.

The significance of anti-vibration pads and sheets in your day to day life

We come across a lot of noise and vibrations in our routine daily life. The engine in the car, the washing machine in the house and the speakers of your music system are all producing vibrations when they are running. The vibrations, when transmitted to the surroundings, can cause damage to the other equipment and the support structures. This is because the transmitted vibrations cause the nearby machines and infrastructure to vibrate. Each and every structure and machine has its own natural frequency and if it is matched to the induced vibrations, it results in resonance. The vibrations can affect the accuracy of the machines and the resonance produces a cacophony which may make the working environment uncomfortable.

Pads for washing machines: The solution to the problem lies in the use of anti-vibration sheets, vibration suppression pads, and anti-vibration grommets to isolate the equipment producing vibrations and also to dampen the transmitted vibrations. You can use the anti-vibration mat or the anti-vibration pads for washing machines to get over the washing machine walking or other common vibration problems.

Mats for washing machines: The washing machine vibration dampers are made of elastomer compounds that not only reduce but also absorb the vibrations giving you a peaceful atmosphere at home. The anti-vibration mats for washing machines are made from compressed crumb rubber and very easy to install. These washing machine vibration dampers provide a durable cushioned surface that is perfect for washing machines and dryers.

Pads for speakers: In any sound system, you can invest in your mixer, mike, amplifier etc. but the most critical component to hear the recorded sound happens to be the speaker. You will not be able to get a true reproduction of your recorded sound until you use the speaker isolation pads to separate your monitors from the environment. The speaker isolation pads are designed to support virtually all sizes of bookshelf speakers and you can also use the wedge adjusters to angle your speakers.

Pads for equipment: The vibration pads for machinery help to dampen the noise levels and vibration frequency while safeguarding the fragile and sensitive components from external vibrations. The vibration absorbing pads are available in various shapes and sizes and can be custom made as per the customer requirements. The vibration pads for machines are available with ribbed, waffle, and suction cup options depending on the specific needs of the customer. While the natural rubber vibration absorbing pads suffice in most applications, you can go in for the neoprene ones where resistance to water, oil and harsh environment is required. The cork rubber pads and anti-vibration grommets are some other useful applications.

Sensing the need for the vibration dampening pads and anti-vibration isolation pads for use in homes and industrial applications Andre HVAC International Inc. came out with a wide range of such products almost 13 years ago. The anti-vibration pads home depot from AHI caters to the home requirement while you can also get a gamut of isolation products for industrial use also. These include compressor mounting pads, furnace thermal mounting pads, and anti-vibration pads for generators.