Go in for seismic isolators and spring hangers for your buildings

Seismic restrained isolator: The seismic spring mounts consist of a metallic housing that restricts the vertical and horizontal movement of the supported equipment during a seismic impact. The neoprene elastomer element is fitted in series with the spring coil. It prevents the metal short circuiting between the supporting member and housing. The seismic vibration isolators are designed to withstand forces of 1G magnitude along the horizontal and vertical planes without any yield or failure. The seismic vibration damping mounts function normally as vibration isolators under normal operating conditions.

The features of the seismic spring isolator can be summarized as:

  • Restraint along all major axis with physical limits in the vertical direction
  • Free height and operating height are fixed
  • Adequate rust protection for steel parts and spring coils
  • Easy replacement of spring coils in the field

Seismic spring mounts: The floor mounted seismic spring dampers are used for indoor and outdoor equipment isolation. The welded housings in the seismic spring mount for

Seismic spring mounts:

Seismic spring mounts:

deflection, limit the lateral and vertical movement. The typical use of seismic spring isolators is for cooling towers, chillers, air handling units, and base-mounted fans. The seismic spring is epoxy powder coated while the steel parts are hot dip galvanized for a long service life. The seismic brackets are also used along with other seismic restraint products for better results.

Spring isolation hangers: The vibration hangers are housed in a stamped or welded hanger bracket. The color coded coil spring indicates the load and deflection characteristics of the spring hangers. The metal to metal contact is prevented by the use of a molded fiberglass insert or an elastomer element. The spring in the sound isolation hangers has lateral spring stiffness equal to the rated vertical stiffness. The spring hanger allows for support rod misalignment through a 30-degree arc.  The vibration hanger is suitable for isolation of low speed suspended mechanical equipment like fans and pumps etc.

Piping spring hangers: The anti-vibration hanger is recommended for use around critically quiet areas for the isolation of vibration and noise produced by suspended piping and

Piping spring hangers

Piping spring hangers

ductwork. The pipe support and hangers prevent the vibrations from getting transmitted to the supporting structure. The sound isolation hanger’s rubber absorbs the high-frequency vibrations while the spring takes care of the low-frequency vibrations. The spring hanger extensions and spring brackets are used in tandem with the pipe spring hangers for ease of installation and improving the performance of the isolation system. The swing hangers with spring link are used in the application where the fluid temperature causes the thermal expansion of the piping.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has been providing solutions to builders and designers for adequate seismic protection since it came into existence in 2003. It also has a wide range of products in the spring hanger pipe support and spring ceiling hanger segment used for acoustic isolation in buildings. AHI provides the support to the customers in the selection of the anti-vibration hangers and other seismic restrained isolators.

Important considerations for seismic vibration isolation

The seismic mounts and isolators are recommended for use with the mechanical equipment when it is subject to seismic occurrences, high wind loads and other external forces. The seismic isolators are pretty effective for noise and vibration sensitive areas when the mechanical equipment is located above or near it. The seismic spring isolators are very effective when the equipment for isolation experiences significant weight changes due to the fluid drainage during routine maintenance operations. The equipment that falls under this category is cooling towers, chillers and boilers etc.

The seismic vibration isolators consist of a welded steel housing that has a free standing, large diameter steel spring in the middle. The metallic housing has zinc metallization on it in order to protect it from corrosion.

Important considerations for seismic vibration isolation

Important considerations for seismic vibration isolation

The housings have elastomer members assembled which work in tandem with the spring member to provide the required damping effect. The housings are fabricated in such a manner so as to limit vertical movement of the isolated equipment. The vertical movement is generated if there is a reduction in load due to fluid drainage or increase in load due to large external forces like seismic events or high winds.

The top plate in the seismic spring isolator housing has threaded holes for anchoring the mechanical equipment. In certain situations, it becomes difficult to align the holes and welding is recommended. The snubbing element has the neoprene elastomer at its core. For heavy duty applications, the seismic vibration isolators have elements which can accommodate directional snubbing also.

Andre HVAC International Inc. provides the entire range of seismic spring isolators and seismic spring mounts for the mechanical equipment. They also help in carrying out computer studies for snubbing systems in earthquake and bomb blast zones. The HVAC vibration isolation solutions from Andre HVAC are guidelines that provide general seismic details for suspended piping, ductwork and electrical systems. There are special seismic mounts and independent seismic restraints for the HVAC applications. With the help of these mounts, you can secure the air-conditioning equipment, fans, ducts etc. to the building. The cable restraints also come quite handy for restraining the suspended pipe and equipment. The seismic spring mounts thus provide adequate protection from the seismic activity.

Thereis a variety of mounts available which primarily consist of a spring and an elastomer- neoprene. There are also wire rope and pad type vibration mounts and isolators. The seismic mounts comply with IBC regulations. The Amber booth vibration isolators have been used in HVAC, defense, transportation and OEM market for over 60 years. Amber booth is a member of the American society of heating, refrigerating, and Air-conditioning engineers, Inc. and Vibration isolation and seismic control manufacturers association. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you the entire range of Amber booth products to meet your specific requirements.

The seismic spring mounts are color coded to indicate the spring deflection and the load capacity. To meet the seismic code compliance, a spacer block is provided for the air gap setting. The Andre HVAC seismic spring isolators are designed to counter the seismic forces up to a value of 2G.

The dependable vibration mounts and isolators for protection from seismic activity

The vibrations of the earth and its crust due to the seismic activity can have devastating effects. The equipment, piping, and ductwork can be dislodged from their mounting position in the building. The people today are increasingly becoming aware of the damages that can be caused by earthquakes and tsunami. They are taking the requisite countermeasures by using the seismic vibration isolators in the installation of equipment and machinery. The seismic spring isolators from the house of Andre HVAC International Inc. are designed to withstand the seismic forces while keeping your equipment safe.

The seismic spring mounts have the following distinct properties:

  • Suitably located bolt holes in the seismic mounts make them easy to install.
  • The body of steel with a solid build makes the housing strong enough to counter the seismic impact.
  • The seismic spring mount is designed for easy top plate mounting.
  • The snubbing element is made from the molded neoprene elastomer.
  • The Zinc metallization on the metal parts protects them from corrosion.

If you do not want to use the threaded holes in the top plate for anchoring the equipment you can go in for the welding. In many typical situations, the alignment of the heavy equipment becomes difficult and welding is the only alternative. The neoprene elastomer is at the core of the snubbing element. However, the Andre HVAC range offers you the seismic spring isolator which can accommodate directional snubbing also. These are specially meant for heavy duty applications.

For ease of identification of the load capacity and deflection the springs in the seismic mounts are color coded. A spacer block is also provided for the air gap setting in order to meet the seismic code compliance. The seismic isolator is designed to counter the seismic forces up to a value of 2G.

HVAC vibration isolation

During an earthquake, you will not like your air-conditioning equipment to come crashing down along with the ducting. The Andre HVAC International Inc. range of HVAC vibration isolation products includes the special seismic mounts and independent seismic restraints for the HVAC applications. You can thus secure the air-conditioning equipment, fans, ducts etc. to the building with adequate protection from seismic activity.

Amber booth vibration isolators

Amber booth which is known for its specialty in the seismic products is a member of vibration isolation and seismic control manufacturers association and also American Society of heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning engineers Incorporated. Andre HVAC is proud to be associated with their product range and brings to you the Amber booth vibration isolators for your specific needs. These seismic spring isolators are recommended for use in HVAC, defense, transport, and OEM market. The Amber booth seismic control products, which have been in the market for the past 60 years, are especially suited for services and new construction.

By using the cable restraints in combination with the rubber hangers you can achieve the seismic restraint of suspended pipe and equipment. This becomes critical as falling pipes and equipment pose a grave danger during an earthquake.