Rubber hanger, an ideal isolation equipment for suspended applications

Rubber hangers effectively help isolate the transmission of vibration and structurally sound caused in machine. Today suspended acoustical ceiling have become a very essential part of the modern structures that helps isolate the Vibration & Sound waves that emanates from an equipment or machines and transferred to the rest of the building

Rubber hangers prevent many installation errors by permitting degree of freedom of movement of piping thus eliminating the need of flexible hose. In addition to this the hangers will also offer the benefit of expansion problems of riser pipe lines. There are a wide range of hangers are available with springs for low frequency applications, rubber-in-shear hangers for absorption of sound and shock with combination of coil spring & rubber-in shear for critical areas and so on.

So depending on the requirement one needs to select a suitable hanger for the application in need. Hangers are designed and built sturdily for long rugged service suitable for almost any industrial application or system. These rubber hangers are rust free, oil and moisture resistant that makes them an ideal isolation equipment for any environment.

Typically, rubber hangers or spring hangers are used in suspended applications like acoustical ceiling, air handling units, air conditioner, axial fans and blowers, cooling and heating equipment, ductwork exhaust system, fan coil units, fans lighting & fixtures, mechanical equipment, pipe work platforms, small pumps, ventilations and many such other applications.


Vibration damping and isolation are the need of the hour

The rubber anti-vibration mounts and isolators have become a standard requirement as more and more people are becoming aware of the adverse effects of vibration and noise. Today, the isolation mounts are being widely used in refrigeration plants, compressors, HVAC equipment, diesel generators, fans, motors, pumps, presses and CNC machines etc. The elastomer can be natural rubber, neoprene or other compound depending on the requirement of resistance to ageing, compression set, water and oil. Let us take a look at the variety of the anti-vibration mounts and rubber hangers available.

Rubber grommets: The rubber grommet isolators provide the economical vibration isolation for light loads. The rubber bushings and rubber grommets are ideally suited for computers, disc drives, sensitive lab equipment and precision instrumentation.

Rubber bobbins: The rubber cylindrical mounts are also known as bobbin mounts and are used to curb both active and passive vibrations. The rubber dampers are effective in structure-borne noise control. A variety of combinations involving the stud and threaded hole at the two ends of the cylinder are available.

Rubber fan mounts: To prevent the transmission of vibrations from a fan motor to travel to the chassis, on which it is mounted, requires a rubber isolation mount to be put into place. The anti-vibration fan mount can be made from silicone and other rubber compounds in order to decouple the fan from the case and also attenuate the unwanted vibration.

HVAC anti-vibration mounts: The anti-vibration spring mounts that have elastomer core,

HVAC anti-vibration mounts

HVAC anti-vibration mounts

a coil spring and carbon steel bases are ideally suited for mounting of HVAC equipment like fans, AHUs, pumps, and motors. The rubber in shear isolators is also used for HVAC applications where a higher degree of stiffness is required in the horizontal plane and good isolation in the vertical plane. Thus, the rubber in shear vibration isolators provides a cost effective engineered solution for HVAC equipment mounting.

Hard rubber mounts: The hard rubber mounts are desired for high reliability and fine quality requirements. The hard rubber anti-vibration mounts are custom built and find the usage in automobiles, machinery and household electrical appliances etc.

Rubber hangers: The anti-vibration hangers are used for false ceiling suspension, HVAC ducting and piping suspension, and equipment suspension. The rubber hangers are primarily made from polymer material while the spring hangers make use of metal springs.

Anti-vibration motor mounts: The equipment like hexacopters and multi-rotors make use of the anti-vibration motor mounts to attenuate the vibration and noise from motors and props. The flight controller sensors function properly only when the rubber anti-vibration mounts significantly dampen the motor vibrations.

Andre HVAC International Inc. is a leading supplier of rubber isolation mounts, rubber bushings, and HVAC rubber mounts to name a few. AHI uses the best of material to provide a long service life and enhance the life of the equipment. Whether you are replacing a worn out mount or going in for a new application, AHI has the right anti-vibration mounting to give you the desired vibration isolation and noise reduction.


Get some effective vibration isolation through rubber mounts and rubber dampers

If you go around any industry or office basement, you are likely to see a number of pumps, motors, generators, compressors and HVAC equipment in operation. All these equipment have rotating or moving parts which generate vibrations. To mitigate the vibrations, the anti-vibration rubber mountings or rubber hangers are used. The other common rubber dampers in use are the elastomer pads, dense closed cell foams and laminate materials.

Andre HVAC International Inc. makes use of the latest technology and developments in the damping materials to bring you the entire range of vibration dampening mounts and rubber hangers. Their range also includes the HVAC rubber mounts and exhaust rubber mounts which are suited for specific requirements. Andre HVAC products are known for their quality and performance. The effective control of vibrations by their anti-vibration rubber mounts is what draws the customers to them.

The theory behind the control of vibration by the rubber isolation mount lies in the effective control of resonance amplification. This phenomenon happens when the natural frequency of the equipment matches with the generated vibrations causing it to vibrate in harmony and produce a loud sound. The rubber vibration isolators limit the level of amplification by dissipating the energy in the system. However, the selection of the anti-vibration rubber mounts has to be done carefully as an increased damping may result in reduced isolation at higher frequencies.

HVAC rubber mounts and isolators: The heating ventilation and air conditioning applications are very common in the homes and commercial establishments. The temperature control by these equipment looks good, but the vibrations and noise emanating from the moving parts can pose a lot of problems. However, the Andre HVAC double deflection rubber shear mounts come to your rescue. You can use the neoprene based HVAC rubber mount for installing the air conditioner unit on the rooftop. The unit is secured to rubber mounts with the help of bolts while the metal flange bonded with the rubber isolator secures it to the surface on the roof. The rubber provides the isolation and damping. The fan rubber mounts and fan vibration dampers are ideally suited for the fan installation.

HVAC rubber hangers: Most of the installations of HVAC systems require suspension from the roof and you can make use of the single deflection rubber shear hangers and double deflection shear hangers based on the weight and dynamics of the suspended part. The housing of the single deflection shear hanger is formed with a plate bent in rectangular shape. The HVAC rubber hanger has a grommet rubber at the bottom which isolates the equipment from the suspended part. The rubber in shear mount is made from specialty rubbers like neoprene which provide isolation as well as weather resistance.

Andre HVAC International Inc. made a foray into the field of rubber vibration dampening mounts in the year 2003.  They started with the rubber anti-vibration mounts for the HVAC installations and have grown from strength to strength over the last decade. Today they have a wide variety of vibration isolation rubber products for multiple applications in varied fields. If you need a rubber isolator mount you will find it with Andre HVAC.