Superior quality anti-vibration pads for effective isolation

Anti Vibration Rubber Pads are used in machines that generate high frequency vibration and noise.
These isolation vibration pads come in different sizes and designs and can also be customized as per the application in use and requirements of the clients. Often these rubber anti-vibration pads are made from superior quality rubber materials that ensure consistent service for long time. The anti vibration rubber pads are widely acclaimed for their ability to insulate high frequency vibration and sound. These vibration isolation pads reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by various applications including machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration and many other such types of equipment.

Rubber anti-vibration mountings are used in a vast range of applications with prime objective of eliminating vibration, reducing noise and absorb shock. Having high internal isolating properties the rubbers in use is ideal for making anti-vibration mountings. Usually, a variety of rubbers are used into making of anti-vibration pads and they include natural rubber, neoprene, silicon etc
Properties of Rubber Anti Vibration Pads

Rubber anti-vibration pads have a unique property that makes it ideal equipment for isolation of vibration. Some of its critical properties are-

  • Rubber anti-vibration pads have the capability to work in the extreme environment.
  • These equipments are resistant to oil, chemicals or any form of liquid.
  • The anti-vibration rubber pads are resistant to surface abrasion wear or wear and tear.
  •  This isolation vibration pad can withstand great temperature fluctuation.
  • They can work under shear compression.
  • The isolation vibration rubber pad offer great radial elasticity.
  • The rubber anti-vibration pads are available in a wide variety and dimensions.
  • these equipments are easy to use and install


General application of rubber anti-vibration pads  

Rubber anti-vibration pads provide vibration isolation solution to the following applications

  • Cooling systems
  • Sensitive electronics equipment
  • Suspension systems
  • Engines
  • Fuel systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Pipework


Industrial Applications

General industry

Rubber anti-vibration pads are used for a variety of industrial application including compressors, pumps, generator, agricultural machinery, and other machinery.

Marine Industry

Anti-vibration rubber pads are used in marine engines, chiller-units, generator sets, cooling machinery, compressors and pumps. They are also used for the flexible support and assembly of exhaust systems on ships.

Automotive and Railway Industry

Anti vibration rubber pads and mountings are also widely used in the automotive and railway industry for smooth functioning of various machines and dampening of high frequency vibration and noise.


Anti-vibration mounting pads for your precision leveling and vibration absorption requirements

For the industrial applications involving heavy CNC machines and power presses, there is a requirement of anti-vibration mounting pads that can take large loads and also provide leveling adjustment. The most suitable vibration pads for machinesare the wedge mounts. The three-piece wedge mount comprises of a center wedge that can slide between the top and bottom wedge. The movement of the center wedge is controlled by an adjustable bolt which is mounted parallel to the ground or base. Depending on the weight and size of the machine it is possible to select the suitable wedge mount.

Wedge mount as a suitable anti-vibration isolation pad: At the bottom of the wedge mount is the typical insulation plate which is made from elastomers. The vibration damping capabilities of the wedge type anti-vibration isolation pads come from these elastomeric insulation plates. It is possible to customize them according to the damping frequency requirement. The leveling of the CNC machine or the power press can be obtained by the movement of the center wedge through the adjustable bolt. The sliding wedge ensures precision height adjustment. The supporting surfaces of the wedge type vibration damper pads are so large that they are not only rigid but provide solidity as well. The typical application of the wedge mounts are suited for the machines that require:

  • Free placement
  • Bolting to the anti-vibration isolation pads
  • Grouting to the floor in addition to bolting
  • Precision leveling
  • More than normal height adjustment

Rubber anti-vibration pads: The machines that generate high-frequency vibrations require the use of anti-vibration sheets and rubber anti-vibration pads. The examples of high frequency generating machines are compressors, conveyors, diesel generators, fans, motors, and pumps. The wide range of vibration absorbing pads is suitable for reducing and damping the vibrations caused by air-conditioning and refrigeration plants and many other similar applications. Besides the industrial applications, the vibration absorbing pad is suitable for domestic applications also.

When the prime consideration is the damping of vibration the anti-vibration pads provide the ideal solution. They are very stable under the compressive load and are suited for applications like HVAC systems, heavy compressors, computer systems, laboratory and inspection equipment, movie halls and theaters etc. The anti-vibration pads have a sandwich construction, where a fluted elastomer element is set between two rubber cork pads. While the cork layer is responsible for providing a high-friction surface, the fluted elastomer takes care of vibration damping. The selection of the anti-vibration pads can be made based on the load conditions.

Neoprene isolation pads: The Neoprene elastomer is oil and water resistant and the neoprene padsare designed to operate within the strain limits of the isolator. This gives the neoprene pads a long life expectancy. The construction available is single and double ribbed type and also alternate high and low ribs for maximum deflection.

All these products are available from Andre HVAC International Inc. which happens to be a leading manufacturer of vibration, shock and noise control products. The company was established in 2003 and is based out of the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario, Canada.