Strengthen your protection system with equipment isolation mounts

Vibrations can lead to a severe damage to your working systems, precision machines and your HVAC equipment. An effective deployment of hard rubber mounts and isolation mounts is needed to guard your equipment. Every machine or piece of equipment has its own natural frequency. When the induced vibrations from motors, fans, pumps etc. cause it to vibrate harmoniously at its natural frequency, resonance is created and produces a

heavy noise. The result is a loss of precision or damage to the machine. The equipment isolation mounts and hangers separate the equipment from the vibration source, thus bringing the damage under control.

Rubber anti-vibration mount: A properly installed hard rubber mount will lead to a reduction in the vibration and noise generated by the machine. The rubber anti-vibration mounts are responsible for creating a flexible connection to the machine. The energy from the

Automotive rubber mounts

Automotive rubber mounts

equipment is transferred to the equipment isolation mount which dampens the vibrations. The hard rubber mounts limit the level of amplification of the resonant frequency by dissipating energy in the system. The amount of damping must be kept under check, as an increase in damping tends to reduce isolation at higher frequencies.

Grommets rubber: We have sensitive instrumentation in our labs, homes and industry and it requires protection from vibration and shock. The anti-vibration grommet rubber is specially designed for these applications. These vibration absorbing grommets are made up of two parts, the insulator and the shoulder screw. The raw material used for the insulator is EPDM rubber, thus providing it with the requisite durability. The protrusions on the mating surface of the insulator provide the resilience to dampen unwanted noise and vibration. The instrument is anchored to the surface with the help of nickel plated screws.
Fan rubber mounts: Fans, like any other rotating piece of equipment, generate vibrations. Fans are like any other rotating part and generate vibrations. The fan vibrations can significantly become noisier when there is a rotor dynamic balancing problem. The fan rubber mount is quite effective in isolating the fan vibrations from the support structure. Thus, the support structure stays protected from vibration damage and noise is greatly reduced.

HVAC rubber mounts: The neoprene based HVAC rubber mount is ideal for mounting the air conditioner and HVAC equipment on the rooftop. The rubber mounting has a tapped hole in the center of the rubber mount and a flanged base plate. The whole rubber mounting is neoprene rubber based allowing for good corrosion resistance and deflection

Rubber  isolation mounts

Rubber isolation mounts

properties. Whether it is a fan rubber mount or an HVAC rubber mount, both offer excellent noise control and vibration damping properties. The other HVAC equipment like the chillers and air handling units etc. are also mounted on the support structure with the help of rubber HVAC mounts. However, in case the HVAC equipment or the ducting is required to be suspended the HVAC rubber hangers or the spring hangers are preferred.
Cylindrical vibration mounts: The cylindrical vibration mounts are very similar to the other hard rubber mounts but only different in shape. As the name suggests the round cylindrical profile allows for easy placement and installation. There are plenty of variants of the cylindrical mounts. There is one with a threaded metallic insert bonded to it while the other has a threaded stud protruding out. The insert or the stud is used to fasten the equipment to the cylindrical vibration mount. The elastomer element remains in contact with the support structure or floor and generates enough friction to prevent the running equipment from moving. The twin-stud cylindrical vibration mounts have the threaded studs on each side with the elastomer in the center. These mounts are used to connect two pieces of equipment without the transfer of vibrations from one to the other.

Andre HVAC International Inc. made a modest beginning in 2003 and has grown from strength to strength over the years. As the name suggests the rubber mounts and isolators for HVAC equipment were the initial offerings from the company. Andre HVAC International Inc. is well known in the area of HVAC rubber mounts. The building owners work in tandem with AHI for installation of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. The range also includes the anti-vibration fan mounts, cylindrical vibration mounts and grommets rubber. The hard rubber mounts and equipment isolation mounts are so well accepted in the market that they have spurred the growth of the company into rubber anti-vibration mounting range of products.


HVAC mounts for vibration isolation

Andre HVAC International Inc is a specialist in manufacturing anti-vibration HVAC rubber mounts and isolators for both industrial & commercial application. We have a wide variety of corrosion-resistant products to isolate Heat, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) equipment. These high end isolators are manufactured using rubber, springs and various other materials, specially designed for effective vibration isolation.

All industrial and commercial machinery which by virtue of its design have reciprocating or rotating parts, create high frequency noise and vibration. This especially occurs due to the imbalance in the moving parts of the machine. Thus vibration produced by  machines ultimately lead to different problems such as high frequency noise & shock, wear & tear of machine, reduction in the machine’s life and so on. Andre HVAC International Inc has been developing different ranges of HVAC mounts that can solve problems like the ones described above.

So taking into account the data of the machine like weight, mount positions, type of machine, center of gravity, frequency of excitation, etc., Andre HVAC designs appropriate anti-vibration mount solution for each case. The proposed solutions are commonly taken using following types of anti-vibration HVAC mounts:


  • Rubber mounts

HVAC rubber mounts are anti- vibration isolators designed to isolate or dampen lower frequency vibration & noise for various applications.  The load capacity of these mounts can vary depending on the size of machine in use.

  • Air Mounts

The low frequency air mounts are specifically designed to maintain a certain static deflection for very long periods of time. These mounts offer consistency and reliability. Also, their structural design is more advantageous than the typical air mounts that are usually used.

  • Spring Mounts

Spring mounts are isolators that are weather resistant and support low natural frequencies. The load ratings of these mounts range from light weight to heavy duty, including seismic applications as well. These spring mounts are highly impact resistant.  In addition to this, the deflections are also easily checked through the casings, and are useful for quick and easy installation.


Vibration damping and isolation are the need of the hour

The rubber anti-vibration mounts and isolators have become a standard requirement as more and more people are becoming aware of the adverse effects of vibration and noise. Today, the isolation mounts are being widely used in refrigeration plants, compressors, HVAC equipment, diesel generators, fans, motors, pumps, presses and CNC machines etc. The elastomer can be natural rubber, neoprene or other compound depending on the requirement of resistance to ageing, compression set, water and oil. Let us take a look at the variety of the anti-vibration mounts and rubber hangers available.

Rubber grommets: The rubber grommet isolators provide the economical vibration isolation for light loads. The rubber bushings and rubber grommets are ideally suited for computers, disc drives, sensitive lab equipment and precision instrumentation.

Rubber bobbins: The rubber cylindrical mounts are also known as bobbin mounts and are used to curb both active and passive vibrations. The rubber dampers are effective in structure-borne noise control. A variety of combinations involving the stud and threaded hole at the two ends of the cylinder are available.

Rubber fan mounts: To prevent the transmission of vibrations from a fan motor to travel to the chassis, on which it is mounted, requires a rubber isolation mount to be put into place. The anti-vibration fan mount can be made from silicone and other rubber compounds in order to decouple the fan from the case and also attenuate the unwanted vibration.

HVAC anti-vibration mounts: The anti-vibration spring mounts that have elastomer core,

HVAC anti-vibration mounts

HVAC anti-vibration mounts

a coil spring and carbon steel bases are ideally suited for mounting of HVAC equipment like fans, AHUs, pumps, and motors. The rubber in shear isolators is also used for HVAC applications where a higher degree of stiffness is required in the horizontal plane and good isolation in the vertical plane. Thus, the rubber in shear vibration isolators provides a cost effective engineered solution for HVAC equipment mounting.

Hard rubber mounts: The hard rubber mounts are desired for high reliability and fine quality requirements. The hard rubber anti-vibration mounts are custom built and find the usage in automobiles, machinery and household electrical appliances etc.

Rubber hangers: The anti-vibration hangers are used for false ceiling suspension, HVAC ducting and piping suspension, and equipment suspension. The rubber hangers are primarily made from polymer material while the spring hangers make use of metal springs.

Anti-vibration motor mounts: The equipment like hexacopters and multi-rotors make use of the anti-vibration motor mounts to attenuate the vibration and noise from motors and props. The flight controller sensors function properly only when the rubber anti-vibration mounts significantly dampen the motor vibrations.

Andre HVAC International Inc. is a leading supplier of rubber isolation mounts, rubber bushings, and HVAC rubber mounts to name a few. AHI uses the best of material to provide a long service life and enhance the life of the equipment. Whether you are replacing a worn out mount or going in for a new application, AHI has the right anti-vibration mounting to give you the desired vibration isolation and noise reduction.


The vibration protectors for your equipment – rubber mounts and isolators

The anti-vibration rubber mounts and rubber isolators can reduce the level of noise and vibration caused by everyday equipment and machinery in use. The rubber isolation mounts are used in compression to reduce vibration and shock transmission to

Rubber Mounts-RMD-Series

Rubber Mounts-RMD-Series

buildings and support structures and also protect your equipment from damage. The rubber vibration mounts that use the elastomer Neoprene, provide oil resistance and increased durability. The single deflection shear hangers come in handy for sound and vibration absorption in suspended HVAC equipment and ceilings.

The rubber vibration isolators are used for equipment like pumps, motors, compressors, and generators. The rubber mounts and isolators are responsible for creating a flexible connection between the machine and the rigid surface. The vibrations that are generated by the machine get absorbed in the rubber vibration dampening mounts and the transmission to the rigid structure is greatly reduced.

The grommet rubber isolators provide the effective, economical vibration isolation for light loads. They are used for applications like computers, disk drives, precision instruments and general industrial equipment. The HVAC rubber mounts and double deflection rubber shear mounts are recommended for mounting of fans and air conditioner units. The HVAC rubber hangers are useful when the HVAC distribution pipes and ducts are required to be suspended from the ceiling. Depending on the load and deflection requirements the single deflection rubber shear hangers and the double deflection shear hangers are the ideal choices for suspended equipment.

The anti-vibration rubber mounts come in a variety of shapes and applications to suit the application requirement. Some of the shapes are cylindrical, hexagonal, angular, pedestal and sandwich. From the wide variety of shapes and sizes, it is easy for the customer to find the vibration dampening mount that suits his requirement. The rubber mounts and rubber isolators can also take care of the compactor, shock and shear compression requirements of the customer.

The anti-vibration rubber mountings give you the peace of mind as far as the protection

anti-vibration rubber mount

anti-vibration rubber mount

of your equipment from vibration is concerned. The sensitive lab equipment and electronic parts get adequate shielding and run trouble free for a longer life span by the use of anti-vibration rubber mounts. The small cooling fans in the electronic cabinets make use of the fan rubber mounts to douse the vibrations. Thus, the fan vibration dampers, which may be very small in size, play a critical role in enhancing the life of the electronic parts.

The rubber anti-vibration mounts and rubber hangers thus form an integral part of the industry, labs, offices and homes. The vibration isolation rubber and the rubber in shear mounts play an equally important role in the dampening of vibrations in a variety of applications.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has led the way in developing solutions to minimize noise, shock, and vibration for the past twelve years. They are ready to partner with you to develop a solution to meet your requirement. They can do this by way of developing a new application or by capitalizing on their existing vibration management systems. With their well-known range of rubber to metal mounts and hangers, their aim is to improve the quality of your products.

Get some effective vibration isolation through rubber mounts and rubber dampers

If you go around any industry or office basement, you are likely to see a number of pumps, motors, generators, compressors and HVAC equipment in operation. All these equipment have rotating or moving parts which generate vibrations. To mitigate the vibrations, the anti-vibration rubber mountings or rubber hangers are used. The other common rubber dampers in use are the elastomer pads, dense closed cell foams and laminate materials.

Andre HVAC International Inc. makes use of the latest technology and developments in the damping materials to bring you the entire range of vibration dampening mounts and rubber hangers. Their range also includes the HVAC rubber mounts and exhaust rubber mounts which are suited for specific requirements. Andre HVAC products are known for their quality and performance. The effective control of vibrations by their anti-vibration rubber mounts is what draws the customers to them.

The theory behind the control of vibration by the rubber isolation mount lies in the effective control of resonance amplification. This phenomenon happens when the natural frequency of the equipment matches with the generated vibrations causing it to vibrate in harmony and produce a loud sound. The rubber vibration isolators limit the level of amplification by dissipating the energy in the system. However, the selection of the anti-vibration rubber mounts has to be done carefully as an increased damping may result in reduced isolation at higher frequencies.

HVAC rubber mounts and isolators: The heating ventilation and air conditioning applications are very common in the homes and commercial establishments. The temperature control by these equipment looks good, but the vibrations and noise emanating from the moving parts can pose a lot of problems. However, the Andre HVAC double deflection rubber shear mounts come to your rescue. You can use the neoprene based HVAC rubber mount for installing the air conditioner unit on the rooftop. The unit is secured to rubber mounts with the help of bolts while the metal flange bonded with the rubber isolator secures it to the surface on the roof. The rubber provides the isolation and damping. The fan rubber mounts and fan vibration dampers are ideally suited for the fan installation.

HVAC rubber hangers: Most of the installations of HVAC systems require suspension from the roof and you can make use of the single deflection rubber shear hangers and double deflection shear hangers based on the weight and dynamics of the suspended part. The housing of the single deflection shear hanger is formed with a plate bent in rectangular shape. The HVAC rubber hanger has a grommet rubber at the bottom which isolates the equipment from the suspended part. The rubber in shear mount is made from specialty rubbers like neoprene which provide isolation as well as weather resistance.

Andre HVAC International Inc. made a foray into the field of rubber vibration dampening mounts in the year 2003.  They started with the rubber anti-vibration mounts for the HVAC installations and have grown from strength to strength over the last decade. Today they have a wide variety of vibration isolation rubber products for multiple applications in varied fields. If you need a rubber isolator mount you will find it with Andre HVAC.

A wide range of rubber mounts and hangers to take care of your vibration issues

Every industry which is into manufacturing deploys equipment for production. These machines have motors, pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic systems which run by consuming power and energy. When the motors rotate or the pumps run, they produce vibrations. Each machine and equipment has its own natural frequency and starts to vibrate in tandem with the generated vibrations. These vibrations as you know are harmful to theequipment and can cause substantial damage over a period of time. But you need not worry. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you a wide range of rubber anti-vibration mounts, rubber bushings, rubber isolators, and HVAC rubber hangers. Therubber mounts and isolators can take care of your entire anti-vibration needs.

Rubber mounts: The automotive industry is a major user of the rubber mounts. The engine as a source of power is a major generator of vibrations. It is assembled to the chassis using anti-vibration rubber mounting.The rubber mounts have a metallic center with rubber casing and a metal mounting plate. The rubber is bonded strongly with the metal to form an inseparable unit. The vibration dampening mounts come in a variety of shapes like cylindrical, hexagonal, angular, pedestal, and sandwich to suit the customer application requirement. Besides the automobile the rubber vibration dampening mounts find use in the marine and railroad industry as well. Another typical use is the HVAC rubber mounts.

Rubber vibration dampers:

  • The rubber in the vibration rubber mounts acts as the damper between two metallic surfaces.
  • The machine or equipment is anchored to the rubber vibration isolation mount, which in turn is secured to the floor or mounting surface.
  • The bolts used for anchoring do not allow the machine to move or shift even when it is rotating at high speeds while the rubber provides the isolation from the vibrations.
  • High-quality rubbers are used to form strong bonds with metal in the rubber anti-vibration mounts.
  • With their ability to absorb vibrations, the rubber isolation mountsact as a catalyst for noise reduction.
  • This makes the operating environment comfortable for the employee working on the equipment.

Rubber in shear isolators: Besides mounting the equipment on the floor or surfaces, a lot of it is suspended from the roof and ceilings as well. The single deflection rubber shear hangers and double deflection shear hangers are ideally suited for this application. The hangers are made from a metallic plate bent in a rectangular shape with a threading on top and a hole at the bottom. While the top is secured to the ceiling using the threaded hole, a rubber grommet is fitted in the bottom hole from where the equipment is secured to the hanger. The rubber in the shear isolator with projected collars is responsible for eliminating the metal to metal contact.

Rubber bushings: Metal bonded rubber bushings from the house of Andre HVAC International Inc. find use in mobile power equipment, vibratory feeders and wheel suspensions. The rubber vibration isolators successfully reduce noise and wear. Thus, the rubber vibration dampers are also responsible for a reduction in the use of lubricants.