How can an air compressor mounting pads help limit high frequency vibration?

Almost every machine in an industry, work shop, or garage vibrates when in motion.  While in most cases these vibrating machines aren’t harmful, sometimes in case of high frequency vibration can cause machinery to fail and cause pipe fittings and welds to leak. That’s when every compressor must be isolated from vibration with an air compressor mounting pads.  So, when it comes to vibration issues in an air compressor, there are two places that are always a major concern.

Every compressor manufacturer says that you need a vibration isolators or flex hose between the compressor and the pipe system.  It is important that everybody knows how critical they are to the air compressor. The reason being your compressor vibrates at high frequency when the air goes down the pipe.  The vibrations from different sources have different harmonics that vibrate at different frequencies and different amplitudes.  When you don’t isolate the vibrations of different harmonics, it wears off the components much more quickly, resulting in lesser life span of the machine.

Although most compressors are built and tested to withstand its own vibration, but they were not built to withstand different harmonics. There is no way a manufacturer could possibly test all the conditions that a compressor may face especially when having infinite number of possibilities.  Also the problems that we are discussing are not immediate results. They are in fact a long term effect that usually takes a couple of years for the lack of vibration isolation to cause such problem.  However there are also chances that it may never cause a problem.  But investing in an anti- vibration mounting pads, prevent thousands of dollars in broken parts and they surely seem like a no-brainer to me.

Vibration pads where the compressor is mounted

The other place where you have to worry about vibration in an air compressor is where the compressor is mounted.  There should be a rubber pad or foot at the bottom of the compressor.  Sometimes the compressor will come with these pads already installed, but sometimes you will have to add them yourself. If you don’t do this, the weld where the foot of the tank meets will crack.  Again this could take several years, but why make a tank that should last decades only last a few years?  This issue can also be easily avoided with a little bit of investment in compressor mounting pads or sheets.

The significance of anti-vibration pads and sheets in your day to day life

We come across a lot of noise and vibrations in our routine daily life. The engine in the car, the washing machine in the house and the speakers of your music system are all producing vibrations when they are running. The vibrations, when transmitted to the surroundings, can cause damage to the other equipment and the support structures. This is because the transmitted vibrations cause the nearby machines and infrastructure to vibrate. Each and every structure and machine has its own natural frequency and if it is matched to the induced vibrations, it results in resonance. The vibrations can affect the accuracy of the machines and the resonance produces a cacophony which may make the working environment uncomfortable.

Pads for washing machines: The solution to the problem lies in the use of anti-vibration sheets, vibration suppression pads, and anti-vibration grommets to isolate the equipment producing vibrations and also to dampen the transmitted vibrations. You can use the anti-vibration mat or the anti-vibration pads for washing machines to get over the washing machine walking or other common vibration problems.

Mats for washing machines: The washing machine vibration dampers are made of elastomer compounds that not only reduce but also absorb the vibrations giving you a peaceful atmosphere at home. The anti-vibration mats for washing machines are made from compressed crumb rubber and very easy to install. These washing machine vibration dampers provide a durable cushioned surface that is perfect for washing machines and dryers.

Pads for speakers: In any sound system, you can invest in your mixer, mike, amplifier etc. but the most critical component to hear the recorded sound happens to be the speaker. You will not be able to get a true reproduction of your recorded sound until you use the speaker isolation pads to separate your monitors from the environment. The speaker isolation pads are designed to support virtually all sizes of bookshelf speakers and you can also use the wedge adjusters to angle your speakers.

Pads for equipment: The vibration pads for machinery help to dampen the noise levels and vibration frequency while safeguarding the fragile and sensitive components from external vibrations. The vibration absorbing pads are available in various shapes and sizes and can be custom made as per the customer requirements. The vibration pads for machines are available with ribbed, waffle, and suction cup options depending on the specific needs of the customer. While the natural rubber vibration absorbing pads suffice in most applications, you can go in for the neoprene ones where resistance to water, oil and harsh environment is required. The cork rubber pads and anti-vibration grommets are some other useful applications.

Sensing the need for the vibration dampening pads and anti-vibration isolation pads for use in homes and industrial applications Andre HVAC International Inc. came out with a wide range of such products almost 13 years ago. The anti-vibration pads home depot from AHI caters to the home requirement while you can also get a gamut of isolation products for industrial use also. These include compressor mounting pads, furnace thermal mounting pads, and anti-vibration pads for generators.