Spring hangers and their wide range of application in industrial and mechanical equipment’s

Spring hangers or anti-vibration hangers are equipment that are typically used for suspended piping and duct work running from mechanical equipment to prevent vibration transmitting to the surrounding structure. There are a wide range of Isolation hangers, Spring hangers and their wide range of application in industrial and mechanical equipment’susually housed in cages and encompassing rubber, spring and rubber/spring combination hangers that are available for various applications.

Anti-vibration suppliers offer wide range of isolation hangers including spring ceiling hangers, pipe spring hangers, HVAC hangers etc. for isolation of suspended ceilings. But selecting the correct isolation hanger is essential for effective dampening of vibration from the application. It is usually advisable to refer to the Isolator selection guide to obtain the necessary static deflection, then select the isolation hanger required according to equipment load. For isolation hangers using only rubber elements, the dynamic factor also needs to be taken into account.

Vibration Isolation Hangers are designed to reduce the transmission of vibration and noise produced by suspended equipment and piping. These spring ceiling hangers incorporate a high deflection color-coded spring element that offers a noise isolation pad which is assembled into a stamped or welded spring bracket. To assure stability, the spring element has a minimum lateral spring stiffness of 1.0 times the rated vertical stiffness. Spring isolation hangers are available in deflections from 1″ to 4″ (25 to 102 mm) and in capacities from 35 to 3850 lbs. These anti-vibration hangers are effective in isolating vibration produced by low rpm equipment. Anti- vibration hangers are usually recommended for isolation of vibration produced by suspended mechanical equipment, like exhaust fans, ductwork, piping, etc.

Application of spring hangers

Spring ceiling hangers are equipment’s recommended too be used in isolating suspending sources of inaudible frequency vibration, located near vibration-free areas. Suspended mechanical equipment such pipes, fans, cabinet fans, and piping and ductwork in close proximity to mechanical equipment are typical uses of such hangers. These hangers are available in a wide range of load and static deflection selections and can be customized for adaption to wire or strap suspension systems, and spring may be preloaded for ease in erecting piping at a fixed elevation.

Features of Spring Hangers

  • Spring hangers offer isolation from noise as well as vibration sourced from various applications
  • Spring Hangers are large diameter steel springs housed in rectangular steel housings.
  • The Standard design allows angular hanger misalignment.
  • Also thesespring hangers feature rubber cup in place of metal cup in the bottom of the bracket which eliminates metal to metal contact& give better efficiency.
  • Springs hangers are galvanized& not painted,thus offering better rust protection.