Anti-vibration pads for safeguarding your industrial machines and equipments

Anti-vibration equipments are ideal vibration isolation pads used for the purpose of dampening noise and isolating of vibration. These anti-vibration pads are designed in a way that offers maximum isolation to machines and equipments in operations. There are a wide variety of vibration isolation pads available in the market. Depending on the application and capacity of load, one can select the right anti-vibration isolation pad for their machines. For equipments as diverse as speakers to heavy duty machines, vibration pads like speaker isolation pads and anti vibration rubber pads are available to suite your requirement.

Andre HVAC Inc is a reputed anti-vibration rubber pad manufacturer and supplier offering its clients specially compounded anti-vibration pads. These that are used in varied industries including refrigeration plants , compressors , conveyors , air conditioning plants, diesel generators , business machines that generate vibrations, shock and noise in high frequency range. The vibration isolation pads are designed and engineered in different sizes and designs and also custom made as per the requirements of the customers. Our rubber anti-vibration isolation pads are made from superior quality rubber materials that serve for a longer period of time.  Hence, our vibration isolation pads are widely acclaimed by our customers across industries.

The rubber pad isolators offered provides high frequency vibration and sound insulation. They are designed in a way that reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration plants, and other such varied applications. Further, these anti vibration pads are also used as shock preventers in machines. The rubber anti-vibration pads have today become an ideal solution for all vibration and shock issues. Since they are designed of high quality rubber, they make a great product that is virtually resistance to ageing, compression, water & oil or extreme temperature conditions. Used in different applications like compressors, conveyors, diesel generators, fans, motors, pumps etc our products are widely in demand among clients. So, if you are searching for a product that dampens or isolates vibration caused by machineries, then do get in touch with us for a perfect isolation solution.

Superior quality anti-vibration pads for effective isolation

Anti Vibration Rubber Pads are used in machines that generate high frequency vibration and noise.
These isolation vibration pads come in different sizes and designs and can also be customized as per the application in use and requirements of the clients. Often these rubber anti-vibration pads are made from superior quality rubber materials that ensure consistent service for long time. The anti vibration rubber pads are widely acclaimed for their ability to insulate high frequency vibration and sound. These vibration isolation pads reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by various applications including machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration and many other such types of equipment.

Rubber anti-vibration mountings are used in a vast range of applications with prime objective of eliminating vibration, reducing noise and absorb shock. Having high internal isolating properties the rubbers in use is ideal for making anti-vibration mountings. Usually, a variety of rubbers are used into making of anti-vibration pads and they include natural rubber, neoprene, silicon etc
Properties of Rubber Anti Vibration Pads

Rubber anti-vibration pads have a unique property that makes it ideal equipment for isolation of vibration. Some of its critical properties are-

  • Rubber anti-vibration pads have the capability to work in the extreme environment.
  • These equipments are resistant to oil, chemicals or any form of liquid.
  • The anti-vibration rubber pads are resistant to surface abrasion wear or wear and tear.
  •  This isolation vibration pad can withstand great temperature fluctuation.
  • They can work under shear compression.
  • The isolation vibration rubber pad offer great radial elasticity.
  • The rubber anti-vibration pads are available in a wide variety and dimensions.
  • these equipments are easy to use and install


General application of rubber anti-vibration pads  

Rubber anti-vibration pads provide vibration isolation solution to the following applications

  • Cooling systems
  • Sensitive electronics equipment
  • Suspension systems
  • Engines
  • Fuel systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Pipework


Industrial Applications

General industry

Rubber anti-vibration pads are used for a variety of industrial application including compressors, pumps, generator, agricultural machinery, and other machinery.

Marine Industry

Anti-vibration rubber pads are used in marine engines, chiller-units, generator sets, cooling machinery, compressors and pumps. They are also used for the flexible support and assembly of exhaust systems on ships.

Automotive and Railway Industry

Anti vibration rubber pads and mountings are also widely used in the automotive and railway industry for smooth functioning of various machines and dampening of high frequency vibration and noise.


Anti-Vibration Pads for isolation of industrial machines

Anti-vibration Pads are used in a number of industrial equipment’s like elastic mounting of machines, generators, pumps, electrical panels, compressors, engines and many other industrial machinery. These isolation pads are suitable for damping vibrations in machines weighing anywhere from 10 Kgs to 20,000 Kgs. By mounting the machines on anti-vibration pads, the vibrational movements are damped by the elastomer or pneumatic damper. These anti-vibration rubber pads are designed to absorb vertical and horizontal vibrations in these machines.

Steps to select the right anti-vibration pads for your machine-

  • Select the industrial machine like generator, compressor, pump, motor etc. for which you need vibration damping pads.
  •  Then select the number of mounting locations for the machine along with all attached accessories available. The number of mounting locations is basically the number of machine feet or machine foundation bolts with the machine.
  •  Calculate the total weight of the machine and then calculate the static and dynamic weight of the machine at each mounting point. Based on these weights select the correct Anti-vibration pad for your application.
  • Check for any special parameters for the anti-vibration pads. For example if you need the anti-vibration pads to be made for mobile applications, if you require the anti-vibration pads to be made suitable for external operations and resistant to weather and climatic conditions, the vibration isolation pads if required can be made rigid or extra soft as per the application, the vibration pads could be made resistant to very high water, acid, oil or diesel flooding, etc.
  • You also need to specify the location of the machine where the anti-vibration pads are to be mounted; that is either on the ground or suspended floors.
  • Specify bolt-size and other mounting requirements for the machine where the anti-vibration pads are to be mounted.