Anti-vibration pads for safeguarding your industrial machines and equipments

Anti-vibration equipments are ideal vibration isolation pads used for the purpose of dampening noise and isolating of vibration. These anti-vibration pads are designed in a way that offers maximum isolation to machines and equipments in operations. There are a wide variety of vibration isolation pads available in the market. Depending on the application and capacity of load, one can select the right anti-vibration isolation pad for their machines. For equipments as diverse as speakers to heavy duty machines, vibration pads like speaker isolation pads and anti vibration rubber pads are available to suite your requirement.

Andre HVAC Inc is a reputed anti-vibration rubber pad manufacturer and supplier offering its clients specially compounded anti-vibration pads. These that are used in varied industries including refrigeration plants , compressors , conveyors , air conditioning plants, diesel generators , business machines that generate vibrations, shock and noise in high frequency range. The vibration isolation pads are designed and engineered in different sizes and designs and also custom made as per the requirements of the customers. Our rubber anti-vibration isolation pads are made from superior quality rubber materials that serve for a longer period of time.  Hence, our vibration isolation pads are widely acclaimed by our customers across industries.

The rubber pad isolators offered provides high frequency vibration and sound insulation. They are designed in a way that reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration plants, and other such varied applications. Further, these anti vibration pads are also used as shock preventers in machines. The rubber anti-vibration pads have today become an ideal solution for all vibration and shock issues. Since they are designed of high quality rubber, they make a great product that is virtually resistance to ageing, compression, water & oil or extreme temperature conditions. Used in different applications like compressors, conveyors, diesel generators, fans, motors, pumps etc our products are widely in demand among clients. So, if you are searching for a product that dampens or isolates vibration caused by machineries, then do get in touch with us for a perfect isolation solution.

Anti-vibration Mount for protecting machines from the impact of vibration

Anti vibration mounts or anti-vibration pads are essential equipments for heavy duty machinery that help in dampening high frequency noise and vibration.  In addition to this they also provide protection to fragile components from external vibrations. These Anti-vibration Mounts are designed in way that reduces the level of vibration transmitted to and from machinery.

Andre HVAC International offers a wide range of anti-vibration isolators and mounts for the purpose of isolation. Our product range includes Anti Vibration Mountings, anti-vibration rubber pads, spring Isolators and shock absorbers that are precisely designed for maximum isolation. The Vibration isolation mounts offered comes in a wide variety of rubber and metallic components.

Depending on the requirement and type of application we provide a wide range of rubber and metallic vibration isolators. These are time tested anti-vibration mounts that offer vibration isolation for applications like diesel generators, compressors, screens, blowers and other medium to heavy machines.

The Anti Vibration Mounting supplied by us is of the high grade raw material and are used across various industries. Their superior quality raw material ensures of a flawless and an uninterrupted performance during the operation of machine. Our anti-vibration mounts are equipments that are widely appreciated by the industry for their quality and durability. These mounts have the ability of absorbing both shear & compression loading. Further, installation of these mounts is easy and requires no additional bolting or resistant friction pads to be attached.

Machinery, which have reciprocating or rotating parts and that which creates vibration through imbalance of the moving parts require anti vibration mounts. It’s because of this vibration produced by the machine that leads to reduction in the machine’s life,  leads to wear and tear of the machine  part and transmission of vibration to adjacent structures giving rise to noise and vibration issues. However, our range of anti vibration mounts can solve problems like these and protect the machines from any form of hazards and effects of noise and vibration on people and surrounding structure. If you wish to buy anti-vibration isolators or vibration isolation pads for your industrial machines then do drop us a message so that our executives can get in touch with you for further details.

Anti-Vibration Pads for isolation of industrial machines

Anti-vibration Pads are used in a number of industrial equipment’s like elastic mounting of machines, generators, pumps, electrical panels, compressors, engines and many other industrial machinery. These isolation pads are suitable for damping vibrations in machines weighing anywhere from 10 Kgs to 20,000 Kgs. By mounting the machines on anti-vibration pads, the vibrational movements are damped by the elastomer or pneumatic damper. These anti-vibration rubber pads are designed to absorb vertical and horizontal vibrations in these machines.

Steps to select the right anti-vibration pads for your machine-

  • Select the industrial machine like generator, compressor, pump, motor etc. for which you need vibration damping pads.
  •  Then select the number of mounting locations for the machine along with all attached accessories available. The number of mounting locations is basically the number of machine feet or machine foundation bolts with the machine.
  •  Calculate the total weight of the machine and then calculate the static and dynamic weight of the machine at each mounting point. Based on these weights select the correct Anti-vibration pad for your application.
  • Check for any special parameters for the anti-vibration pads. For example if you need the anti-vibration pads to be made for mobile applications, if you require the anti-vibration pads to be made suitable for external operations and resistant to weather and climatic conditions, the vibration isolation pads if required can be made rigid or extra soft as per the application, the vibration pads could be made resistant to very high water, acid, oil or diesel flooding, etc.
  • You also need to specify the location of the machine where the anti-vibration pads are to be mounted; that is either on the ground or suspended floors.
  • Specify bolt-size and other mounting requirements for the machine where the anti-vibration pads are to be mounted.


How effective are the anti-vibration pads for washing machines?

Front-loading washing machines can often be noisy and cause extreme vibrations to the point where damage can occurs within the home. So, why suffer from a washer you can’t stop from vibrating when you can buy the latest, revolutionary solution for it. Purchase a set of anti-vibration pads to stop the washing machine walking and creating a havoc in your life. With just fraction of the cost you can isolate the vibration and can add years of peaceful and useful life to your appliance without investing extra money.

Why settle for second-rate rubber mats, or other outdated vibration isolation technology? Our top-rated anti-vibration pad is a revolutionary solution to washing machines. By just installing an anti-vibration pad the vibration problems can significantly be reduced. Anti-vibration isolation pads boasts of an unparalleled 90% vibration reduction even at the top spin speed. These vibration pads are significantly different from other isolation products in the market plainly because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce the vibration. Andre HAVC has developed an extensive range of anti-vibration pads that have been extensively tested and comes out with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When it comes to drastically reducing front-loading washing machine vibration, the anti-vibration pads for washing machine has developed the definitive anti-vibration solution. Utilizing a system specifically designed to eliminate vibration levels attributed to many front-loading washing machine units, Andre HVAC’s Anti-Vibration pads represents the premier in anti-vibration technology by reducing vibration levels at a spin speed that is as much as 90%.

Primarily designed to limit or eliminate the transmitted washing machine vibration that is felt by the users, the Anti-Vibration pads offers front-loading washing machine owners an anti-vibration remedy that outperforms any standard isolation equipment’s available in the market. The utilization of this isolation technology allows the owners of front-loading washing machines to significantly reduce the physical effects of washing machine vibration while also limits the transmission of vibrations from the machine into the surrounding structure.


The vibration damping solutions powered by wire rope isolators

For compact applications where there is a limitation of space, the circular

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

wire rope isolators come in handy. The cables are of stainless steel while the mounting plates are of aluminum. These circular wire rope isolators for vibration damping are maintenance free and resistant to corrosion. The best feature is that they provide isolation protection in all directions. The circular wire rope isolators are recommended for use in electronics, medical equipment and avionics. On the rugged side, they find the application in military equipment, generators, motors and pumps.

wire rope isolator


The helical cable isolator:  The most commonly used wire rope isolator for vibration damping is the helical coil isolator. Like the circular wire rope isolator, the helical cable isolator is very versatile and provides trouble-free service even in hostile environments. It can be selected from a wide range of standard sizes with load capacities varying from around 1 Kg to 2500 Kgs. Besides the use in military applications, they are also popular in the industrial and commercial markets. The engineers are aware of the wire rope isolator damping capability and do not hesitate in prescribing them at the passive vibration prone areas.

Some of the discerning features of the wire rope isolators are as follows:

  • They provide a high damping ratio
  • Solid build with maintenance free lifespan
  • Capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Custom design prototyping is easy and quick
  • Shock and vibration isolation to meet customer requirement
  • Wide variety and range available

The wire rope isolator anti-vibration mount can be used on the equipment where motors and fans produce vibrations that are transmitted to surrounding structures.

Anti-vibration mounting pads: On the basis of the application, load and space the selection can be made for the right anti-vibration pad. The machine anti-vibration pads or mounts not only provide the vibration damping but also leveling adjustment and traction on the floor.

Anti-vibration mounting pads

Anti-vibration mounting pads

The elastic anti-vibration mounting pads are used in generators, presses, pumps and compressors. There is no need for making any separate foundation or anchoring. The rubber-metal mounting pads are designed to use the elastomer element in compression and shear. The rubber used has a shore A hardness of 50 to 80 depending on the application. They have a very low natural frequency and hence provide excellent damping of machine vibrations.

It was in the year 2003 that Andre HVAC International Inc. made the foray into the anti-vibration arena as anti-vibration pad supplier and wire rope isolator manufacturer. They also tapped the wire rope isolators Canada market before expanding business globally. They provide customer support through wire rope isolator selection guide as well as by working along with them for specific design requirements.  The wire rope isolator CAD model can be used to convert the custom requirement into a practical solution. In the online presence, the wire rope isolators for sale are available at attractive prices. The wire rope isolator price is listed in the wire rope isolator selection guide or available separately. AHI is the wire rope isolator company that has the sol

Vibration free environment helps in longer equipment life

Air compressor mounting pads: In the case of compressors the vibrations result from the unbalance of the rotating parts or from the attached piping structure. The unbalance is generated due to unequal weights on the piston pairs and is transferred onto the crankshaft. The piping structure resonates when some vibration in the system comes close to the natural frequency of the piping. The air compressor mounting pads not only dampen the vibrations but also provide for the ease of levelling and alignment.

The compressor machinery mounting pads have elastomeric elements and threaded centre bolts which offer a host of benefits:

  • Ease of installation with no requirement of anchor bolts.
  • Simple levelling and alignment leading to reduced wear and tear.
  • Reduction in vibration and shock
  • Longer running life
  • Better structural safety for the plant.

Furnace thermal mounting pad: The machine pads come are simple rectangular rubber pieces that come in several lengths and widths. They consist of an elastomeric element

Air compressor mounting pads

Air compressor mounting pads

and composite foam and are less than an inch high. They can be positioned below the furnace and the size and quantity are decided as per the weight and size of the furnace. The furnace thermal mounting pads are ideal for old equipment that creates a ruckus.

Anti-vibration pads for washing machines: The washing machines create a lot of vibrations due to the uneven load during rotation. The washing machines will walk during the work cycle even after the levelling has been done. The solution does not lie in anchoring the machine to the floor but to use the anti-vibration pads for washing machines. The visco-elastomeric property of the anti-vibration isolation pad ensures that the vibrations are damped and prevent the machine from sliding on the floor.

HVAC mounting pads: The waffle and ribbed anti-vibration pads are used for the mounting of the HVAC equipment. The waffle design has inbuilt suction cups and does not require any bolting. The waffle design ensures superior vibration damping. The multi-layered ribbed rubber pads offer both vibration and noise control. The waffle and ribbed HVAC mounting pads are meant for simple field installation and can be selected based on the load and deflection characteristics.


Anti-vibration pads for washing machines

Anti-vibration pads for washing machines

Cork and neoprene rubber pads: The cork rubber pad that has a cork core with rubber glued to both the surfaces. The arrangement of materials, forces sound to pass through zones of different density. The neoprene cork pads are especially recommended for acoustical control rather than vibration damping. The neoprene in the cork rubber pad provides it with good weather resistance. Similarly, anti-vibration grommets are used for isolating sensitive lab equipment and electronics from the supporting frames.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has been in the business of vibration and noise control since 2003. The leading anti-vibration pad supplier has a wide variety of isolation mounts and pads for the industrial application and home use. Whether it is a machine like a compressor or home equipment like a washing machine you are likely to find the suitable anti-vibration mounting pad with AHI.