Do not ignore the vibrations! Use anti-vibration mat protection.

A steady hum and noise emanating from machines and equipment can give you the solace that you are in a running plant that is in production. We are kind of accustomed to the noise and tend to take it in our stride. What we overlook or tend to miss is the source of the noise. When a prime mover like a motor or pump drives a machine it produces vibrations and noise. The machines, flooring and support are all made of metal or rigid materials and will transmit the vibrations to the surroundings and also cause damage to the sensitive parts in the machine.

The resonance phenomenon: All the rigid parts connected to the prime mover in the machine and the supporting structure will begin to vibrate in harmony with the generated vibrations. Each rigid part or supporting structure has its own natural frequency of vibration. When the induced vibration nears the natural frequency the resonance phenomenon is created. If you have done an experiment with the air column and tuning fork during your school days, you will understand the phenomenon better. Resonance produces a loud noise which can be a real pollutant in the work area. While the vibrations are silently damaging the machine, the noise makes the workforce uncomfortable.

Anti-vibration mounting pads: We cannot ignore vibrations and we have to resort to products like anti-vibration mounting pads and anti-vibration mats in order to dampen the vibrations and protect the equipment and machinery. The anti-vibration mounting pad is a product that is specifically suited for machines and equipment. The machine has to be lifted and the feet of the machine have to be kept on the anti-vibration pads. The best part is that the pads have to be simply placed on the shop floor without any anchoring. Hence, the installation process is very simple. The elastomer in the anti-vibration isolation pads is responsible for absorbing the vibrations and dissipating the energy as low-grade heat. The stud in the center of the pad is used to anchor it to the machine feet.

Equipment vibration isolation: Heavy machinery and equipment with large prime movers, like generators and compressors are also mounted on anti-vibration pads. The air compressor mounting pads are designed to take care of both the rotary and reciprocating motions. The selection of the anti-vibration isolation pads has to be made on the basis of the load bearing capacity. The elastomer element can be simple rubber or neoprene depending on the environmental conditions. Neoprene can offer a better life in case there is exposure to oil and water.

Makeshift anti-vibration solution: In field conditions where we have to work with the makeshift equipment the anti-vibration mats offer the right solution. These rubber mats can be spread out on the floor and equipment like small compressors and generators can be placed on them. Even in homes, the anti-vibration mat for washing machines is quite useful. When the machine is spinning and the load is continuously shifting the vibrations create a lot of noise. The anti-vibration mat nor only dampens the vibrations but also prevents the machine from walking and hitting the side walls.

Materials used in grommets: The anti-vibration grommets come in a variety of dimensions, sizes and shapes. These can be with or without the metallic bush in the center. The anti-vibration grommet is engineered to isolate delicate and sensitive instruments from unpredictable shock and vibration. The insulating anti-vibration grommets are manufactured from durable EPDM rubber. For cooling fans, motors and hard disk drives, the neoprene locking and anti-vibration grommets are well suited. Grommets are also made from a stainless steel body with silicone rubber insert having a hole in the center. While the steel portion provides the rigidity, the rubber portion has a dual purpose. It not only dampens the vibration but also provides the necessary sealing action.

A beginning was made by Andre HVAC International Inc. in the anti-vibration products arena way back in 2003. Today, the entire range of products used in the industry to stem vibrations is available with them.  Whether it the wire rope isolators or the simple anti-vibration rubber mats, the choice is yours for the asking. Extensive product catalogues, information sheets and pages of information are available on the website to help you in making the right selection of the anti-vibration isolation pads. In case, you need a specific solution, the team at AHI would be happy to work out a customized offering for you.

Vibration dampener pads for solving vibration issues in a washing machine

Many front-loading washers vibrate because of their superfast rotation creating a lot of nuisance. Especially if the washing machine is based on a wood-framed floor, they can make the floor and the house itself shake and could possibly end up cracking the tiles. However this vibration problem can be eliminated with the help of a washing machine vibration dampener pads.

A good washing machine vibration dampener pad is specially designed for your front load washer and dryer for effective isolation of high frequency vibration. The solid rubber pad are designed to reduce the transfer of vibration up to nearly 90%. These washing machine vibration dampener pads can help prevent washers from creating nuisance of noise and movements caused due to heavy vibration. This can also eliminate the need to reinforce upper level floors. These pads can be used with top load washers. The recess in these pad ensures that the feet stays in place, while also allowing ample space for level adjustment.

Andre HVAC offers top-end washing machine vibration dampener pad that is a revolutionary solution to all the vibration. By just installing an anti-vibration pad the vibration problems can significantly be reduced. These pads are significantly different from other isolation products in the market mainly because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce the vibration. Andre HAVC has developed an extensive range of washing machine vibration dampener pads that have been extensively tested and comes out with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How effective are the anti-vibration pads for washing machines?

Front-loading washing machines can often be noisy and cause extreme vibrations to the point where damage can occurs within the home. So, why suffer from a washer you can’t stop from vibrating when you can buy the latest, revolutionary solution for it. Purchase a set of anti-vibration pads to stop the washing machine walking and creating a havoc in your life. With just fraction of the cost you can isolate the vibration and can add years of peaceful and useful life to your appliance without investing extra money.

Why settle for second-rate rubber mats, or other outdated vibration isolation technology? Our top-rated anti-vibration pad is a revolutionary solution to washing machines. By just installing an anti-vibration pad the vibration problems can significantly be reduced. Anti-vibration isolation pads boasts of an unparalleled 90% vibration reduction even at the top spin speed. These vibration pads are significantly different from other isolation products in the market plainly because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce the vibration. Andre HAVC has developed an extensive range of anti-vibration pads that have been extensively tested and comes out with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When it comes to drastically reducing front-loading washing machine vibration, the anti-vibration pads for washing machine has developed the definitive anti-vibration solution. Utilizing a system specifically designed to eliminate vibration levels attributed to many front-loading washing machine units, Andre HVAC’s Anti-Vibration pads represents the premier in anti-vibration technology by reducing vibration levels at a spin speed that is as much as 90%.

Primarily designed to limit or eliminate the transmitted washing machine vibration that is felt by the users, the Anti-Vibration pads offers front-loading washing machine owners an anti-vibration remedy that outperforms any standard isolation equipment’s available in the market. The utilization of this isolation technology allows the owners of front-loading washing machines to significantly reduce the physical effects of washing machine vibration while also limits the transmission of vibrations from the machine into the surrounding structure.


The vibration damping solutions powered by wire rope isolators

For compact applications where there is a limitation of space, the circular

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

anti-vibration mount wire rope isolator

wire rope isolators come in handy. The cables are of stainless steel while the mounting plates are of aluminum. These circular wire rope isolators for vibration damping are maintenance free and resistant to corrosion. The best feature is that they provide isolation protection in all directions. The circular wire rope isolators are recommended for use in electronics, medical equipment and avionics. On the rugged side, they find the application in military equipment, generators, motors and pumps.

wire rope isolator


The helical cable isolator:  The most commonly used wire rope isolator for vibration damping is the helical coil isolator. Like the circular wire rope isolator, the helical cable isolator is very versatile and provides trouble-free service even in hostile environments. It can be selected from a wide range of standard sizes with load capacities varying from around 1 Kg to 2500 Kgs. Besides the use in military applications, they are also popular in the industrial and commercial markets. The engineers are aware of the wire rope isolator damping capability and do not hesitate in prescribing them at the passive vibration prone areas.

Some of the discerning features of the wire rope isolators are as follows:

  • They provide a high damping ratio
  • Solid build with maintenance free lifespan
  • Capable of withstanding harsh environments
  • Custom design prototyping is easy and quick
  • Shock and vibration isolation to meet customer requirement
  • Wide variety and range available

The wire rope isolator anti-vibration mount can be used on the equipment where motors and fans produce vibrations that are transmitted to surrounding structures.

Anti-vibration mounting pads: On the basis of the application, load and space the selection can be made for the right anti-vibration pad. The machine anti-vibration pads or mounts not only provide the vibration damping but also leveling adjustment and traction on the floor.

Anti-vibration mounting pads

Anti-vibration mounting pads

The elastic anti-vibration mounting pads are used in generators, presses, pumps and compressors. There is no need for making any separate foundation or anchoring. The rubber-metal mounting pads are designed to use the elastomer element in compression and shear. The rubber used has a shore A hardness of 50 to 80 depending on the application. They have a very low natural frequency and hence provide excellent damping of machine vibrations.

It was in the year 2003 that Andre HVAC International Inc. made the foray into the anti-vibration arena as anti-vibration pad supplier and wire rope isolator manufacturer. They also tapped the wire rope isolators Canada market before expanding business globally. They provide customer support through wire rope isolator selection guide as well as by working along with them for specific design requirements.  The wire rope isolator CAD model can be used to convert the custom requirement into a practical solution. In the online presence, the wire rope isolators for sale are available at attractive prices. The wire rope isolator price is listed in the wire rope isolator selection guide or available separately. AHI is the wire rope isolator company that has the sol