Anti-vibration Mount for protecting machines from the impact of vibration

Anti vibration mounts or anti-vibration pads are essential equipments for heavy duty machinery that help in dampening high frequency noise and vibration.  In addition to this they also provide protection to fragile components from external vibrations. These Anti-vibration Mounts are designed in way that reduces the level of vibration transmitted to and from machinery.

Andre HVAC International offers a wide range of anti-vibration isolators and mounts for the purpose of isolation. Our product range includes Anti Vibration Mountings, anti-vibration rubber pads, spring Isolators and shock absorbers that are precisely designed for maximum isolation. The Vibration isolation mounts offered comes in a wide variety of rubber and metallic components.

Depending on the requirement and type of application we provide a wide range of rubber and metallic vibration isolators. These are time tested anti-vibration mounts that offer vibration isolation for applications like diesel generators, compressors, screens, blowers and other medium to heavy machines.

The Anti Vibration Mounting supplied by us is of the high grade raw material and are used across various industries. Their superior quality raw material ensures of a flawless and an uninterrupted performance during the operation of machine. Our anti-vibration mounts are equipments that are widely appreciated by the industry for their quality and durability. These mounts have the ability of absorbing both shear & compression loading. Further, installation of these mounts is easy and requires no additional bolting or resistant friction pads to be attached.

Machinery, which have reciprocating or rotating parts and that which creates vibration through imbalance of the moving parts require anti vibration mounts. It’s because of this vibration produced by the machine that leads to reduction in the machine’s life,  leads to wear and tear of the machine  part and transmission of vibration to adjacent structures giving rise to noise and vibration issues. However, our range of anti vibration mounts can solve problems like these and protect the machines from any form of hazards and effects of noise and vibration on people and surrounding structure. If you wish to buy anti-vibration isolators or vibration isolation pads for your industrial machines then do drop us a message so that our executives can get in touch with you for further details.

Anti-vibration spring mounts for isolation of industrial equipments

Why are spring mounts required for vibrating application?

Anti-vibration mounts or spring mount are essential for machines that have rotating parts and causes vibration due to the imbalance of the moving parts. The vibration produced by machines lead to problems, like short life span of the machines due to the wear and tear of its parts, transmission of vibration to adjacent structures, giving rise to problems of noise and vibration. Therefore it is important to install vibration isolation springs to machines to isolate any form of vibration and noise.


Spring mounts offered by Andre HVAC Inc

Spring Mounts are high performing anti-vibration mounts offering efficient isolation of machines and protection of sensitive equipments. As compared to rubber mounts, spring mountings feature high static deflection resulting in greater isolation efficiency. This makes it ideal for critical applications of equipments that have low disturbing frequencies. Designed of aluminum housing these vibration isolation springs mounts are sturdy, weather resistant and most importantly offer maximum vibration isolation. Vibration isolation springs or mounts come in a wide range of deflections and maximum loads. So, depending on the requirement of isolation you can select an anti-vibration mount for each application. Andre HVC Inc offers spring mount that are reasonable and highly durable.

Features & Benefits of Spring Mounts

Given below are some of the benefits or features of spring mounts offered by Andre HVAC Inc –

  • Heavy duty stable spring mounts
  • Outstanding vertical shock and vibration isolation
  • High quality spring mount isolators
  • Resistant to oil, chemical, moisture etc.
  • Robust, durable and reliable isolator

General Applications of Spring Mounts

 Anti-vibrations mounts or spring mounts are isolation equipments used across different industries. These vibration isolation springs are used in applications like compressors, pump sets, power generators, CHP units, HVAC Units, Industrial washing machines, scientific or testing equipments, measuring equipment etc.

Selecting the correct Spring Mount

Before buying or ordering spring mounts you need to understand the type of spring mounts required for the application. Determining whether a lateral or vertical restraint is required is essential for effective isolation of equipment. Next you need to calculate the amount of static deflection to choose the appropriate anti- vibration mount. Once the type and deflection are decided, determine the weight of the application to select the spring required to bare the load.

Anti-vibration rubber mounts perfect isolation equipment for Industrial application

Affect of vibration on industrial machines

High level vibration causes severe damage to machinery. Hence it is essential to isolate vibrations for maintaining a longer life of machine. To prevent high level vibration, rubber equipments are used as isolating pads for absorbing these vibrations and prevent transmission of it to the surrounding machines & structures. These rubber equipments in use are known as anti vibration rubber mounts.

Rubber mounting anti-vibration equipments used for isolation of vibration

Rubber isolation mounts are used in various types of industrial applications, such as HVAC equipments, generators, motors, machines and pumps. These anti vibration mounts have the capability of absorbing high levels of vibration which means they feature good damping capabilities. These rubber mounts and isolators are also capable of reducing high frequency sound generated from vibrating machine, ensuring silent and smooth running of machines.

Selection of right anti-vibration mounts

Selecting the right type of anti vibration mounting is essential for smooth running of machinery. These anti vibrations rubber mounts come in different shapes and sizes so as to fit different machines, suit different weights and withstand different environmental conditions. Some of these vibration isolation mounts include cylindrical bobbins, buffers, cab mounts, sandwich mounts etc. For every type of mount there comes a range of size that ensures every machine is individually catered to. With so many anti- vibration rubber mounts available in the market it is difficult to decide one that is suitable for your machine or application. Hence, it is advisable to consult a professional rather than waste time wondering what’s best by yourself.

Selecting of manufacturer for anti-vibration rubber mounts

When selecting your anti vibration products it goes without saying that you should buy quality products from a manufacturer having knowledge and experience in it. If you settle for cheap vibration rubber mounts there are chances that these products may not protect your machine and result in a risk of further damaging your machine and incurring additional cost. Andre HVAC International offers its clients technical assistance in selecting products, and conducting vibration surveys. To get additional details about anti vibration mounts and mountings or in case you require any help in isolation and dampening of vibration and noise, get in touch with Andre HVAC International and you are sure to get assistance from these industry experts.  They will not just investigate on the issue, but also offer a perfect solution to your mechanical sound and vibration issues.

The anti-vibration mountings offer solace from the ill effects of vibrations

With the rapid expansion and penetration of the internet, people have got an access to valuable information. Today, people are much more aware of the vibrations produced by the prime movers and their ill effects. It is heartening to note that the buyers of equipment are concerned with the oscillations generated and noise pollution caused when the

anti vibration spring mount

anti vibration spring mount

equipment runs. The manufacturers do take care of the internal protection for the sensitive parts of the machine but the external aspects are generally the responsibility of the buyer. Thus, the anti-vibration mountings come under his scope. Let us look at some of the solutions.

Rubber bushings:  Metal bushes are bonded with rubber to create rubber bushings that provide vibration damping and reduction in noise. The typical applications include wheel suspensions, vibratory feeders and mobile power equipment. The resilience property of rubber helps reduce wear and eliminates the use of lubricants.

Anti-vibration rubber mounts: The anti-vibration rubber mounts is a product similar to the bushings with a metal stud bonded to the elastomer. The anti-vibration rubber mount is placed directly on the level floor and the machine legs are positioned on the stud and tightened. The installation is very simple and does not require any grouting or civil foundation work. The weight of the machine is evenly distributed on the anti-vibration mounts. The elastomer element creates the desired friction with the floor and prevents the machine from walking. There are other types where there is a bonded metal plate on top of the elastomer element and the equipment is just placed on top. The anti-vibration rubber mounting not only protects the equipment but also improves the comfort level of the operator. They find a wide application in the railroad, marine and automotive industry.

Anti-vibration mounts: The anti-vibration mounts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet the specific customer requirements. The types available are pedestal, sandwich, angular and cylindrical mounts rubber. The buyer needs to be clear on the space availability, load capacity, deflection requirements and environmental conditions with regard to the operation of the anti-vibration rubber mount.  The highly knowledgeable customers directly ask for the compactor, shock and shear compression rubber mounts. There are others who select the anti-vibration mounts with the neoprene elastomer. Neoprene is especially effective in harsh environments where there is exposure to oil and water.

Anti-vibration fan mounts: While the most commonly used fan is the ceiling fan but you will

anti vibration mount

anti vibration mount

find that fans are used in multiple applications like blowers, air conditioners, and cooling fans etc. The fans are primarily driven by motors and hence are prone to vibrations. Rotating parts also need static and dynamic balancing; otherwise, they can create a ruckus. The electronic parts like chips, logic control units, central processing units, power supply etc. all require cooling by small fans to avoid overheating and burnouts. The anti-vibration fan mounts for electronic equipment ensure that vibrations are dampened and they do not damage the sensitive parts. The rubber mounts are small in size based on the small fans that cool the electronic panels in the machines but their performance cannot be undermined.

Automotive rubber mounts: All automobile manufacturers make extensive use of metal bonded rubber mounts for mounting of the engine, transmission and suspension on the chassis. The automotive rubber mounts are customized according to the mounting requirements spelt out by the manufacturer. The engine and transmission produce a tremendous amount of vibrations when in operation but you can hardly feel any of it inside the vehicle. The reason is the damping and isolation provided by the automotive rubber mounts. Similarly, bracket rubber mounting is used in the automobiles to isolate the sensitive parts from the vibrations of the chassis when the automobile is moving on the road. The rubber interface absorbs the vibrations while the bracket holds the part to the chassis.

The HVAC anti-vibration rubber mounts happen to be a specialty of Andre HVAC International Inc.  The anti-vibration mounts can give you the peace of mind with regard to keeping the vibrations in check and noise under control. The electronic parts and sensitive equipment need to be taken care of with adequate vibration damping as their performance gets impacted with the vibrations. A longer life span is possible with the use of these rubber isolation mounts and rubber anti-vibration mounts. Needless to say, the anti-vibration mounts form an integral part of the industry, labs, offices and homes and there is no better option than AHI to source them from.

Andre HVC International Inc’s anti-vibration mounting system

Vibration isolation is the key element that limits the transmission of energy from the vibrating equipment and machines in the industry. Often high frequency vibration and noise causes’ premature wear and tear, loosens fastening hardware, and generally disrupts smooth functioning of mechanical operation.

Capable of sustaining high vibration frequencies, here is a range of anti-vibration rubber mounts that offer effective isolation. Featuring high load bearing capacity these anti-vibration mounts are sure offer the best isolation to equipments from high frequency noise and vibration.

Andre HVAC International Inc manufactures a wide range of anti-vibration pads and mounts for varied industrial and commercial application. Among all the equipments our anti-vibration mounts represent one of the many successful product lines that we manufacture. Characterized by the quality of their construction and attractive pricing, these anti-vibration mounts have become popular and are in widespread use today at companies around the globe.

Designed to produce zero-defect product, our anti-vibration mounts undergo thorough inspection and maintenance to ensure the highest degree of quality on every production run. Our custom-developed vibration rubber mounts are engineered to suit application as per the client need. To suit the needs of individual applications, we customize these anti-vibration mounts in different sizes and varied specification.

So, if you are interested in buying these mounts for your application or learn more about the product, then do give us a call immediately. We will be pleased to help you.

Cylindrical vibration mounts and their benefits

Cylindrical vibration mounts are simple and effective anti vibration mounts used in a number of applications. These anti-vibration mountings are easy to use, install and do not require regular maintenance. These anti-vibration mounts are ideal for effective vibration isolation.

Andre HVAC International Inc, a leading manufacturer of Vibration, Shock and Noise Control Products design and manufactures cylindrical vibration mounts. These cylindrical anti-vibration mounts are available in varied sizes, studs/threads and tapped holes for a wide variety of applications ranging from small home applications protecting sensitive small equipment to large industrial and mechanical applications. Cylindrical vibration mounts are used as a buffer or sandwich between two objects in motion such as a motor or fan and a mounting frame for isolation or dampening of high frequency noise and vibration.

Today, through this article we have highlighted the benefits of cylindrical vibration mounts and their different applications in the industry.

Benefits of Cylindrical vibration Mounts

Cylindrical mounts when installed in an application reduces the wear-tear and in turn extends the life of the machinery. Thus with increased protection to the mechanical parts, the related maintenance and repairs costs are also substantially reduced.

Another benefit of vibration isolation mounts are, they improve the working environment for your workers by limiting the high frequency noise and vibration emitted from the machine. So in this way, not only are you’re workers protected by the harmful effects of vibrations, but it will also enhance their work performance due to the reduced noise. Finally, your floor and foundation are also now well protected due to the reduced vibration and shock emitted from the machine.

Application of cylindrical vibration mounts:

Cylindrical vibration mounts are used in a number of industrial & mechanical applications like  fans, motors, compressors, grinding machines, HVAC equipment, pumps, relays, generator engines, blowers, bumpers, appliances, electric control panels and automotive equipment.


Different types of anti-vibration mount & their applications

Anti vibration mounts are vibration isolators used in a wide variety of applications including power generation, industrial applications, HVAC applications, medical equipment, military equipment, air conditioners, compressors etc. These anti-vibration mounts installed in various applications help in minimizing the undesirable vibrations from the source and in turn enhance the performance of the machine.

Today, in this article we have discussed the various types of anti-vibration mounts available the market. So, depending on the application in use and the cause of problem, one can decide on the right vibration mounts for their application.

Types of vibration mount

Cylindrical mounts

Cylindrical mounts are rubber vibration isolators that are used in effective vibration isolation and noise damping over a wide range of frequencies. Cylindrical mounts also popularly known as rubber bobbin mounts are used for isolation of both active and passive vibration. In addition to this, they also help in suppression of shock and limit the structure-borne noise. Cylindrical vibration mounts that are made of high quality natural rubber and stainless steel metal are ideal for shear & compression of vibration and noise.

Bushing mounts

Bushing mounts also known as bushes or center bonded bushings made of high quality bonded rubber and metal are built to absorb extreme static and dynamic vibration in a machine. These fully bonded bushings with rubber compound in both the inner and outer sleeves are designed to eliminate high frequency vibration and noise, while supporting high loads in all directions.  These anti-vibration bushing mounts are designed in a wide range of metric sizes to suit almost every application. Rubber bushing mounts are commonly used in a flexible joints, motor vehicles, auxiliary equipment, military, light and heavy duty equipment, farm, drilling equipment, harvesters, combines, cooling towers, earth moving machinery, general machinery, industrial machinery, construction machinery and other such similar application.

Conical mounts

Conical mounts which is also popularly known as rubber cone mounts help in the isolation of shock, and vibration in machine. These cone mounts have a high load carrying capacity that assures a stable solution for all your vibration and noise problem. The conical mounts offer a progressive deflection and features easy installation. In addition to this they also provide protection for extreme load in tension or compression that acts as overload protection to manage excessive g forces. Conical mount are used in applications like engine and transmission mounts for trucks, buses, construction and agricultural vehicles. For more demanding vibration and noise reduction requirements, conical mounts are the most effect technology.

Get over the vibration problem with the anti-vibration rubber mounts

Equipment like pumps, motors, generators, compressors, HVAC systems, fans, and washing machines are a source of vibration and noise. When the equipment is placed on a flexible or rigid support system, the vibrations get transmitted to the surroundings. Each and every object has its own natural frequency and when the vibrations enter the object, they cause it vibrate sympathetically. The vibrations and noise tend to get amplified if the induced vibrations approach the natural frequency of the equipment resulting in resonance. The anti-vibration rubber mounts limit the level of amplification by dissipating the energy in the system.

Rubber isolator mounts: The most popular mounts in this category are the cylindrical vibration mounts. They are used in a variety of applications like compressors, motors, electronic control panels and generators. Depending on the application requirement the anti-vibration rubber mounting is available in three thread combinations: Male/male;

anti-vibration rubber mounts

anti-vibration rubber mounts

Male/female; and female/female. The cylindrical mounts rubber choice is also available from natural, neoprene, silicone, and EPDM. The customer can choose the rubber mount material based on the environment that the mount has to encounter.

Rubber mounts: Another category of the rubber mounts is the machine mounts. These are especially suited for the factory machinery and do not require any anchoring. They are typically used for machines with high vertical and horizontal forces. The fan rubber mount and the rubber motor mount are the commonly used anti-vibration mounts in this category. The fan rubber mount insulates the high-frequency vibration and sounds and also prevents the fan unit from walking. The typical features of the rubber mounts are:

  • Ease of installation
  • No requirement of machine anchoring
  • Isolation of vibrations and reduction in noise
  • Sensitive machine parts and lab equipment is protected
  • Work-piece quality is maintained
  • Lesser breakdowns leading to low repair costs and longer life of machines
  • Resistance to water and oils

Automotive rubber mounts: The rubber isolators, rubber mounting brackets, and rubber to

Automotive rubber mounts

Automotive rubber mounts

metal bonded mounts are extensively used in the automobile industry. The anti-vibration mounts ensure that minimum vibration and noise is experienced by the occupant in the vehicle. The rubber isolators protect the automobile components from the adverse effects of vibration, leading to a longer life and reliability. The applications include engine and transmission mounts, suspension travel limiters, radiator mounts, exhaust mounts, and suspension articulation joints. The automotive rubber mounts category includes the bracket rubber mounting and rubber mount sportster frame.

Andre HVAC International Inc. was instrumental in its resolve to bring the vibrations and noise in control and came out with a series of anti-vibration mountings, rubber mounts and hangers, more than a decade ago. The rubber isolator mounts were well accepted in the market and AHI grew from strength to strength over the years. Today, you can easily get the wide variety of anti-vibration rubber mounts from AHI. Whether it is an anti-vibration fan mount or equipment isolation mount, you can depend on the quality and performance of the product from Andre HVAC.