Cost effective anti-vibration pads for speakers

Anti-vibration pads for speakers

Anti-vibration isolation pads are vibration isolators specially designed to decouple the sound from speakers. The speaker isolation pads basically isolate the speakers for a better and an accurate sound, by eliminating the unwanted sounds and resonance on a hard surface. Installing these speaker isolation pads will not resonates with the desk or shelf on which they are placed.

By reducing the resonance, these vibration isolation pads give you clearer sound quality. Decoupling a speaker from the surface has a positive impact on the sound quality. It sharpens the bass response and improves the stereo image. Once you install these vibration isolation pads you will see that the low frequencies are more even and there is an overall increase in the detailing across frequency spectrum. Basically, the use of speaker isolation pad is to impart the energy into the air, and not the surface on which they are placed. This can be achieved by providing cushioning at the base of the speaker to limit the unwanted vibrations and suppress resonance

Anti-vibration pads offered by Andre HVAC Inc

Andre HVAC Inc offers a range of Anti-vibration pads to select from for speakers as per their platform shapes and to suit the studio setup. The vibration isolation pads come in sets of four units and are used in pairs to be placed under the speakers so as to distribute the weight of the speaker. The cost effective design of the speaker isolation pad makes it ideal for studio use and other applications wherein vibration is a major problem and decoupling of it is required. Each of the four units of vibration isolation pad offered is of high-density low compression foam that provides effective isolation.

Features of Anti-vibration pads offered by Andre HVAC Inc

Given below are some features of anti-vibration pads supplied by Andre HVAC Inc.

  • De-couples the studio speakers from any hard surface
  • Speaker isolation pads prevent unwanted buzzing and resonance
  • The vibration isolation pads offer leveling wedges that provides a leveled surface for the speaker
  • These speaker isolation pads feature high load baring capabilities.

So, in case you wish buy or consult about anti-vibration pads do visit our website or give us a call for assistance.

Do not ignore the vibrations! Use anti-vibration mat protection.

A steady hum and noise emanating from machines and equipment can give you the solace that you are in a running plant that is in production. We are kind of accustomed to the noise and tend to take it in our stride. What we overlook or tend to miss is the source of the noise. When a prime mover like a motor or pump drives a machine it produces vibrations and noise. The machines, flooring and support are all made of metal or rigid materials and will transmit the vibrations to the surroundings and also cause damage to the sensitive parts in the machine.

The resonance phenomenon: All the rigid parts connected to the prime mover in the machine and the supporting structure will begin to vibrate in harmony with the generated vibrations. Each rigid part or supporting structure has its own natural frequency of vibration. When the induced vibration nears the natural frequency the resonance phenomenon is created. If you have done an experiment with the air column and tuning fork during your school days, you will understand the phenomenon better. Resonance produces a loud noise which can be a real pollutant in the work area. While the vibrations are silently damaging the machine, the noise makes the workforce uncomfortable.

Anti-vibration mounting pads: We cannot ignore vibrations and we have to resort to products like anti-vibration mounting pads and anti-vibration mats in order to dampen the vibrations and protect the equipment and machinery. The anti-vibration mounting pad is a product that is specifically suited for machines and equipment. The machine has to be lifted and the feet of the machine have to be kept on the anti-vibration pads. The best part is that the pads have to be simply placed on the shop floor without any anchoring. Hence, the installation process is very simple. The elastomer in the anti-vibration isolation pads is responsible for absorbing the vibrations and dissipating the energy as low-grade heat. The stud in the center of the pad is used to anchor it to the machine feet.

Equipment vibration isolation: Heavy machinery and equipment with large prime movers, like generators and compressors are also mounted on anti-vibration pads. The air compressor mounting pads are designed to take care of both the rotary and reciprocating motions. The selection of the anti-vibration isolation pads has to be made on the basis of the load bearing capacity. The elastomer element can be simple rubber or neoprene depending on the environmental conditions. Neoprene can offer a better life in case there is exposure to oil and water.

Makeshift anti-vibration solution: In field conditions where we have to work with the makeshift equipment the anti-vibration mats offer the right solution. These rubber mats can be spread out on the floor and equipment like small compressors and generators can be placed on them. Even in homes, the anti-vibration mat for washing machines is quite useful. When the machine is spinning and the load is continuously shifting the vibrations create a lot of noise. The anti-vibration mat nor only dampens the vibrations but also prevents the machine from walking and hitting the side walls.

Materials used in grommets: The anti-vibration grommets come in a variety of dimensions, sizes and shapes. These can be with or without the metallic bush in the center. The anti-vibration grommet is engineered to isolate delicate and sensitive instruments from unpredictable shock and vibration. The insulating anti-vibration grommets are manufactured from durable EPDM rubber. For cooling fans, motors and hard disk drives, the neoprene locking and anti-vibration grommets are well suited. Grommets are also made from a stainless steel body with silicone rubber insert having a hole in the center. While the steel portion provides the rigidity, the rubber portion has a dual purpose. It not only dampens the vibration but also provides the necessary sealing action.

A beginning was made by Andre HVAC International Inc. in the anti-vibration products arena way back in 2003. Today, the entire range of products used in the industry to stem vibrations is available with them.  Whether it the wire rope isolators or the simple anti-vibration rubber mats, the choice is yours for the asking. Extensive product catalogues, information sheets and pages of information are available on the website to help you in making the right selection of the anti-vibration isolation pads. In case, you need a specific solution, the team at AHI would be happy to work out a customized offering for you.

The significance of anti-vibration pads and sheets in your day to day life

We come across a lot of noise and vibrations in our routine daily life. The engine in the car, the washing machine in the house and the speakers of your music system are all producing vibrations when they are running. The vibrations, when transmitted to the surroundings, can cause damage to the other equipment and the support structures. This is because the transmitted vibrations cause the nearby machines and infrastructure to vibrate. Each and every structure and machine has its own natural frequency and if it is matched to the induced vibrations, it results in resonance. The vibrations can affect the accuracy of the machines and the resonance produces a cacophony which may make the working environment uncomfortable.

Pads for washing machines: The solution to the problem lies in the use of anti-vibration sheets, vibration suppression pads, and anti-vibration grommets to isolate the equipment producing vibrations and also to dampen the transmitted vibrations. You can use the anti-vibration mat or the anti-vibration pads for washing machines to get over the washing machine walking or other common vibration problems.

Mats for washing machines: The washing machine vibration dampers are made of elastomer compounds that not only reduce but also absorb the vibrations giving you a peaceful atmosphere at home. The anti-vibration mats for washing machines are made from compressed crumb rubber and very easy to install. These washing machine vibration dampers provide a durable cushioned surface that is perfect for washing machines and dryers.

Pads for speakers: In any sound system, you can invest in your mixer, mike, amplifier etc. but the most critical component to hear the recorded sound happens to be the speaker. You will not be able to get a true reproduction of your recorded sound until you use the speaker isolation pads to separate your monitors from the environment. The speaker isolation pads are designed to support virtually all sizes of bookshelf speakers and you can also use the wedge adjusters to angle your speakers.

Pads for equipment: The vibration pads for machinery help to dampen the noise levels and vibration frequency while safeguarding the fragile and sensitive components from external vibrations. The vibration absorbing pads are available in various shapes and sizes and can be custom made as per the customer requirements. The vibration pads for machines are available with ribbed, waffle, and suction cup options depending on the specific needs of the customer. While the natural rubber vibration absorbing pads suffice in most applications, you can go in for the neoprene ones where resistance to water, oil and harsh environment is required. The cork rubber pads and anti-vibration grommets are some other useful applications.

Sensing the need for the vibration dampening pads and anti-vibration isolation pads for use in homes and industrial applications Andre HVAC International Inc. came out with a wide range of such products almost 13 years ago. The anti-vibration pads home depot from AHI caters to the home requirement while you can also get a gamut of isolation products for industrial use also. These include compressor mounting pads, furnace thermal mounting pads, and anti-vibration pads for generators.

Vibration free environment helps in longer equipment life

Air compressor mounting pads: In the case of compressors the vibrations result from the unbalance of the rotating parts or from the attached piping structure. The unbalance is generated due to unequal weights on the piston pairs and is transferred onto the crankshaft. The piping structure resonates when some vibration in the system comes close to the natural frequency of the piping. The air compressor mounting pads not only dampen the vibrations but also provide for the ease of levelling and alignment.

The compressor machinery mounting pads have elastomeric elements and threaded centre bolts which offer a host of benefits:

  • Ease of installation with no requirement of anchor bolts.
  • Simple levelling and alignment leading to reduced wear and tear.
  • Reduction in vibration and shock
  • Longer running life
  • Better structural safety for the plant.

Furnace thermal mounting pad: The machine pads come are simple rectangular rubber pieces that come in several lengths and widths. They consist of an elastomeric element

Air compressor mounting pads

Air compressor mounting pads

and composite foam and are less than an inch high. They can be positioned below the furnace and the size and quantity are decided as per the weight and size of the furnace. The furnace thermal mounting pads are ideal for old equipment that creates a ruckus.

Anti-vibration pads for washing machines: The washing machines create a lot of vibrations due to the uneven load during rotation. The washing machines will walk during the work cycle even after the levelling has been done. The solution does not lie in anchoring the machine to the floor but to use the anti-vibration pads for washing machines. The visco-elastomeric property of the anti-vibration isolation pad ensures that the vibrations are damped and prevent the machine from sliding on the floor.

HVAC mounting pads: The waffle and ribbed anti-vibration pads are used for the mounting of the HVAC equipment. The waffle design has inbuilt suction cups and does not require any bolting. The waffle design ensures superior vibration damping. The multi-layered ribbed rubber pads offer both vibration and noise control. The waffle and ribbed HVAC mounting pads are meant for simple field installation and can be selected based on the load and deflection characteristics.


Anti-vibration pads for washing machines

Anti-vibration pads for washing machines

Cork and neoprene rubber pads: The cork rubber pad that has a cork core with rubber glued to both the surfaces. The arrangement of materials, forces sound to pass through zones of different density. The neoprene cork pads are especially recommended for acoustical control rather than vibration damping. The neoprene in the cork rubber pad provides it with good weather resistance. Similarly, anti-vibration grommets are used for isolating sensitive lab equipment and electronics from the supporting frames.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has been in the business of vibration and noise control since 2003. The leading anti-vibration pad supplier has a wide variety of isolation mounts and pads for the industrial application and home use. Whether it is a machine like a compressor or home equipment like a washing machine you are likely to find the suitable anti-vibration mounting pad with AHI.

Anti-vibration mounting pads for your precision leveling and vibration absorption requirements

For the industrial applications involving heavy CNC machines and power presses, there is a requirement of anti-vibration mounting pads that can take large loads and also provide leveling adjustment. The most suitable vibration pads for machinesare the wedge mounts. The three-piece wedge mount comprises of a center wedge that can slide between the top and bottom wedge. The movement of the center wedge is controlled by an adjustable bolt which is mounted parallel to the ground or base. Depending on the weight and size of the machine it is possible to select the suitable wedge mount.

Wedge mount as a suitable anti-vibration isolation pad: At the bottom of the wedge mount is the typical insulation plate which is made from elastomers. The vibration damping capabilities of the wedge type anti-vibration isolation pads come from these elastomeric insulation plates. It is possible to customize them according to the damping frequency requirement. The leveling of the CNC machine or the power press can be obtained by the movement of the center wedge through the adjustable bolt. The sliding wedge ensures precision height adjustment. The supporting surfaces of the wedge type vibration damper pads are so large that they are not only rigid but provide solidity as well. The typical application of the wedge mounts are suited for the machines that require:

  • Free placement
  • Bolting to the anti-vibration isolation pads
  • Grouting to the floor in addition to bolting
  • Precision leveling
  • More than normal height adjustment

Rubber anti-vibration pads: The machines that generate high-frequency vibrations require the use of anti-vibration sheets and rubber anti-vibration pads. The examples of high frequency generating machines are compressors, conveyors, diesel generators, fans, motors, and pumps. The wide range of vibration absorbing pads is suitable for reducing and damping the vibrations caused by air-conditioning and refrigeration plants and many other similar applications. Besides the industrial applications, the vibration absorbing pad is suitable for domestic applications also.

When the prime consideration is the damping of vibration the anti-vibration pads provide the ideal solution. They are very stable under the compressive load and are suited for applications like HVAC systems, heavy compressors, computer systems, laboratory and inspection equipment, movie halls and theaters etc. The anti-vibration pads have a sandwich construction, where a fluted elastomer element is set between two rubber cork pads. While the cork layer is responsible for providing a high-friction surface, the fluted elastomer takes care of vibration damping. The selection of the anti-vibration pads can be made based on the load conditions.

Neoprene isolation pads: The Neoprene elastomer is oil and water resistant and the neoprene padsare designed to operate within the strain limits of the isolator. This gives the neoprene pads a long life expectancy. The construction available is single and double ribbed type and also alternate high and low ribs for maximum deflection.

All these products are available from Andre HVAC International Inc. which happens to be a leading manufacturer of vibration, shock and noise control products. The company was established in 2003 and is based out of the Greater Toronto Area, in Ontario, Canada.