Anti-vibration gourmet for effective vibration isolation

Professionally designed to isolate sensitive instrumentation from unpredictable high frequency vibration and shock, anti-vibration gourmet engineered to flex as required to dampen all the unwanted noise or vibration. Formed with specially designed shoulder screws these anti-vibration grommets offers good spacing while also allowing the screw to be fully tightened.

Anti-vibration gourmet are isolators that not only provide effective but also economical vibration isolation for light load equipment’s and machines. They are ideal for commercial and military applications including computer, disk driver, business machines, precision instrument and general industrial equipment. These specialized isolators are designed and produced with the same kind of precision instrumentation and general industrial equipment’s.

Anti-vibration gourmets are designed and produced with great precision and care as that of our high performance elastomeric mounts used in industrial machines for isolation of vibration. This isolator provides close control of stiffness and dimension and provides the best performance and quality, all that you need at an extremely reasonable cost.


  • These anti-vibration gourmets are economical, user friendly and of high quality
  • They offer improved reliability in environment where harsh vibration and shock occur.
  • The anti-vibration gourmet offer good spacing.
  • They are oil & water resistant
  • These isolators are ideal for effective vibration isolation and shock protection especially for light loaded commercial industrial applications.