Andre HVAC high freqency vibration and shock isolation equipments

Vibration, high frequency noise & instability of the machine, shorten the life of any equipment if not maintained well. Spring mounts are equipments that are designed in a way to diminish these factors. Compared to the rubber mounts, spring mountings have a much more static deflection, resulting in greater isolation efficiency. This makes them much more suitable for all the critical applications, or industrial machinery which has low disturbing frequencies. There are range of spring mounts that come in variants of deflections and maximum loads. So depending on the level of isolation one can accurately select the right spring mounts for each industrial application.

AHI offer a broad range of spring isolation mountings and hangers that limit the transmission of vibration of a variety of applications right from Pumps, Fans, Cooling Towers, Rooftop Units, Chillers, Boilers, and Compressors to heavy duty HVAC equipment and industrial machinery. These Anti Vibration Spring Mounts are easy to install and also possesses various features depending upon its application.  AHI manufactures Spring Mounts that include both Single Spring mounts and multiple Spring Mounts.  AHI also offers Anti Vibration Spring Mounts as per the specifications of the customers. There are a variety of spring mounts that are either metal based, rubber based or even a well cased spring mount depending on their application & usage.

AHI are specialized in the area of Spring Mounts & are the best source of a well performing Spring Mounts that provide a long lasting service. AHI engineers and develops the most extensive range of Spring Mounts in the market. They are also well know for  manufacturing a number of vibration isolation and controlling pad, Spring Mounts, pneumatic mounts and a variety of vibration mounts.

AHI manufactures high quality Spring Mounts that provides an ideal solution for high frequency vibration & noise. These Mounts are made from a combination of high quality spring and highly adhesive fluid that helps provide better performance. These Spring Mounts are products that have excellent resistance to ageing, compression set and rigorous wear-tear. These Spring Mounts are widely used in Power Presses, Refrigeration Plants and Compressors, Air Conditioning Plants and Gensets on rooftops of hotels etc. They feature stable spring design for better performance, Non skid elastomeric acoustical pad base, a Leveling Bolt for easy installation & a Neoprene rubber base for effective noise isolation. Also the springs are coated with a Corrosion preventive solvent with color coded & a powder coated material to it.

The Advantages of spring mounts are that, they are high freqency vibration and shock isolation equipments that provide better structural safety, reduced ware out of the machine & in turn extend the life of the machinery. They also provide a more congenial working environment. The installation of these spring mount are reliable & long lasting.


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