Special seismic spring isolators for vibration isolation of HVAC equipment’s

Seismic Control Spring Isolators are equipment’s recommended for noise and vibration isolation. These equipment’s need to be installed in critical areas where industrial machines are subjected to the external forces associated with an earthquake. Other than that, these seismic control spring isolators are used for limiting the transmission of noise and vibration into the supporting structures adjacent to the supported mechanical equipment. So, with these seismic control spring isolators, motion during an earthquake that leads to displacement of life support and emergency equipment is limited, and further ensures that the equipment remains in position. These seismic isolators are specifically designed by professional engineers based on calculated anticipated forces and vibration isolation requirement for that particular machine.

Seismic Control Spring Isolators have steel housing assembly that help in the reduction of both lateral and vertical movement of the supported equipment during an earthquake. Simultaneously they also provide vibration isolation during normal operating conditions of the equipment. The restraining system are designed to withstand a force equivalent to 1.0 g in any lateral or vertical direction without any failure. Further, to facilitate servicing, these isolators are designed in such a way that it can be removed without having required to lift or otherwise disturb the supported equipment. Generally, seismic control spring isolators are customized to the requirement of clients. So, depending on the load and seismic code, an optional steel load spreader plate may also be applied for distribute the load across the concrete anchor.

Here are some of the special features of seismic control spring isolators

  • Seismic control spring isolators are equipment’s that offer an all-directional restraint with vertical limit stops.
  • They are specifically engineered to meet all the requirements for HVAC application.
  • The housing is well galvanized and powder coated for superior corrosion protection
  • Can be easily bolted or welded in place.
  • Springs are engineered to provide an additional 50% overload capacity.
  • The housings also provide a constant free and operating height to facilitate installation.
  • With the isolation of these isolators, equipment motion is limited in all directions, at the isolator

Seismic restraint isolators and seismic snubbers are equipment’s that are commonly used in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. This includes the air conditions, compressors, chillers, cooling towers, fans, coils, piping units, motors, blowers & much more. Further, equipment’s like the seismic isolators for the building are installed under & alongside application to prevent any kind of damage from the seismic force during an event of earthquake.

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