Spring vibration isolator hangers for piping and HVAC systems

Spring load isolation hanger – Spring vibration isolator hangers are an integrated part of the Piping and HVAC Industry. These spring hangers are typically used in piping industry for supporting pipe weights and other similar suspended equipment’s. They are used in support system to balance slight vertical displacements in the pipe system. So, in cases where the rigid support does not take the load due to the thermal movement or the support affecting the equipment in connection, professional piping engineers suggest the use of these spring load isolation hangers to share the load and provide protection to the piping system. However, it is extremely crucial to select an appropriate type of hanger to support for any given application. Depending on the requirement of load support, one must select a spring isolator in accordance to it.

Termed to be the most economical solution for suspended installations, these spring vibration isolator hangers are known to be very effective vibration isolation equipment’s. These spring hangers comprise of steel springs in sturdy steel housings with top and bottom elastomer cups for isolation of vibration and significant reduction of noise levels. There are two types of Spring hangers available in the market which includes Variable Spring Hanger and Constant spring hangers. In case of the variable spring hangers the load varies throughout its operating range. While in case of the constant spring hangers, the load remains constant throughout its operating range. So, depending on the load requirement one can accordingly select the right type of suspended vibration isolation hanger

Benefits of spring isolation hangers –

  • Spring hangers are effective vibration, noise and shock isolation equipment’s
  • They are known to provide better structural safety to the system in which they are installed
  • Spring load isolation hangers help reduce machine operation fatigue and provide more congenial working environment
  • They are simple easy to install equipment’s that are very reliable.
  • Installation of spring vibration isolators ensures extended machinery shelf-life.
  •  Installation of sensitive equipment’s and heavy machinery is easily possible with spring hangers.
  • With installation of spring hangers, you need not require additional foundation for small and medium weight machines. Further, installation of spring hangers facilitates reduced depth of foundation for heavy machines.

Spring type anti-vibration mounts
Generally when compared to rubber mounts, spring mounts have better static deflection which offers greater isolation efficiency. Hence, spring type anti-vibration mounts are much more suitable for critical applications, that have low disturbing frequencies. Vibration isolation Spring mounts come in a range of deflections and maximum loads. So, depending on the level of isolation required one can accurately select the right one for the desired application. Spring mounts are available with three mounting options, no bases, lower base attached and upper and lower bases attached. These are suitable to reduce vibration in fans, air handling units, pumps, and generators.

General application of spring hangers and spring mounts

Spring hangers and mounts are generally used in suspended industrial and commercial applications. They are generally used installation of fans, air handling units, pumps, generators etc.

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