Spring hangers for providing effective support and isolation to piping systems

Pipes are considered as the medium for transportation of fluids from one location to another. They are widely used as travelling medium for oil and gas, water, steam, chemicals etc. Pipes vary in sizes depending upon the type of application and

Piping spring hangers

Piping spring hangers

transporting agent. It is extremely critical to build a robust piping system as any leakage will lead to irreversible damage. One of the most critical elements in designing of a piping system is the Spring hangers.

Any pipe line operating at high temperature tends to move upwards/downwards due to thermal expansion. In such a scenario a spring supports provides continuous support during expansion or contraction of the pipe. The spring support basically employs a spring element, which can get compressed or stretch-out depending upon the thermal movement of pipe and the corresponding loads. Spring hangers form an integrated part of Piping Industry. They are used for supporting pipe weights and building a safe piping system.  So, in cases where some rigid supports are not taking the load due to its thermal movement or rigid supports affecting the equipment connected to the pipe, experts suggest the use of a spring hanger to share some of the loads and to keep the system safe.

One needs to select an appropriate type of hanger for supporting the given application which is governed by the individual piping configuration and job requirements for which it is designed. Spring hangers are widely classified in two specific categories and they are as follows-

  • Variable Spring Hanger – Variable spring hangers are used in cases where loads vary throughout its operating range. Spring Hangers like these are used when vertical movement of the piping system isn’t allowed to be restricted by rigid hangers. Its unique construction is particularly suitable for use in severe corrosive conditions. Variable Spring Hangers are devices that allow a degree of flexibility in the supported equipment.
  • Constant Spring hanger – Constant spring hangers are used in cases where load remains constant throughout its operating range. Spring Hangers like this offer constant support to pipes and equipment subjected to vertical movement due to thermal expansion at locations where maintaining a constant stress is an essential factor.

While spring hangers are equipment’s used for supporting heavy pipes and piping system, duct hangers are equipment’s that are specifically designed to support duct systems. They are equipment’s used for altogether different application with the Spring hangers for your piping, HVAC, and ceiling requirementscomplete different mounting arrangement. They are used for effectively holding and supporting FRP or PVC ducts and are available in very simple designs that offer maximum duct support. The most common type of duct hanger is Tear drop duct hanger and Saddle type duct hangers that are precise and provide secure anchoring of any ducting system.

Applications where pipes are suspended, the piping arrangement is provided isolation hangers. It is used for suspended piping and ductwork to prevent vibration transmitting to the surrounding structure.  The capacity, construction and hanger material vary and can be made according to the application load. These equipment’s are widely used in multi-storied buildings and high temperature piping systems, providing flexibility and vibration isolation where there is height constrain and where there is better acoustic required. In general isolation hangers are most common used while designing piping, ducts, fans, fan coil units etc.


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