How are Spring hangers and isolators effective as vibration isolators in the industry?

Pipes are equipment’s that help transfer fluids, gases, steam or industrial chemicals from one location to another. Pipes are usually circular in section however; its shape is completely based on the application and transporting fluid. Its shape, size and material are solely governed by the application of piping system in which it will be installed.

Piping spring hangers

Piping spring hangers

Pipes are usually defined or specified by dimensions of outer diameter and wall thickness. However, in many cases inner diameter plays a crucial role. Pipes tend to undergo thermal displacement while operating in variable temperatures. They tend to shrink while exposed to extreme low temperature and tend to expand while operated at extreme high temperature. Variable temperature results in pipe system displacements in vertical direction which can be compensated by installing equipment’s like Spring hangers or pipe spring hangers.

Equipment’s like spring hangers or pipe spring hangers are well equipped with a mechanism to compensate the thermal displacement of piping system.  They ensure flexibility of the pipe within specified range, allowing designer to design complex system for any application. Extent to which pipe undergoes vertical displacement is directly proportional to the spring rate and spring force in spring hangers. These equipment’s are capable of offering effective vibration isolation and acts as an ideal vibration isolator for all piping systems.

In case of HVAC systems where complex duct system is designed to connect chillers, pump and other types of equipment’s do also tend to vibrate. Constant vibration over the span of time tends to loosen all parts and finally causing the entire system to fall apart. Not just that this could even lead to safety hazard in the future for people working around it. For systems like these Vibration isolators are used for effective and efficient dampening of vibration and undesirable noises. These Vibration isolators also help in protecting the piping systems from receiving vibrations transmitted through the piping when operational. The vibrations can create problems not only for the designed piping system but also for the building’s structure or mounting arrangements. The vibration isolators like spring hangers help reduce or eliminate vibrations that are transmitted from source.

Application of these vibration isolators are not just restricted to piping systems but Spring hangers for your piping, HVAC, and ceiling requirementsequipment’s like spring isolators are used in systems like chillers, pumps, air handlers, and the other types of system which generates high intensity of vibrations when operated at optimum frequencies. Vibration isolators are usually rated according to the static deflection the vibration isolator provides for the equipment by means of countering mechanism. In case of HVAC piping system operating under variable temperature range, isolators equipped with springs in the pipe hangers are installed to avoid further issues caused by vibration. Depending on the location, vibration isolators are also rated for seismic activity with further specifications demanding for seismic restraints on the equipment and dependent piping arrangements. So, select vibration isolators as per the requirement of your application so as to achieve the desired results.

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