Spring hanger selection and design guidelines for a Pipes

Spring hangers are an integral part of Piping Industry. The use of spring hangers for supporting pipe weights are common to every piping engineer in the industry. When some

Spring hanger selection and design guidelines for a Pipes

Spring hanger selection and design guidelines for a Pipes

rigid supports are not taking load due to its thermal movement or rigid supports are creating bad effect to equipment connection Piping engineers suggest the use of a spring hanger to share some of the loads and to keep the piping system safe and efficiently working. Selection of the appropriate type of pipping spring hanger support for any given application is governed by the individual piping configuration and its requirements. In general there are two types of spring hangers, that is

 a) Variable Spring Hanger- Loads vary throughout its operating range and

b) Constant Spring hanger: Load remains constant throughout its operating range.

The following information will provide you a simple guideline for the right selection of both Variable and constant spring hanger while analyzing a piping system

  • Determine the hot load required and the pipe movement in a given setup or industry.
  • Always estimate the travel range from the given catalogue.
  •  Select a mid-range spring size for the equipment that has hot load within the working travel.
  • Always ensure that the cold load lies within the working range of the spring.
  • In case the Cold load lies beyond the working range in the selection chart, then select higher spring size or the next travel range.
  • Check the variability in the selected spring hanger. Usually for non-critical applications and systems, the variability is limited to 25% throughout the total travel. But for critical systems such as steam connections, terminating at turbines and pipes connected to rotating equipment like compressor, the variability is limited to 10%.If the variation exceeds the allowed number, choose higher size spring or smaller spring rate within the same load range.
  • Select the type and check the feasibility of the spring depending on space available and type of structure available.
  • Always select pipping spring hangers that are resilient to liquid like water acid or any external environment exposures.

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