Fast and Easy Spring hangers for piping systems

What are spring hangers?

Spring hangers are equipments used for supporting and balancing structures like piping system with vertical displacements. These springs hangers or spring support offers variable supporting load over different range of movement in accordance to the specified characteristic of the pipe spring hanger or spring hanger extension.

Why and where are the spring hangers used?

Spring hangers are essential equipments of the Piping Industry. These pipe spring hangers are used for supporting pipe weights and balancing them during its regular operation. In cases where a rigid support is not taking the load due to movement or the support is affecting the equipment, spring hangers are recommended to support the load and ensure smooth and safe operation of the piping system. Selecting the right type of spring hanger pipe support for an application depends on every piping configuration and its requirement. In general spring hangers come in two different variants that is

  • Variable Spring Hanger wherein the loads varies with its operating range
  • Constant Spring hanger where the load is constant throughout the operating range.

Types of spring hangers

  • Constant support spring hangers Constant pipe spring hangers help support structures like pipes that experience vertical movement. These constant spring hangers support the critical area of a structure and provide a constant force on the structure to limit any extra resisting forces from the support. Constant resistance to moving load is achievable by balancing the moment between the moving structure and the moment by the force of compressing spring at a common point. For designing constant spring hanger it is essential to figure the level of external force, the spring force, and the spring constant for displacement of the external load.
  • Variable support spring hangers Like constant support hangers, the variable support hangers are used for supporting structures like pipes and have the capacity to withstand load variation of up to nearly 25%. Here the vertical movement is accommodated and compressed to an initial load setting by the spring and later during operation is compressed/ to the final load setting. In short the variability of change in the initial load compared to the final load is called variable support. While selecting a variable spring support it is essential to take into consideration the spring rate and the desired amount of travel so as to maintain variability below 25%.

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