Seismic spring mount for effective seismic vibration isolation

Seismic spring mounts are vibration isolators with multi-directional flexible restraint that are designed to limit equipment movement under seismic force. These are well designed & integrated isolation equipment’s, engineered for various mechanical & electronic application. They are built on a heavy duty steel springs, Neoprene Snubbers & Steel Housing. Typically these equipment’s are used in indoor and outdoor mechanical & electronics applications for the purpose of isolation under seismic force caused due to earthquakes and wind loads. These seismic spring mounts are usually used for absorbing vibration & limiting the seismic forces for air handling units, centrifugal fans, pumps, chillers etc especially if these units are installed near by a seismic zone. With the ever changing norms & stringent laws for the necessity of life-safety precaution equipment’s, it has now become essential for all the non-seismic regions of the country to have seismic restraint for all the mechanical & electrical equipment.

These seismic spring isolators are seismic controls springs that are restrained by using steel housings.  They are designed in a way to limit lateral & vertical movements of equipment’s caused due to natural force of earthquake & assist in reducing the obstruction of vibration isolation of spring when the equipment are normally operating. Usually in a normal operating condition, the mountings provides vibration isolation that are generally equivalent to open spring mountings but, when subjected to physical impact that are caused by seismic forces, the movements of the equipment relative to the supporting application is limited. Appropriate structuring sizing and placement of the seismic restraints with precision & accurate calculation of anchor bolt forces are essential for adequately restraining equipment against seismic effects

At Andre HVAC we offer a wide range of spring mounting systems & equipment’s like seismic spring mounts, a rubber seismic mount, and an independent seismic restraints for a variety of applications to withstand the earthquake. The Seismically rated Restrained Spring Mounts are mainly used for floor mounted equipment, where as the Seismic Snubbers are used for floor mounted isolated equipment’s. We also provide seismic cable restraints, which are used in association to spring or rubber hangers for the seismic restraint of suspended piping, ducting and equipment. We also offer acoustic riser anchors, which also provide seismic restraint for pipe risers. These seismic mounts and restraints assist in controlling the movements of equipment, piping and duct work in case of a seismic event. AHI specializes in providing complete range of products like Seismic Vibration Isolators, Seismic cables, Seismic rod clamp for various deflection & isolation

The seismic spring mounts features, all directional restraint with vertical limit caps. With this equipment the motion are limited to 0.2” that is approximately 5 mm in all directions. Also to facilitate servicing, the isolators are designed in such a way that it can be removed without having the need to lift or stop the supported equipment. In short they can be removed even while the equipment is working. These seismic spring mounts are also powder-coated and color-coded for the purpose of corrosion resistance and ease of identification.

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