Seismic snubbers and isolators an ideal tool for vibration isolation and seismic restraint

Seismic snubbers and isolators are the most reliable and popular equipment’s used in the industry for the purpose of restraining mechanical equipment during a seismic event. These seismic snubbers are ideal for applications which require directional restrains from all sides. So, if you install a seismic snubber to your equipment’s, the snubbers will provide safety in all direction and further take care of errors in alignment and in case of minor shifting as well.

In general, seismic restraint isolators and seismic snubbers are designed in a way to be used in locations that are subjected to earthquakes and external forces that could possibly displace vibration isolators HVAC equipment. Machines and equipment on resilient supports such as spring, neoprene or vibration isolators need to be seismically rate to handle the high G force from all directions during such an event.  However, by using a well- designed resilient seismic snubber around the equipment or machine, motion can be limited and the machine can remain in place.

Other than that, seismic snubbers are mechanical device designed & engineered for damping of low frequency movements or limit the pressure & velocity of a machine. Mechanical Snubber is used to prevent shock & vibration forces that can cause damage in to machines and industrial equipment’s. They limit the load and high frequency vibration that could possibly affect the machine in which they are installed. So, basically when there is a disturbance that occurs, the seismic snubbers act as a resistant device, absorbing the energy and preventing the transfer of vibration, shock or any form of impact to the machine & reduce or eliminate the potential damage.

Structurally sound and rugged, these equipment’s have been designed to resist the imposed force from external sources yet allowing normal operation of the machine and limiting the transmission of vibration to the building. These seismic snubbers are equipment’s that features good shock & vibration absorption. These devices are simple isolation equipment’s that are easy to use, install and that require less or no maintenance. They provide you good resistance to high impact & radiation and are tools that take care of all the alignment errors in machines.

Seismic restraint isolators and seismic snubbers are equipment’s that are commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications like the air conditions, compressors, chillers, cooling towers, fans, coils, piping units, motors, blowers & much more. Further, seismic isolators for the building are installed under & alongside application to prevent any kind of damage from the seismic force during an event of earthquake. 

So, to avoid any damage to your machines and equipment’s due to the high frequency vibration, shock and external force impacts, we would recommend installation of seismic snubbers to your equipment’s for better protection. Depending on your requirement, look for best options by consulting the suppliers and buy quality seismic snubber for your industrial machines.

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