Seismic mounts and their application

Seismic mounts are mechanical equipment designed to combine spring mount vibration isolation with multi-directional flexible restraint to limit equipment movement under seismic disturbance. While under the normal working conditions, these mounting provides efficient vibration isolation that are equivalent to open spring mountings but, when subjected to Seismic mounts and their applicationphysical displacements such as those generated by seismic forces, equipment motion relative to the supporting structure is restricted. At the maximum restraint capacity of each mounting type the movement of equipment is limited to less than 12mm along the major axis.

There are a wide range of seismic spring mounts including rubber seismic mount that are used in various industrial applications. Also available are cable restraints, which are used in conjunction with spring or rubber hangers for the seismic restraint of suspended piping and equipment. So depending on type of machine in use and the deflection requirement, one can select the right seismic mount. When correctly selected, integrated seismic mountings will allow conformance to the design requirements of various applications and other International Seismic Codes.

While there are a number of seismic isolators available in the market is advisable to Refer to the Isolator Selection Guide to obtain the necessary static deflection and then accordingly select the seismic mount required according to equipment load. The dynamic factor needs to be taken into account for all RCMS seismic mounts. Seismic Mounts use high performance coil springs that make them effective at damping wide range of frequencies. The internal stoppers are strong enough to support structures during earthquake and strong winds. But for an effective impact it is critical to select the right seismic equipment.

Seismic mounts or isolators designed to restrain seismic vibration and impact are-:

  • The Rugged steel housing is designed to handle high wind and seismic forces.
  • The Housing serves as blocking during equipment erection.
  • These seismic equipment’s feature a top plate that may be welded or bolted to equipment; allowing flexible design options.
  • The Housing height of each series of equipment are identical within each series.
  • The seismic restrained spring isolators have easily accessible bolt holes that offer simplified installation.
  • These seismic restrained isolators are powder coated housings and springs offer outstanding corrosion resistance.
  • The springs of the seismic isolators are easily accessed for replacement if in case the loads change.
  • The spring mounts are Color-coded for proper identification of load capacity and simple inspection.
  • Also, featuring elastomeric acoustical cup allows the equipment for better vibration isolation.

Speaking of its application the Seismic isolators or seismic mounts are used in a various industries and installed in various industrial applications that include

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chilling Units
  • Buildings
  • Scaffolding.
  • Other General industrial equipment
  • HVAC equipment and fan assemblies
  • Pumps, chillers and cooling towers
  • Condensing units
  • Generator sets& many other such applications.




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