The importance of seismic restraint isolators and mounts in everyday life

The seismic activity arising out of earthquakes, tsunami and terror strikes can result in heavy destruction and loss of human life. In hospitals and medical emergency areas, there are people who are on life support systems and any disconnection from the emergency equipment can result in the loss of life. seismic spring mounts Thus, the seismic restrained isolators are used for the mounting of emergency equipment and life support systems to restrict their displacement during an earthquake. The selection of the vibration isolators and their anchoring is normally designed by professional engineers.

Here are the characteristics of the seismic restrained isolators:

  • They provide restraint in all directions with mechanical stops in the vertical direction.
  • The equipment motion as measured at the isolators is limited to 5 mm in all the directions.
  • The free height and operating height is almost constant.
  • Adequate corrosion resistance is provided by the galvanized housing and powder coating on the spring.
  • The spring coils can be interchanged with ease in the work area.
  • Neoprene elastomer is used for the 3-axis snubbing element.

The seismic spring isolators are recommended for large and heavy equipment in seismic zones and wind prone areas. They are ideal for the equipment that is mounted on structural frames or concrete bases. The characteristic feature that allows for a near constant operating height makes the isolators well-suited for boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. The weight variation due to the movement of water in these types of equipment is well accommodated by these seismic restrained isolators.

The restrained seismic spring mounts are designed keeping in mind the dual function that they offer. They combine the vibration isolation feature with the multi-directional restraint to limit the movement of the equipment when seismic activity strikes. When the equipment is operating under normal conditions, the seismic spring mount behaves like any other vibration and noise control isolator. The difference becomes noticeable when it restricts the equipment motion relative to the supporting structure when this kind of displacement force is generated by the seismic activity.

Even in the non-seismic areas, the regulations require the seismic restraint of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. The seismic spring mounts and isolators are available to control the motion of the equipment, piping and ductwork during the seismic activity. You can seek professional help to calculate the anchorage, positioning, and size of the seismic restraints. This part is necessary to adequately restrain the equipment against seismic activity. The project architects and engineers can get in touch with the provider to work out the best possible seismic solution.

Andre HVAC International Inc. offers the wide variety of seismic restrained isolators and seismic spring mounts. They conform to the various standards and international seismic codes. AHI is in the field of vibration isolation and seismic spring mounts since their inception in the year 2003. The tables and charts available through the website allow you to calculate the static deflection and then select the seismic mount according to the equipment load. They also provide you with the necessary support and help to arrive at the right solution.

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