Seismic isolation devices for the safety of industrial machines

Seismic Isolation devices are equipment’s used for preventing the transmission of vibration to the structure caused due to the earthquake. This is a method adopted to separate the building/ machine from the ground by installing seismic isolation devices to prevent the transmission of the vibration and to maintain the safety of the building. So, by installing seismic isolators one can dampen the vibration of the seismic force, thus protecting the structure/ building from any impact. The foundation of the seismic isolation device is placed at the base of the structure/building all to protect them from seismic vibration.

The primary purpose of installing these Seismic Isolation devices on to an equipment machine or structure is to separate them from the floor of the building in order to reduce the transmitted severe seismic movement. It basically acts as an ideal countermeasure for protecting the equipment/instrument/structure from any damage.  In a seismic application where vibration isolation of the mechanical equipment is required, these kinds of equipment’s are still required for proper isolation. However, in these installations, the lateral & vertical movement of the equipment should be minimized to ensure the equipment remains in place during a seismic event.

When Seismic forces are exerted on a building/structure during an earthquake, the forces act horizontally upon the structure and the adjoining equipment’s like the piping, cable trays, duct work, and other building systems within the structure. Holding down the equipment during this phase can only be achieved by either attaching a mechanical snubbing device in conjunction with “standard” spring isolators or use spring isolators with in-built snubbing devices. Typical for piping, trays, and other suspended equipment are designed for the gravity, or vertical, loads but it does not take into account the horizontal loading caused by earthquakes. For this seismic restraint is used to resist the horizontal forces and to keep the systems in place and secure. The main purpose of seismic bracing is to minimize the damage and loss of life caused due to the earthquake.

To understand more about seismic isolation devices, we have listed down various benefits of seismic isolators and they are as follows.

Improved Safety- If you install a seismic isolator, you will be assured of least or no damage to the interior equipment as well as the building. Further this will ensure prevention of disasters like loss of workers life in that building. 

Stability in functionality:

Even after a severe earthquake, the functionality of the building will not be disrupted and will have a stabile functionality.

Security of Property:

With seismic Isolation device you need not worry of repair or rebuilding or replacing of damaged structure or equipment’s. the property shall be well secured with installation of seismic mounts and seismic spring isolators.

Cost effective- Seismic Isolation will reduce the cost of damage and cost incurred due to the short life span of the machine due to the earthquake. So, there would be practically no damage or rather minimum cost incurred for repairs in such scenarios.


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