How to minimize the impact of vibration on buildings & machines caused by a seismic force?

Seismic force is an outcome of the energy caused due to the tectonic movement of the earth’s crust. The outburst of the energy and its corresponding effects have tremendous impact on the structural stability of buildings in the vicinity, causing threat to human lives. However, to minimize the impact and reduce the transmission of the energy to the structure and its internal parts, scientific techniques are adopted to provide structural safety and to control the internal forces and displacement within limits. One of the most common method adopted for protecting the structures from the effects of earthquakes is using a seismic isolation device to damp the seismic energy.

Seismic isolators are equipment’s that provide adequate resistance to the vibrations caused by the seismic force. This ensure effective isolation of vibration and protection to the structure exposed to such destructions. Installing seismic base isolators will help dissipate the energy and restrict the transfer of vibrations from source to structures. Seismic isolation is a technique used to reduce the impact of earthquake on structure and their components. The device protects the structure from any sort of damage caused due to the critical event.

By installing seismic base isolator, they effectively help decouple the supporting structure from mounting structure and protect the base of the building and ensures stability and sturdiness. Offering a significant structural protection, seismic isolators are considered as a much better protection device as it isolates the vibrating source and dissipates the energy internally. The seismic isolators and energy dissipating devices are seen as an effective solution. They dampen the undesired seismic energy under the ground of the structure and reduce the effects of lateral loads on the above surface.  Not just that, Isolators as we all know amend the dynamic characteristics of the structural system by distributing the mass within structure.  Currently, the isolation industry offers two types of seismic isolators namely the seismic spring isolators and seismic mounts. Both the seismic isolators are installed in a structure to offer stability and desired strength.

Depending on the location, seismic isolators are generally categorised under either externally mounted seismic isolators and internally mounted seismic isolators. While the external type seismic mounts are installed outside the structural location and provide isolation externally through foundation of structure, the internal type of seismic mounts is an energy dissipating mechanism that facilitates internal stability through effective isolation. We all know that preventing a natural disaster like earthquake is not in our hands. However, eliminating the potential damage by taking precautionary measures by installing equipment’s like seismic isolators will sure help reduce or limit the impact of such disaster. Consult a specialist or seismic isolator manufacturers in your area and accordingly install seismic devices that best fit your requirement.


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