Effective spring anti-vibration hangers for vibration and noise dampening to the ceilings

Ceilings are one of the important elements of an interior space and hence an important element of an open plan office layout. It defines the overall aesthetics of a working environment and offers better working atmosphere. To keep up with rapid urbanization

Piping spring hangers

Piping spring hangers

in fast-growing markets and aging construction in mature markets, the industry started to build better office layout. Architects are now adopting concept of false ceiling and experts are in turn facing another set of challenge for accommodating air conditioning ducts and wire trays. As we all know, vibration from air conditioning units travel through ducts and percolate into the ceiling where it is mounted. To tackle this issue equipment’s or devices like the anti-vibration hangers were innovated.

The role of anti-vibration hanger is to isolate the ducts from vibration and offering a vibration free and noise free environment. The most common construction of anti-vibration hanger consists of a galvanized sheet metal frame, constructed with lateral strength. The rubber pad at the bottom of the spring acts as a sound break and increases isolation efficiency in high frequencies. The steel spring faces the low frequency excitation. It can be easily mounted to the true ceiling by means of simple fasteners and tightened to provide sufficient strength.

In general, anti-vibration hangers act as a buffer layer between vibrating ducts and true ceiling to limit the transfer of vibration.  These vibration hangers are widely adopted in construction industry due to it simplistic design and installation. Several technological developments have led to the designing and innovation of these effective Anti vibration hangers. Currently isolation hangers are available in three different constructions namely-

  • Spring anti-vibration hanger– A spring hanger that consists of a combination of anti-vibration rubber with metal spring, offers effective vibration isolation.
  • Rubber anti-vibration hanger– A combination of special rubber with metal spring for vibration isolation of low and high frequency noise heard by the human ear.
  • Regufoam anti-vibration hangers- Anti-vibration hanger with Regufoam for antivibration suspension of machinery like ventilators, air conditioning etc.

The construction and built of spring hangers comprise of steel springs in sturdy steel housings which supports and holds the dampening springs. Top and bottom elastomer cups have vulcanized steel washers for uniform load distribution. Spring hangers are used in applications as diverse as the hanging fan coil units, air handling units, fans, pipes, ducts and other suspended structures and building services. It offers uniform load distribution and angular alignment providing flexibility as required in construction field. These spring hangers are normally used for critical areas where noise and vibration both needs to be controlled. Simplistic design and easy installations offers effective and efficient solution to the vibrational and acoustic problems.

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