Application of air compressor mounting pads for isolating compressor units of an industry

Air compressors is the heart of a pneumatic system, which acts as a source for high density compressed air for activating the entire system and to generate the desired output. A basic pneumatic system consists of control valves, pipelines & pipe fittings and pneumatic accessories which is all activated through single source of compressed air generated from air compressor. Theoretically, an air compressor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy in the form of the air; it reduces the volume of air and induces pressure in the air through certain mechanical arrangement. These air compressors are widely used for Industrial and non-industrial applications. It can be widely seen in railways where it’s the core element in braking system and in agricultural accessories like dusters and sprayer. In general, compressors applications are not restricted to any particular industry, rather its solely depends on the application. Air compressors are classified according to method of energy transfer and pressure generation i.e. positive displacement and dynamic compressors.

  • Positive displacement compressors work on the principle of increasing pressure of air by reducing the volume of air.
  • Whereas, Dynamic compressor works on the principle of imparting the energy by rotating vanes of impeller on air flowing through casing that increases pressure in air.

Air compressors are excellent and cheap source of energy for any application. However, they also generate another form of energy which is called Vibrational energy. The vibrations we feel and its intensity is dependent on proximity to the source, as well as other variables in the particular environment. As soon as vibrational energy from source comes in contact with mounting surface, a portion of the waves are absorbed into that surface, while a remaining portion is deflected back resulting in vibrations. How effective a surface can absorb that sound is dependent on the material from which it is made off or how well it is isolated from the source. Methodology applied to isolate the source of vibration system i.e. air compressor from the receiver is called Anti vibrational control. There are several ways to reduce the effect of vibrations and provide effective dampening. But one of the cheapesr, effective and efficient method is to create an isolation by means of installing Air compressor mounting pads.

Compressor Mounts are specifically designed to insulate and avoid transfer of vibrations from air compressor to mounting floor. It forms a layer between compressor and mounting floor, which scatters the vibrational energy resulting in peaceful working environment. It not only reduces the transfer of energy but also reduces the level of noise while operation of compressor. Air compressor mounting pads simplifies the installation process which enables quick and fast pace installation of compressor unit. This air compressor mounting pads are fabricated from highly engineered material with complex structural arrangement to control vibrations at optimum level. They possess an exceptionally high coefficient of friction that provides effective stability to the compressors. Size and shape of air compressor mounting pad depends on the application and size of the machine. Air compressor mounting pads is the simplest and the most effective approach to build  a vibration free system.



Air compressor mounting pads for effective isolation of industrial air compressing units

Air compressors is the heart of a pneumatic system, that acts as a source for high density compressed air for activating the entire system and generating desired output. A basic pneumatic system consists of control valves, pipelines & pipe fittings and pneumatic accessories which are all activated through a single source of compressed air generated from the air compressor. Theoretically, an air compressor converts electrical energy into kinetic energy in the form of air; it reduces the volume of air and induces pressure in the air through mechanical arrangement. Air compressors are widely used in Industrial as well as non-industrial applications. It is widely used in railways for the brake system, in agricultural for accessories like dusters and sprayer, etc. In general compressors applications are not restricted to any particular industry rather its solely depends upon the applications. Air compressors are classified according to method of energy transferred and the pressure generation i.e. positive displacement and dynamic compressors.

While Air compressors are proven to be excellent and cheap source of energy for any application, they are known to generate high frequency Vibrational energy. The vibrations we feel and its intensity is dependent on proximity to the source, as well as other variables in the particular environment. As soon as vibrational energy from source comes in contact with mounting surface, a portion of the waves are absorbed into that surface, while the remaining deflects back resulting in vibrations. However, antivibration pads can be used for solving issues like these. Equipment’s like the air compressor mounting pads can be installed to reduce or limit such kind of vibrational issues.

How effective a surface can absorb sound or vibration is dependent on the material from which it is made or how well the air compressor mounting pads isolate the vibration from the source. The Anti vibrational control methodology applied to isolate the source of vibration from system is by using air compressor mounting pads. While there are several ways to reduce the effect of vibrations and provide effective dampening, one of the cheapest, effective and efficient method to create an isolation is by means of installing Air compressor mounting pads.

Air Compressor Mounting pads are specifically designed to insulate and avoid transfer of vibrations from air compressor to mounting floor. It forms a layer between compressor and mounting floor, which scatters the vibrational energy resulting in peaceful working environment. It not only reduces the transfer of energy but also reduces the level of noise during the operation of the compressor. Air compressor mounting pads simplifies the process of installation by enabling quick and fast pace installation of the unit. Air compressor mounting pads are fabricated from highly engineered material with complex structural arrangement to control vibrations at optimum levels. They possess an exceptionally high coefficient of friction that provides effective stability to the compressors. Air compressor mounting pads are one of the very few simplest yet very effective antivibration pads or equipment’s used to reduce vibrations from a given system. These antivibration pads can be designed in varying size and shape depending on the application and size of machine in use. So, make these air compressor mounting pads a part of your system to solve vibrational issues from your industrial unit.


Rubber Pad for vibration isolation of industrial systems

Theoretically vibration is defined as a periodic motion of particles of an elastic body or medium in alternately opposite directions from the position of equilibrium when that equilibrium has been disturbed. However, it can be better explained when bifurcated in three basic elements as below;

  • Source: A mechanical or fluid disturbance, generated internally by the machine, such as unbalance, torque pulsations, gear tooth meshing, shaft movements, cylinders, pistons, fan blade passing, etc. These typically occur in all industrial machineries operated under normal or optimum speed
  • Path: The structural or airborne path by which the disturbance is transmitted to the receiver. It is the medium which can be made of any composites which transmits vibrational energy from source directly to the receiver. Usually path is a connecting member either attached to the source and receiver or it can be air medium. It is the capability of path which defines the frequency at which vibrational energy is prevailing in system.
  • Receiver:  It is the responding system, generally having many natural frequencies which can potentially be excited by vibration frequencies generated from the source. It is the element which is severely affected by the vibrational energy generated from source. In case of industrial machineries, it is the tool which acts as a receiver which is most affected and leads to reduced life of machineries.

Anti-vibrational Rubber pads act as a path that dampens and absorbs all the vibrational energy from source thus isolating receiver. The role of the rubber pad is to isolate the source and receiver ensuring there is zero transfer of vibrational energy.  This in turn limits the efficiency loss and wear tear of components due to heavy vibrational force. The molecular structure of Rubber pads enables it to absorbs high frequency vibrational energy, thus isolating the system from vibration impacting the life of the system. Construction and geometry of Rubber pads are specifically designed as per the application and type of industry in which it needs to be installed.

These rubber pads or vibration absorbers are widely used across several industries in various machines and equipment’s. They are typically used in refrigerators where it absorbs the vibration generated from compressors, washing machines where it isolates the vibrational energy from rotating high-speed motor, ensuring no damage or wear and tear of functional components. They are also used in heavy industrial machineries where it separates the vibrations generated from source to ground on which it is mounted. Rubber pads are very simple in construction yet very effective in functionality.

The Functionality and application governs the mounting mechanism in between source and receiver. In some cases, it is mounted through clamping systems like bolts and heavy-duty fasteners, whereas in some cases it is simply stuck by means of adhesive. In addition to it, cross section and polymer construction is solely dependent upon the application of anti-vibration rubber pads. Higher the vibrational energy, the more complex is the structure and molecular construction. Whereas lower the vibrations frequency, the more simpler structure of rubber pad is used for the system. Rubber pads are best as it ensures very easy placement / fixing and also an equipment that helps improve life of machineries at an extremely low cost.


List of effective vibration isolator for HVAC equipment

There are a number of manufacturer’s in the industry offering a vast variety of vibration isolators for HVAC equipment’s. Based on the problem, type of machine in use and the industrial requirement, they offer vibration isolator HAVC equipment for resolving varied vibration, shock and noise issues. Further, to the benefit of client’s these antivibration mounts and isolators can be customized to the varying requirements of each client. In this article today, we have discussed various types of vibration isolators for HVAC equipment’s available in the market for solving the frequent vibration and noise issues that persistently exists in the mechanical industry.


Suspension Hangers- Suspension hangers are kind of anti-vibration ceiling hangers used for the purpose of isolation of suspended equipment’s from ceilings. These types of suspended vibration isolation equipment’s prevent or reduce structure-borne noise and vibration in suspended HVAC applications. Anti-vibration ceiling hangers come in various types including spring hangers and rubber hangers. These types of hangers are ideally used in applications like fans, air conditioners, pipes and duct work. Designed in a large diameter, rectangular steel housing, this equipment allows angular hanger misalignment. While the rubber cup that is placed instead of metal cup in the bottom of the bracket helps in elimination of metal to metal contact and providing better efficiency.

Spring Mounts- Spring mounts are equipment’s used for the isolation of vibration & vibration related noise that arises from rotating machines and equipment’s.  These spring type anti-vibration mounts are known to provide vertical and horizontal deflection up to nearly an inch. As compared to rubber mounts, spring mountings have increased static deflection that provides greater isolation efficiency. This makes it an ideal option for mechanical equipment that have low disturbing frequencies. Spring mounts come in different types of mounting option which includes no bases, lower base attached and upper and lower bases attached. These type equipment’s are ideal for applications like fan, air handling units, generators and pumps. These come in a wide range of deflections and maximum loads, so that they can accurately be selected for isolation of different application. There are even restrained types of spring mounts available in the market and that which are normally used for Chiller & Cooling towers for reducing the vibration. The functionality of these restrained spring mounts is to restrained the spring action during the maintenance of Chiller or Cooling Towers.

Wire rope isolators- Wire rope isolators are equipment’s used for the purpose of resolving shock and vibration issues in most of the industrial application. These equipment’s are highly dynamic in nature and requires no special maintenance. They use little space and are easily functional even under varying temperatures and in corrosive environments. This extremely rugged equipment offers a long functional life span and can easily be used in a wide variety of applications. Wire rope isolators are equipment’s designed to handle both shock and vibration. The equipment in used in varied industries for different applications including pump, generators, compressors, shipping cases, skids and container to name a few.

Seismic Mounts- Seismic mounts are mechanical equipment designed to provide vibration isolation with multi-directional flexible restraint to limit movement under seismic disturbance. So, while in normal operating situations, the mountings provide vibration isolation but, when subjected to physical displacements caused due to seismic forces, the seismic mount offers relative support to the structure and restricts any form of displacement caused during earthquake and strong winds. Seismic mounts are usually used in applications like  cooling towers, chilling units, building equipment and such similar application.


Special spring isolation hangers for vibration and noise isolation of industrial machineries

In most industries, factories, workshops and such similar premises where there is use of heavy machinery, one can expect problems of high frequency vibration and noise. To mitigate these issues, Vibration isolation spring manufacturers provide specialized noise and vibration isolation equipment to industrial consumers. These high-quality isolation technologies perfectly isolate the vibration and noise frequency rising from machines and in turn protect the equipment’s around them. Connect to specialized Vibration isolation spring manufacturers who have the experience and expertise in guiding customers with the best isolation equipment for their needs, even if it means designing and developing one to suit the consumers requirement.  Leading Manufacturers like Andre HVA Inc offers a wide range spring vibration isolation hanger to clients looking for effective vibration isolation system for their industrial machines

Spring type vibration isolators
As we all know spring isolation hangers are the most powerful equipment’s in our arsenal when it comes to preventing high frequency vibration from machinery. Equipment’s like rubber or steel spring vibration isolator blocks vibrations at the source, and in turn controls it from spreading to the adjacent machines. These antivibration spring hangers are crucial for industrial applications for the sole purpose of minimizing the impact of vibration and noise on machines and people working around it. Just as annoying as the noise, vibrations too could interfere with other equipment’s and bring the adjoining machines to a complete stand still. So, to avoid such risk, installation of antivibration is essential.

Selecting the right antivibration spring hangers for your system

Spring type vibration isolators come in wide variety in terms of size, materials, loads and deflection features. This ensure that they are well suited for different loads of machine. Depending on the system in use its size and load, one should accordingly select the right spring load isolation hangers for your equipment. Avail services from experience professionals who can help you and recommend you right isolation equipment for your machine. One needs to have right knowledge about these equipment’s so as to deliver you with desired results. In case of wrong selection of the isolation equipment it could end up causing more problems rather than solving the vibration and noise issue.

Wide variety of spring and vibration isolation hanger
Manufacturers of vibration isolation equipment’s  offer a vast variety of spring activated vibration isolation or vibration hangers specifically designed for equipment suspended from the ceiling. Not just that you can even find range of noise isolation equipment’s as well for system that create high frequency noise which is just as important as vibration isolation. Depending on the problem and machines you get spring vibration isolators for HVAC. At Andre HVAC Inc we offer suspended vibration isolation equipment’s like the steel spring hangers, rubber hangers and spring anti-vibration mounts that shall perfectly meet your requirements. Further, they can even be customized to your requirement if needed. Today we can proudly say that our industry-leading experience puts us at the forefront of providing isolation technology for all kinds of facilities.

Effective vibration eliminators and support systems for piping equipment’s

Piping systems in the industry are often subjected to high frequency vibration and it is this excessive vibration that could probably lead to a complete failure of the piping system and the components connected to it. There are several factors that cause the piping system to vibrate but to limit such issues and prevent any sort of damage to the system, antivibration pipe hangers, connectors, antivibration mounts and other support systems should be used depending on the source or cause of vibration. Vibration & noise control antivibration spring hangers and mounts are specifically designed to reduce the vibration and noise produced by reciprocating or rotating plant, and limit their subsequent transmission

Generally, vibration in the piping system are caused due to a number of reasons and here are some of the reasons that is listed below-

  • The flow induced vibrations that are often caused by the pressure of the flowing fluids in the pipe
  • Vibration caused by pressure pulsating or excitation forces from rotating or reciprocating equipment’s like pumps, compressors etc.
  • High frequency excitations generated relief or control valves.
  • At times the momentum of the flow changes due to sudden closure of valves causing vibrations.

So, whether installed on a ship, factory, shop or any industry, all piping’s needs to be well supported and free from vibration. Antivibration pipe hangers and supports incorporate springs to reduce vibration caused in the system. However, there are a number of other HVAC vibration mounts available for specific vibration elimination that can be precisely installed to the pipework. Piping system requires careful alignment with proper installation of anti-vibration equipment’s, expansion joints and pipe support. These basic installation requirements will ensure that the piping system works smoothly without any malfunctioning or leaks

Vibrations can be corrected by installing antivibration equipment’s to the system. However, antivibration pipe hangers must be selected and positioned carefully, as incorrect specification can further worsen the vibration problem rather than solving it. Consult a vibration isolation spring manufacturer to gain better understanding of the product required. They have the knowledge and experience to help you make the right selection for your system get optimum result.

Antivibration pipe hangers also popularly known as HVAC vibration isolation mounts provide systems a low frequency vibration isolation and optimum performance at higher audible frequencies for maximum noise control. These spring load isolation hangers comes in wide load ranges and fixing requirements and further comes with spring and rubber acoustic stopper. These spring vibration isolator hangers are commonly used in suspend rotating equipment and piping work industry. These pipe hangers provide complete protection and support to the system to facilitate complete vibration and noise isolation. So, in case you are facing issues of high frequency vibration and noise from your piping system then we recommend you to first get in touch with professional engineers who are competent enough to analyse and review the system and accordingly inform you the source of problem and suggest you the best possible solution for your system-specific problem.

Anti-Vibration systems for industrial machines and other installations

Vibration is a mechanical phenomenon whereby oscillations occur about an equilibrium point in industrial machines, which results in high wear and tear on mechanical components reducing its accuracy and precision that eventually leads to energy losses. To restrict all mechanical losses and to prevent wearing out of components anti-vibrations systems are installed. As widely said prevention is better than cure, anti-vibration mounts prevents mechanical components of industrial machines by absorbing vibration and avoiding any direct impact on performance of machines. It is widely used for various application, which includes anti-vibration case fan mounts, anti-vibration ceiling hangers, anti-vibration Shock Mounts and Cylindrical Insulators Mounts. Anti-vibration systems form the core element in mechanical system, that significant contributes to good performance of machinery. It isolates the vibrations preventing any sort of damage to the working elements of mechanical system. As a solution to the issues of vibration and noise, we have listed down a few types of vibration isolators for automobile and other industrial applications.

Leaf spring hanger extensions

Leaf spring hanger extensions are widely used for automobile applications to mount leaf springs. This equipment is available in wide range of sizes, material and customised as per the fitment of individual vehicle.  Installation of leaf spring hanger extensions prevents transmission of vibration to the surrounding structure of automobile and limits any form of damage to it. It is widely used in Heavy motor vehicle or load carrying vehicle, which makes its very critical system. The leaf spring hanger extensions are rugged, corrosion resistant and highly customised which makes it an ideal vibration isolator for automobile

Anti-vibration case fan mounts

This is a vibration system that is specifically designed to protect your computer from the vibrations and noise generated through mechanical components. Vibration from fan motors travel into the PC case and amplifies when the fan is screwed tightly to the chassis, creating noise. Anti-vibration case fan mounts are designed considering acoustic requirement and with a purpose to tackle fan-induced vibrational noise. Anti-vibration case fan mounts isolate the vibration produced from motor and absorbs it effectively, preventing them from traveling to the case of computer. Anti-vibration case fan mount is a perfect combination of material and design, that limits vibrational noise from the system and delivers a complete quiet system for use. Although simple in application, yet its critical design makes it an essential element for creating a quiet and perfect computer system.

Anti-vibration ceiling hangers

Anti-vibration ceiling hangers are vibration systems designed for construction projects. Occupied areas in a building is usually affected by noise generated in the level immediately above. Anti-vibration ceiling hangers are designed to break the structural born noise and vibration transmission between the upper and lower floors. The rubber element has the ability to deflect and absorb frequencies generated through building structures. The anti-vibration ceiling hangers are designed to suit any type of architectural ceiling and floor. These hangers provide superior noise isolation and are available in a range of different combinations of deflection, attachment and composition, to suit the requirement of project.


Cylindrical vibration isolators for industrial machines and equipment’s

Cylindrical anti-vibration mount is the most common type of anti-vibration mounts used across industries. These cylindrical isolator mounts are designed to protect machinery and equipment from high frequency noise, vibration and shock. Their unique design and features facilitate its usage in a wide variety of applications ranging from machines as diverse as the electric motors to HVAC fan units and many such similar applications.

Cylindrical vibration isolators are used for both active and passive vibration suppression as well as shock and structure-borne noise control. Cylindrical vibration isolators are designed in a way that can be installed in both compression and shear designs. Popularly known as sandwich mounts, stud-plate mounts or bobbins, these cylindrical mounts are made of natural rubber for affective noise, shock and maximum vibration isolation in most industrial machineries.

The Cylindrical mounts are made of the finest quality rubber and metal to meet the most demanding requirements and for effective vibration isolation and noise damping especially for a wide range of frequenciesYou can also get Cylindrical vibration isolators in different compounds to suit your requirement. They can be available in compounds as diverse as Chloroprene, Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer, Ntrile Butadine Styrene Butadiene, Silicone Rubber etc.

Installation of Cylindrical vibration mounts often helps in reducing transmitted vibration in reciprocating or rotating equipment while also helps prevent the transfer of structure-borne noises. Constructed of high quality material the cylindrical mounts ensure to provide superior protection and vibration isolation at the most reasonable price.

Simple yet effective the cylindrical anti-vibration mounts are easy to install and further require less or no maintenance. These anti-vibration mounts come in varied sizes, studs and threads to suit a variety of applications ranging from electrical equipment to industrial machineries and applications and commercial grinding machines. Further, cylindrical mounts are also often used as a buffer or sandwich between two objects such as a motor or fan and a mounting frame for dampening of shock and noise and isolation of vibration. The common applications in which cylindrical anti-vibration mounts are used in are compressors, HVAC equipment, pumps, motors generator engines, grinding machines fans, blowers, bumpers, relays, appliances, and automotive equipment.

To understand the cylindrical isolator mounts you need to first known its features and benefits and hence we have listed below the same for your reference.

Features of Cylindrical anti-vibration mounts-

  • Simple design of the equipment makes it easy for installation and use
  • They are designed in a way that they can be used in most industrial and commercial applications
  • Cylindrical mounts can be loaded in the compression or shear modes
  • Cylindrical anti-vibration mounts require no maintenance
  • They are known to be low cost HVAC vibration isolation mounts
  • They are available in different compounds including standard natural rubber, and customized neoprene, Nitrile etc.
  • Available in different sizes to suit different application

Benefits of cylindrical isolator mounts

  • Cyindrical Anti vibration mounts are easy and quick installation
  • They facilitate increase in the life span of machinery
  • Installation of these antivibration mounts reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Their installations limits shock to floors and foundations


Common Queries pertaining to the use of Vibration Isolation Mounts for industrial application

What is a vibration isolation mount?
Vibration Isolation Mounts are equipment’s used in the industry that helps in vibration isolation and lowering structure-borne noises. Popularly known as anti- vibration mounts, or even rubber vibration isolation mounts and anti-vibration shock mounts are available in a large variety to suit different application needs. These HVAC antivibration mounts are designed of different materials to provide maximum isolation to the industrial applications in which they are installed.

What are the different applications in which Vibration Isolation Mounts are used?Vibration reduction Mounts are often used in a variety of HVAC applications. Other than that, they are also used in equipment’s as diverse as Military equipment, Medical equipment, Agricultural equipment, Pumps, Fans, Motors, Machinery, Compressors, Air handling equipment and such similar applications.

Why does any industrial application require Vibration Isolation Mounts?Noise and vibration is the most common yet complicated issue faced in industries in most areas of applications. It is essential to reduce the transmission of vibration and damping of noise between two elements or parts of machines when operational. This mainly because if resonance occurs in a mechanical system it can lead to failure of the entire system. However, by installing vibration isolation mounts you can protect the sensitive components and reduce or limit the potential damage to machines and further extend its life. Vibration isolation mounts are designed to accommodate both shear and compression loads and limit any damage to the machines.

What are these vibration isolation mounts made off?
Anti-vibration isolation manufactures design and develop anti-vibration mounts using various rubbers metals and rubber polymers, for creating a superior rubber-to-metal bonding. These vibration reduction mounts are designed to offer maximum isolation of vibration noise and shock. These Vibration isolation mounts are end results of a rubber to metal bonding process which involves rubber to a metal substrate that includes metal studs, inserts and plates. Vibration mounts can further be customized and built of different materials to suit the requirement of a particular application.

What are the different types of Vibration Isolation Mounts available in the market?
There is a wide range of anti-vibration mounts available in the market and used for the sole purpose of isolation and dampening of high frequency noise and vibration from machines. So, while there are these mounts made of different materials there are different types as well available and they are vibration isolation spring mounts, spring floor mounts to cylindrical isolator mounts, seismic mounts to conical mounts and so on. While cylindrical isolator mounts are made with double male threaded single male threaded stud, and double female threaded or single female threaded insert, the conical mounts have a single male threaded stud or single female threaded insert. These studs can be made of any metal and can be plated as per the specific requirements as well. In addition to this, the rubber mounts designed range from natural rubber, neoprene rubber to even silicone rubber. Whereas spring mounts are made of knitted stainless-steel mesh wherein mild steel is used and their springs are made of high tensile steel.



Anti-vibration hangers and mounts for effective isolation of suspended industrial equipment’s

Anti-vibration hangers are popular and effective isolating equipment that helps in noise and vibration isolation in pipe work and other structures from which the piping is suspended. In addition to this, these anti-vibration hangers also support and isolate equipment such as axial fans, air handling units, ducts, acoustic ceilings and other such similar equipment’s. For isolation of vibration from equipment’s, engineers often recommend spring hangers as they effectively isolate transmission of vibration and sounds from structure.

The principles of anti-vibration hangers are similar to that of the anti-vibration mounts. The higher the deflection of the resilient elements, the higher the efficiency of vibration isolation. Typically, spring anti-vibration mounts with very low natural frequency are used for vibration absorption in a wide range of building and industrial applications which require low frequency vibration control. Further, springs combined with anti-vibration rubber mats and feet at the base of the antivibration mountings increases the vibration isolation efficiency in high frequencies. Antivibration spring mounts are primarily used in low frequency vibration damping that includes applications like air handling units, cooling towers, chillers, reciprocating engines, air compressors, etc.

When it comes to rubber antivibration mounts, they are widely used in vibration isolation of mechanical equipment and HVAC applications. Rubber antivibration mounts are comparatively economical and easy to install. They facilitate protection from vibrations and reduce structure-borne noise transmission. One of the major benefits of these rubber anti-vibration mounting products are that they provide vibration isolation and also aid in fixing the machine on to the ground which ultimately results in greater deflection.

On the other hand, Anti-vibration Hangers are used in pipe works, airducts, air-conditioning units exhaust systems and other similar application for effective high frequency vibration suspension. Further, these equipment’s prevent many installation errors by allowing sufficient degree of movement of piping which also eliminates the need of flexible hose connections. They also take care of expansion problems of high riser pipe lines.

Anti-vibration hangers come in a wide variety and used in various industrial applications. Broadly classified as anti-vibration spring hangers and rubber-in shear anti-vibration hangers, these isolation equipment’s are highly used in suspended applications. While a wide range of anti-vibration hangers with helical coil springs are typically used in low frequency applications, the Rubber-in-shear anti-vibration hangers are used for absorption of sound and shock with combination of spring & rubber-in shear for critical areas. Typically, anti-vibration isolation hangers are used in applications like acoustical ceiling, air handling units, air conditioner, axial fans blowers, ductwork exhaust system, fan coil units, Fans lighting fixtures, pipe works, pumps and other such similar applications.

Anti-vibration hangers are typically designed and built for long-rugged services. Their excellent properties achieve elevated isolation as opposed to other anti-vibration mounts using rubber or cork, or a combination of both. These anti-vibration hangers are manufactured in a way that adapts better to the load of different application. Perfectly designed for facilitating easy installation, these anti-vibration hangers make for a great industrial isolation equipment. Their rugged metal parts can withstand heavy tensile stress while their anti-corrosive treatment can withstand harsh environment conditions. Their features make an it an idea anti-vibration isolation equipment for suspended industrial and HVAC applications.