Effective spring anti-vibration hangers for vibration and noise dampening to the ceilings

Ceilings are one of the important elements of an interior space and hence an important element of an open plan office layout. It defines the overall aesthetics of a working environment and offers better working atmosphere. To keep up with rapid urbanization

Piping spring hangers

Piping spring hangers

in fast-growing markets and aging construction in mature markets, the industry started to build better office layout. Architects are now adopting concept of false ceiling and experts are in turn facing another set of challenge for accommodating air conditioning ducts and wire trays. As we all know, vibration from air conditioning units travel through ducts and percolate into the ceiling where it is mounted. To tackle this issue equipment’s or devices like the anti-vibration hangers were innovated.

The role of anti-vibration hanger is to isolate the ducts from vibration and offering a vibration free and noise free environment. The most common construction of anti-vibration hanger consists of a galvanized sheet metal frame, constructed with lateral strength. The rubber pad at the bottom of the spring acts as a sound break and increases isolation efficiency in high frequencies. The steel spring faces the low frequency excitation. It can be easily mounted to the true ceiling by means of simple fasteners and tightened to provide sufficient strength.

In general, anti-vibration hangers act as a buffer layer between vibrating ducts and true ceiling to limit the transfer of vibration.  These vibration hangers are widely adopted in construction industry due to it simplistic design and installation. Several technological developments have led to the designing and innovation of these effective Anti vibration hangers. Currently isolation hangers are available in three different constructions namely-

  • Spring anti-vibration hanger– A spring hanger that consists of a combination of anti-vibration rubber with metal spring, offers effective vibration isolation.
  • Rubber anti-vibration hanger– A combination of special rubber with metal spring for vibration isolation of low and high frequency noise heard by the human ear.
  • Regufoam anti-vibration hangers- Anti-vibration hanger with Regufoam for antivibration suspension of machinery like ventilators, air conditioning etc.

The construction and built of spring hangers comprise of steel springs in sturdy steel housings which supports and holds the dampening springs. Top and bottom elastomer cups have vulcanized steel washers for uniform load distribution. Spring hangers are used in applications as diverse as the hanging fan coil units, air handling units, fans, pipes, ducts and other suspended structures and building services. It offers uniform load distribution and angular alignment providing flexibility as required in construction field. These spring hangers are normally used for critical areas where noise and vibration both needs to be controlled. Simplistic design and easy installations offers effective and efficient solution to the vibrational and acoustic problems.

The anti-vibration rubber mounts and hangers help you keep pace with the growing vibration damping needs.

The purpose of an anti-vibration rubber mount is to reduce the effect of vibration and noise on the structure, equipment and people. The rubber mounts and isolators lower the natural frequency of the system to below the excitation frequency. If the two frequencies match it causes resonance which causes damage to the equipment and produces a large amount of noise. The anti-vibration rubber mountings keep the two frequencies out of sync. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you a wide variety of rubber isolator mounts and vibration damping mounts and hangers. Here are some of them.

The grommet rubber isolators provide economic vibration isolation for light loads. They are ideally suited for computers, disk drives, and precision instrumentation.

The heavy-duty fan rubber mounts from Andre HVAC are capable of handling loads up to 1000 Kgf. The applications for these mounts include induction fans and heavy duty compressors.

Rubber mounts are an efficient low-cost option of anti-vibration products that offer a reasonable degree of isolation efficiency. They are typically used in standard non-critical applications.

The HVAC rubber mounts consist of a steel center with a flanged base which has been

HVAC rubber hangers

HVAC rubber hangers

molded in neoprene to provide corrosion resistance. The rubber vibration isolators have a tapped hole at the top and are ideally suited for mounting of air conditioners on the rooftops. The HVAC rubber mounts have a deflection of 0.5 inches and have a non-skid surface on both the top and bottom.

The exhaust rubber mounts restrain the exhaust system from moving around and safeguards it from damage. The rubber isolators are made from high-density rubber which is very strong and durable.

The rubber isolator is recommended for suspended items. It consists of a rectangular steel bracket which is powder coated for rust protection. The double deflection shear hanger also has an elastomer element that has a projected collar to prevent metal to metal contact between the rod and bracket. The elastomer in the rubber hangersis normally resistant to water and ozone. Earlier on the compression elements were designed with straight line deflection curves and were known as single deflection shear hangers. In these single deflection rubber shear hangers, for a given deflection the frequency was roughly the same as the rubber-in-shear. Instead of using two single deflection rubber elements at the top and bottom of the rubber hanger, the taller and larger double deflection element was developed. There is a wide range of HVAC rubber hangers available from Andre HVAC International Inc.

Today, the reduction in vibration emission and damping play an important role in the operation of plant and machinery. The performance of the equipment and machines has improved over the years. This has come with an increase in the motor power and vibrations in the machines. These vibrations must be controlled with the use of rubber vibration damping mounts and rubber isolation mounts if the accuracy of the machines is to be sustained. Andre HVAC specializes in double deflection rubber shear mounts and rubber anti-vibration mounts to cater to your specific needs. Think of the anti-vibration rubber mount and you will find it with Andre HVAC.

Andre Hvac offers Rubber Shear Hangers in double deflection for better vibration absorption.

ANDRE HVAC International Inc is a leading brand of Vibration Control & isolation products for HVAC Industries. AHI have been manufacturing superior quality Rubber Shear Hangers to its clients globally for years. Over the years being a trusted Rubber Shear Hangers Manufacturer, they have been catering to the precise expectations of the clients & matching the international quality standards. These equipments are rigorously tested on various parameters on a regular basis & evolved it to keep in tune with the standard that meets client expectations & demands.  These equipments are highly used in industrial applications for uniform load distribution and high frequency isolation. The spring hangers are usually used in critical areas where noise and vibration need to be well under control.

Backed by technically advanced facilities & experienced professionals AHI provides a comprehensive range of anti vibration Rubber Shear Hangers designed & constructed for different load range & different sizes depending on the requirements & also the load deflection properties. Anti Vibration Spring Hanger are manufactured with utmost accuracy & are equipments that can be easily installed in the required area, offering quality results.

AHI offers Rubber Shear Hangers in double deflection for better vibration absorption. These Rubber Shear Hangers are highly durable and reliable & require low maintenance. These Hangers are well designed & constructed to minimize vibration and noise transmission from various suspended equipments and piping’s. AHI are also known for manufacturing Rubber in Shear Hanger Element, Rubber Hanger Mounts, Cylindrical Mounts, Grommets, etc

The Rubber in Shear hangers are mainly used for effective isolation & absorption of vibration in Fans, pumps, Fan Coil units, exhaust system, Ducts, Pipes etc. These rubber hangers are a double deflection types which have a better efficiency in vibration absorption as compared to the single deflection rubber in shear hangers.

The Rubber Element of these Hangers is manufactured from a high grade Neoprene. These materials are durable & resistant to Water, Oil or any other form of solvents. The Neoprene Element is placed in a Rectangular steel Housing which is Powder Coated with a steel bracket as an anti rust agent. Also the Rubber Shear hangers consists a projected collar to prevent metal to metal contact between rod and bracket.  They are basically designed in a way to compensate for the rod misalignment. They are highly deflecting & low natural frequency elements set with steel plates for uniformity in loading.