Inertia Bases & Anti vibration isolators offered by Andre HVAC for effective noise & vibration isolation

Inertia Bases are equipment used in conjunction to isolation systems for effective vibration isolation of machines. They are designed & engineered in a way to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration and also to improve the stability of mechanical equipment beneath which it is placed. They provide the best solution to noise and vibration problems in industrial machines. These equipment’s are customized & designed to suit a wide range of industrial application requirements. They are ideally used in pumps, chillers, compressors, generators, air handling equipment, centrifugal fans, internal combustion engines, cooling towers and other small items of machinery and similar types of equipment’s.

Inertia bases are typically used to support mechanical equipment in limiting the equipment vibration & provide attachment of vibration isolators. They reduce the rocking of machines by lowering equipment center of gravity.  They help reducing movement of equipment’s during the start-up and shut-down of the machines & also helps reduce reaction movement caused due to operating loads on equipment. These equipment’s are considered to be the best noise barrier. Inertia base frames when supported by vibration isolators they form the best in equipment isolation, support, anchoring, and vibration amplitude control.

Vibration isolation system are customized & designed depending on the specification of equipment like the structure of the application, its operation, weight etc. Inertia base frames are well designed & constructed with a fully welded carbon, steel & zinc plated frame with open spring mount. The Isolator mounting plates are integrated beneath the equipment and are welded at the correct isolator mounting height. Each isolator is selected based on the load and the required deflection of the equipment.

There are fundamentally, modular pouring forms and welded pouring forms that are designed to be  used with mechanical equipment that requires a concrete inertia base. These Series of equipment’s are sturdy frames, which when filled with concrete, provide effective vibration isolation and limit the movement of any kind of equipment like large pumps, fans, motors and compressors etc.

Usually the MPF Series inertia bases are used with pumps, fans centrifugal fans & compressors. This type of equipment usually possesses low rotational speed, high static pressure, or a large unbalanced force, which cannot be reduced by the use of springs alone. The benefits of using an inertia block include the addition of mass to the isolated system, which reduces movement. The MPF series feature a modular, bolt-together design that can be shipped assembled or broken-down for field assembly. The WPF types on the other hand feature’s a sturdy, welded design with reinforcing rods welded in place.

At Andre HVAC we provide an extensive range of inertia bases and anti vibration equipment’s that are designed to reduce noise and vibration of various industrial applications. We customize & manufacture the inertia bases to suit all brands of equipment’s & application in terms of size, mass and finish. The inertia base frames that are manufactured are stronger and durable than the standard inertia base frames plainly for the reason of having used heavier & good quality steel. We are a one stop solution for all types of anti vibration & isolation equipment’s in the market.