A perfect reference guide for all information on Cylindrical Isolator Mounts

Cylindrical anti-vibration mounts are isolation equipment’s made of the finest quality rubber and metal for effective vibration isolation and noise damping of a wide range of installations. Cylindrical isolator mounts, which are also called cylindrical bobbins or bobbin mounts are available in range of materials ranging from Chloroprene, Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer, to Ntrile Butadine Styrene Butadiene, Butyl, Polyurethane, Silicone Rubber and Fluorocarbon.

Simple yet effective these cylindrical vibration isolators can be easily installed to any machine and at the same time offer maintenance free life-long service. Available in many different sizes, studs, threads and tapped holes make it ideal for a wide variety of applications. These cylindrical anti-vibration mounts facilitate protection of sensitive electrical equipment to industrial applications such from shock, vibration and high frequency noise. Given below are some of the additional benefits of cylindrical vibration isolators discussed-

  • Other than isolating vibration and preventing high frequency noise, these cylindrical anti-vibration mounts helps reduce the wear and tear of machines and facilitates extended life of the machinery
  • These vibration isolation mounts provide increased machine protection
  • Installation of these mounts facilitate reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • With reduction in high frequency noise from machines helps improve the working environment of employees in the industry.
  • Vibration reduction mounts also help reduce shock to floors and foundations on installation.

Cylindrical mounts are often used as a buffer or sandwich between two objects such as a motor or fan and a mounting frame. They are used across industry in different applications including motors, blowers, fans, HVAC, compressors, gensets, welders, panels, materials handling equipment, pumps, office equipment, medical devices, centrifuges, dryers, lawn and garden, grinding machines, hvac equipment, relays, generator engines, blowers, bumpers, appliances, electric control panels and automotive equipment.

Features and Benefits
Given below are some of the features and benefits of cylindrical isolator mounts that make it a popular isolation equipment.

  • Cylindrical anti-vibration mounts are comparatively low cost
  • They are easy to install and practically require no maintenance.
  • Vibration isolation mounts offer compression loads ranging 2 to 5,000 pounds
  • They are equipment’s that can be loaded in the compression or shear modes.
  • These cylindrical isolator mounts are available in natural rubber, Neoprene, and Nitrile and can also be customized as per requirement.
  • These mounts are available with male & male, male & female, female &female, single male, and single female hardware.
  • Made of rubber and metal, these mounts are resistant to corrosion and other environmental adversities.



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