Industrial anti-vibration pads for vibration dampening of machines


For those who haven’t really used antivibration pad before, the first glance of it may seem as a simplistic device. However, these anti-vibration pads are highly effective equipment’s that help in maximum isolation of vibration and noise in a machine. Depending on the application requirement one can carefully design the vibration isolation pads in a specific way with specific materials that facilitates maximum isolation of vibrations and shocks.

Vibration isolation pads

Vibration isolation pads

Anti-vibration pads are mostly used in industrial equipment’s machines and also in many households. They are even used in laundry machines, to prevent high frequency noise and walking of the machine.  The same anti-vibration pads are also used in much larger applications like industrial sized machines to address vibration and noise issues. These vibration isolation pads offer a number of benefits in terms of maintaining and protecting of industrial machines. Highly versatile and efficient, these isolation equipment’s are capable of tackling shock, vibration and noise, creating a good damping effect. The primary purpose of antivibration pad in an industry is to preventing the machine walking and creeping, very similarly to their household uses.

The vibration dampening pads are designed to be efficient and robust, so as to enhance the lifespan of machineries and tools in which they are placed. Since anti vibration pads are equipment’s that can be designed from materials like rubber and neoprene, they are highly capable of withstanding machines much heavier and larger in size. Any industrial machines or equipment’s ranging from pumps, engines, air conditioners and compressors that vibrates or rumbles, and create noise can be addressed with a vibration absorbing pad to protect them from damages and maintain its structural integrity and enhance their life span. Anti vibration pads help protect and maintain machines by isolating vibrations, reducing noise, and protecting against shock.

Depending on the application and the requirement, one should accordingly select an ant-vibration pad that fits the need. Consult a specialist and discuss on what best fits your industrial application requirement and accordingly buy vibration pads for machinery.  You will a number of manufacturers offering anti-vibration pads in Canada that may probably be the  right isolation pad for your business.


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