Cost effective anti-vibration pads for speakers

Anti-vibration pads for speakers

Anti-vibration isolation pads are vibration isolators specially designed to decouple the sound from speakers. The speaker isolation pads basically isolate the speakers for a better and an accurate sound, by eliminating the unwanted sounds and resonance on a hard surface. Installing these speaker isolation pads will not resonates with the desk or shelf on which they are placed.

By reducing the resonance, these vibration isolation pads give you clearer sound quality. Decoupling a speaker from the surface has a positive impact on the sound quality. It sharpens the bass response and improves the stereo image. Once you install these vibration isolation pads you will see that the low frequencies are more even and there is an overall increase in the detailing across frequency spectrum. Basically, the use of speaker isolation pad is to impart the energy into the air, and not the surface on which they are placed. This can be achieved by providing cushioning at the base of the speaker to limit the unwanted vibrations and suppress resonance

Anti-vibration pads offered by Andre HVAC Inc

Andre HVAC Inc offers a range of Anti-vibration pads to select from for speakers as per their platform shapes and to suit the studio setup. The vibration isolation pads come in sets of four units and are used in pairs to be placed under the speakers so as to distribute the weight of the speaker. The cost effective design of the speaker isolation pad makes it ideal for studio use and other applications wherein vibration is a major problem and decoupling of it is required. Each of the four units of vibration isolation pad offered is of high-density low compression foam that provides effective isolation.

Features of Anti-vibration pads offered by Andre HVAC Inc

Given below are some features of anti-vibration pads supplied by Andre HVAC Inc.

  • De-couples the studio speakers from any hard surface
  • Speaker isolation pads prevent unwanted buzzing and resonance
  • The vibration isolation pads offer leveling wedges that provides a leveled surface for the speaker
  • These speaker isolation pads feature high load baring capabilities.

So, in case you wish buy or consult about anti-vibration pads do visit our website or give us a call for assistance.

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