Anti-vibration mounts and their different applications in the industry

What is an anti-vibration mount
Antivibration mounts are commonly used HVAC vibration isolation mounts for the purpose of reducing noise and isolating vibrations produced from machines. Rubber bonded to metal is the most common type of antivibration mount used in the industry. These anti-vibration rubber mounts are designed in a way that ensures low profile installation, and is an ideal anti-vibration method for various types of equipment and installations. These products are readily available in a wide variety of sizes and material to suite every installation requirement in the industry.

Benefits of anti-vibration mounts

  • Anti-vibration mounts are isolation equipment’s that help in significant reduction of vibration and noise from the machines.  This in turn facilitates peaceful working for employees without having to bear the annoying noise.
  •  Another benefit to installing these antivibration mounts is protection against the vibrations caused in machines. Vibration can negatively impact machines by causing malfunctioning of its parts and ultimately leading to a complete failure of machines. Hence, anti-vibration mounts are essential to protect industrial machines and equipment’s from such damage.
  • Other than protecting machines, Anti-Vibration Mounts provide helps in levelling of machines or equipment’s that they are installed in. Further, they are even designed to handle a wide range of loads under varying environmental conditions.
  • What makes these equipment’s so popular is their strong and versatile features of being corrosion and temperature resistant and easily installable equipment’s.

Application of anti-vibration mounts

Anti-vibration mounts for air compressor-
Compressor Mounts helps control vibration in reciprocating machines and other piping system while also provide optimum levelling and alignment to the systems in which they are installed. These anti-vibration mounts help dampen both vertical and horizontal impacts in reciprocating machines and is further designed in a way to prevent machines from walking. Easy to install or mount within minutes without requiring anchoring makes this equipment very popular in industrial usage.

Anti-vibration mounts for diesel generator
Diesel Generators are often prone to mechanical vibrations which is caused by imbalanced forces and gas fluctuations of the engine and engine configuration. Vibration from these Diesel Generator can result in disturbances to adjoining structures and buildings, failure of components and ultimately result in breakdown. To prevent such damages anti-vibration mounts for diesel generators are installed. The mounts insulate the structure-borne noise and vibrations of the generator and the overall machine frame. These anti-vibration mounts are not just used for generators, but also for other machines such as oil pumps, emergency power units and stationary diesel engines.  The anti-vibration mounts for diesel generators can be mounted on both external and internal generator frames. Their compact design makes it easy fitting below the generator. Further, the metallic parts on generator mounts are corrosion resistant.

Anti-vibration mounts for washing machines
Manufacturers of antivibration mounts specifically design small machinery mounts that are specially conceived for vibration isolation of house hold application. They are used for the attenuation of vibrations and reducing of high frequency structure-borne noise. These anti-vibration mount are commonly used for household appliances like washing machines, loudspeakers, musical instruments and mounting systems of computer equipment. The anti-vibration mounts for washing machined not only helps reduce the noise and vibration but also prevents walking of machines. 

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