Vibration spring hangers for suspended industrial applications and machines

Vibration tends to shorten the life span of a machine or equipment and further cause undesirable sound disturbances in the surrounding areas. Spring isolation hangers are equipment’s designed to reduce these issues of vibration and noise. There is a wide variety of spring isolation mounts and spring hangers that will help eliminate transmission of vibration, impact and noise on different industrial applications ranging from engine gen-sets and small fans to heavy duty HVAC equipment pipes, pumps and industrial machinery to different kinds of suspended ceiling applications.Spring hangers for your piping, HVAC, and ceiling requirements

Spring hangers help minimize the transfer of noise, shock and vibration produced by mechanical, and industrial equipment within a building structure. These equipment’s are designed to reduce the impact of vibration and noise from suspended equipment and systems. The spring hangers specifically support heavy loads and provide resistance against vibration, and noise. These hangers come with the best vibration damping and isolating technologies, and can be used even in harsh environments as well. The standard design of an elastomer vibration spring hanger allows for an angular misalignment of up to 15 degrees that grants flexibility and ensures reduction of impact and effectiveness in isolation of vibration and noise.

Spring isolation hangers generally come in a wide variety depending on the application requirement.  However most of these spring vibration isolation hangers are designed in a way to ensure they are vibration-resistant effective in dampening of noise and vibration and working even in tough environments to accommodate most unique industrial needs. The elastomer spring hangers can be used for pipes, ducts, fans, air control, and other suspended structures and similar applications. However, depending on the type of application and the issue, specific type of hangers is used. But most commonly spring hanger isolators are used in HVAC industries to isolate suspended structures from vibration or vibration and noise arising from rotating equipment’s in the building.

Spring hangers with very low natural frequency re typically used for vibration dampening of a wide range of industrial applications. However, for better results a combination of steel springs and rubber elements utilized to achieve optimum performance. The steel spring hangers are powder coated and is available in series with a neoprene cup offering exceptional isolation efficiency. The spring serves as an isolator a wide range of disturbing vibration frequencies, while the rubber cup facilitates dampening of high frequency noise.

Suspended ceilings for floating drywall ceiling in studios, auditoriums, cinemas require spring isolator hangers for isolation of vibration and noise. Not just that, suspended or hanging machines in the industry also require vibration spring hangers for curbing the issue of vibration and noise. other than that, some of the common application of spring hangers include vibration suspension of HVAC such as pipe works, airducts, air-conditioning units exhaust systems etc.


What makes wire rope isolators a versatile piece of equipment for vibration isolation?

Wire rope mounts also commonly known as wire rope isolators are efficient vibration isolation equipment’s made with heavy-duty, stainless-steel wire rope cables that are

compact wire rope isolator

compact wire rope isolator

threaded through aluminium alloy retaining bars, crimped and mounted for maximum shock and vibration isolation. Designed as the best quality corrosion resistant, stainless-steel metal construction, wire rope mounts are easily resistant to harsh environmental conditions, varied temperatures, oils, abrasives, humidity, ozone, grease, chemicals, nuclear radiation, ozone, etc.

A wire rope vibration isolator is undoubtedly the highest performance shock absorber and vibration isolator used in a number of industrial applications. They are very useful vibration dampers used in the industry to maintain vibration isolation performance under maximum shock in severe environmental conditions. Featuring long life span and ability to adapt to elastic displacement in all dimensions and with the capability of multi-directional vibration isolation these versatile pieces of equipment can be installed in different ways.

Wire rope isolators for vibration dampening provides great elastic support for heavy duty machinery such as generators and vibration isolation for delicate applications like precision instruments, satellites communication units, navigation and launching systems to name a few. One of the major benefits of a wire rope isolator is its ability to provide high level shock and vibration isolation, in combination with relatively small dimensions. Their ingenious construction makes them the best equipment for shock absorption and vibration dampening Although these compact wire rope isolators are limited by their own construction, but they can be loaded in any direction without having to worry about malfunctioning. Additionally, these wire rope isolators are maintenance-free and are not subject to aging due to any external forces or environmental conditions.

Generally, the wire rope isolators are constructed in a way that can be fine-tuned with the exact requirement of the application. Applications that need to be mounted against shock or vibration, and have no requirement for sound isolation, wire rope isolator dampening system makes for the best equipment. These equipment’s work in temperature ranging from -75°C-+175°C, up to +370°C with maximum dynamic displacement of over 70 percent. The dynamic stiffness of the equipment tends to decreases when the displacement increases. You will find a wide range of applications in which wire rope vibration isolators are used. Some of general applications of wire rope isolators are electronics, HVAC equipment, fans, electronics, airborne equipment, motors, generators, pumps, blowers, marine equipment, industrial vehicles, mechanical devices, fuel tanks, mounted cameras, drones, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, computer cases and hard disc drives, industrial and military application, aircraft and much more.