What is a helical wire rope isolator and what are its benefits

Every wire rope isolator has specific response and characteristics determined by the diameter of the wire rope, the number of strands, the length of cable, twist or lay of the cables to the number of cables per section. Helical Wire Rope Isolators are equipment’s made up of helical stranded wire rope that are held with rugged metal retaining bars. This equipment is designed in a way to provide excellent shock and vibration isolation for subcomponents of various types of equipment. Helical wire rope isolators are typically ideal isolation equipment for machines and devices that have space constrains. They are isolation equipment’s typically suited for sensitive mobile equipment, avionics and shipboard electronics, and satellite related equipment.

Generally, the series of Helical Wire Rope Isolators are made of stainless steel wire rope and corrosion resistant aluminium alloy retainer bars.  You also get these equipment’s in other materials which include galvanized wire rope and stainless-steel retainer bars. The isolators offered are mullti-axis isolators that can be used in any vertically, horizontally and laterally altitude. The large dynamic displacement, the more it attenuates heavy shocks, and the inherent damping offered by these wire rope isolators enable the Isolators to minimize post-shock noise and lowers the levels of vibration. The performance of these equipment’s are measurable and predictable. So, depending on the requirement one could probably select the right wire rope isolator for their machines and equipment’s

The Helical Wire Rope Isolators are designed to function in any temperature from -400⁰F to +700⁰F. not just that, these isolators resist ozone, oil, grease, and organic solvents making it to resilient to even harsh environment of the industry. What makes these wire rope isolators so special is that once they are installed, they need little or no maintenance and many times they tend to outlast the machine in which they are installed.

Given below are some of the features and benefits of Helical wire rope isolators that are discussed in detail for your benefit of understanding-

  • Helical wire rope isolators are made up of special cable materials which is galvanized steel and other stainless-steel alloys that are corrosion resistant and have special bar materials made of stainless steel, titanium finish plating’s and special mounting configurations in which they are available.
  • Helical wire rope isolators are available in a wide range of sizes, permits and can be installed to nearly any machinery regardless of its weight.
  • They are Compact wire rope isolators, ideal for devices and equipment’s with limited space.
  • Its low-profile design and the ability to attenuate heavy shock loads with minimum deflection makes it the best choice for any machinery, device or equipment.
  • It is designed with a three-plane, all-axis isolation that ensures free movement in any direction be it- vertically, horizontally and laterally.
  • They can be customized as per required winding, loop count and mounting features to meet specific industrial or machine need.

The general application of helical wire rope isolators includes Power generation, Truck, bus and recreational vehicles, Shipping transports/containers, Railroad, Off-Highway construction equipment, Offshore, Commercial marine, Mining, Industrial machinery


How does an anti-vibration pad for air compressor benefit the equipment/ machine?

Anti- vibration pads are isolation equipment’s used in industries for various applications. For equipment’s like air compressors, you get air compressor mounting pads that facilitates and provides optimum levelling, alignment and control of vibrations in various reciprocating machines and piping systems. By installing these compressor mounting pads to the machine within minutes you can see the difference. With these mounting pads you need not anchor the machine or the mounts to the floor.

Anti-vibration pads are specially designed for compressor vibrations. The vibration insulation pads help dampens both vertical and horizontal impacts generated in reciprocating machines during their operation. Further, these anti- vibration pads for air compressors are designed for high coefficient of friction that prevents machines from walking. The compressor mounting pads helps maintain balance and keep vibration levels in check in any machinery in which they are installed. This is especially in reciprocating compressor having the need to balance complex forces.

Vibrations in general are caused due to variety of conditions including bent shafts, imbalance in rotating parts, worn or bent gears, damaged bearings, misaligned couplings or bearings, and many such other reasons. However, when it comes to air compressors, the most common cause of vibration is the imbalance in rotating parts and abnormal aerodynamic forces. But with compressor mounting pads you can surely prevent the damage caused by vibrations due to the above-mentioned causes.

Compressors in general undergoes two kinds of vibrations namely, translational (lateral) and rotational (twist) vibration. Translational vibration is the motion caused by the external piping structure due to resonance. The vibration of external piping increases because the vibration within the system is generated at a frequency close enough to the natural frequency of the piping structure. Another common occurrence of vibration is from rotational equipment’s which is an extreme vibration that arises along the crankshaft which has frequency similar to the speed of the shaft. This kind of vibration is caused due to imbalance forces acting on the crankshaft due to the unequal weights in piston pairs. Mostly vibration issues in air compressors are related to imbalance. A high frequency vibration is directly related to a rotational force or a translational force caused by the imbalanced condition. However, anti-vibration mounts for air compressors addresses all the vibrational issues without any hassle. This air compressor mounting pads provides easy installation and optimum vibration isolation for compressor installation.

Compressor mounts with elastomeric pads offer en number of benefits to the machine they are installed in and some of them include-

  • They increase the shelf life of the compressor parts.
  • Compressor mounting pads are quick, easy to install and so they save your time and money of installation.
  • They facilitate precision in levelling and alignment of machine mounts.
  • They help in reducing the machines wear and tear thus increasing the tools life
  • With anti-vibration pads the compressor can be easily grouted and vibration transmission can be significantly reduced.
  • Overall, they help reduce shock and vibration.
  • Offers better structural safety for the factory
  • With anti-vibration pads one can eliminate need of anchor bolts.


Wire rope isolators a guaranteed solution to problems of Vibration from industrial machines

Wire rope isolators are high performance isolation equipment’s used in a number of industries to curb the problem of vibrations from machines. These equipment’s are one of a kind instruments designed with an intention to offer maximum vibration isolation to machines in which they are installed. Generally, Wire Rope vibration Isolators are made-up of stainless steel cables and aluminium retaining bars that provides excellent vibration isolation to industrial machines. Not just that, being a corrosion resistant equipment, they are highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions, providing high performance on a variety of applications in which they are installed. These vibration wire rope isolators are completely unaffected by any liquid, oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes.
Wire rope isolators
also comes in a compact form known as the compact wire rope isolators. These are no different than the general ones except for the fact that compact wire rope isolators are smaller in size. Further, as compared to the traditional ones, these wirerope isolators are known for their capabilities of efficiently absorbing shock and vibration in spaces between machines and the equipment. Compact isolators offer single point mounting which makes them highly flexible and easy for integrating into existing products. As a versatile piece of equipment, it offers different mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation. In fact, the helical wire rope isolator can help your systems meet all standard requirements for industrial, defence, and commercial uses. Both compact wire rope isolators and the tradition wire rope isolators can be used on components or machine in which their motors and fans produce vibrations onto surrounding structures.

We all know that shock and vibration can together or individually influence the performance and life expectancy of nearly all kind of mechanical and electrical device, be it large or small. However, with isolation equipment’s like the vibration wire rope isolators, it can really make the difference. Wire rope isolators have found numerous applications in the shock and vibration isolation of military hardware and industrial machinery. However, most applications of wire rope isolators are equipment’s that needs to be mounted against shock or vibration, but where sound isolation is typically a minor issue and given not much of importance.

The wire rope company vibration isolation dampeners are products designed to effectively reduce transmitted shock and vibration and provide means and ways of adjustment up to the precise level, aligning, and supporting the industrial machinery. These products generally provide protection to systems like the industrial machinery and building structures from incoming vibration and shocks caused by machinery. It is rightly said in today’s industry that no other isolator in the market can match the versatility and performance characteristics of the wire rope Isolator. So, if you have plans of buying one for your industrial machines, do consider consulting specialists of the industry before purchasing one. Understand from the manufacturers how best wire rope isolators will help you solve vibration and shock issues for your machineries and then accordingly invest in what best suits your requirement.