Anti-vibration pads for safeguarding your industrial machines and equipments

Anti-vibration equipments are ideal vibration isolation pads used for the purpose of dampening noise and isolating of vibration. These anti-vibration pads are designed in a way that offers maximum isolation to machines and equipments in operations. There are a wide variety of vibration isolation pads available in the market. Depending on the application and capacity of load, one can select the right anti-vibration isolation pad for their machines. For equipments as diverse as speakers to heavy duty machines, vibration pads like speaker isolation pads and anti vibration rubber pads are available to suite your requirement.

Andre HVAC Inc is a reputed anti-vibration rubber pad manufacturer and supplier offering its clients specially compounded anti-vibration pads. These that are used in varied industries including refrigeration plants , compressors , conveyors , air conditioning plants, diesel generators , business machines that generate vibrations, shock and noise in high frequency range. The vibration isolation pads are designed and engineered in different sizes and designs and also custom made as per the requirements of the customers. Our rubber anti-vibration isolation pads are made from superior quality rubber materials that serve for a longer period of time.  Hence, our vibration isolation pads are widely acclaimed by our customers across industries.

The rubber pad isolators offered provides high frequency vibration and sound insulation. They are designed in a way that reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration plants, and other such varied applications. Further, these anti vibration pads are also used as shock preventers in machines. The rubber anti-vibration pads have today become an ideal solution for all vibration and shock issues. Since they are designed of high quality rubber, they make a great product that is virtually resistance to ageing, compression, water & oil or extreme temperature conditions. Used in different applications like compressors, conveyors, diesel generators, fans, motors, pumps etc our products are widely in demand among clients. So, if you are searching for a product that dampens or isolates vibration caused by machineries, then do get in touch with us for a perfect isolation solution.

Anti-vibration Mount for protecting machines from the impact of vibration

Anti vibration mounts or anti-vibration pads are essential equipments for heavy duty machinery that help in dampening high frequency noise and vibration.  In addition to this they also provide protection to fragile components from external vibrations. These Anti-vibration Mounts are designed in way that reduces the level of vibration transmitted to and from machinery.

Andre HVAC International offers a wide range of anti-vibration isolators and mounts for the purpose of isolation. Our product range includes Anti Vibration Mountings, anti-vibration rubber pads, spring Isolators and shock absorbers that are precisely designed for maximum isolation. The Vibration isolation mounts offered comes in a wide variety of rubber and metallic components.

Depending on the requirement and type of application we provide a wide range of rubber and metallic vibration isolators. These are time tested anti-vibration mounts that offer vibration isolation for applications like diesel generators, compressors, screens, blowers and other medium to heavy machines.

The Anti Vibration Mounting supplied by us is of the high grade raw material and are used across various industries. Their superior quality raw material ensures of a flawless and an uninterrupted performance during the operation of machine. Our anti-vibration mounts are equipments that are widely appreciated by the industry for their quality and durability. These mounts have the ability of absorbing both shear & compression loading. Further, installation of these mounts is easy and requires no additional bolting or resistant friction pads to be attached.

Machinery, which have reciprocating or rotating parts and that which creates vibration through imbalance of the moving parts require anti vibration mounts. It’s because of this vibration produced by the machine that leads to reduction in the machine’s life,  leads to wear and tear of the machine  part and transmission of vibration to adjacent structures giving rise to noise and vibration issues. However, our range of anti vibration mounts can solve problems like these and protect the machines from any form of hazards and effects of noise and vibration on people and surrounding structure. If you wish to buy anti-vibration isolators or vibration isolation pads for your industrial machines then do drop us a message so that our executives can get in touch with you for further details.

How does a wire rope isolator bring down the level of shock and vibration in a machine?

Every industry working with machines and equipments often faces issues pertaining to high frequency noise, vibration, shock. Machines working in harsh conditions are usually unable to withstand the ongoing shock and vibration. Hence, these electronic components or machines need to be isolated to prevent any form of damage to the machines and its surroundings areas. Solutions like elastomeric mounts that withstand vibration have limited response to the shock inputs. Further, these elastomerics aren’t resistant to liquid, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Hence, engineers have developed series of wire rope isolators as isolation equipments for machines.

Wire rope isolators are new devices that are designed to handle both shock and vibration attenuation simultaneously. Depending on the requirement, vibration isolation wire ropes are installed in the machines for isolating the entire system. Typically designed for protection from shock and absorption of vibration, the combination of this resilient element along with metallic supporting frame offers the best solution for your machines. In general, there are a variety of vibration wire rope isolators available in the market to meet different requirements of vibration, shock and noise of machines. However, cable mount or cable isolators provide a higher level of isolation from shock and vibration than any other type of isolation device.

A wire vibration isolator once installed works in a specific manner to offer maximum isolation.  They deflect under load, bending the wire cables that create a spring force and in turn offer maximum protection and support to the machine in use.  When the multi-strand wire rope cable isolator flexes, it creates a friction between the wire strands that help converts the kinetic energy into thermal energy which ultimately dissipate the energy created by the vibration. Vibration isolation wire ropes come in a range of widths, height, and cable diameter for accommodating various load capacities of machines. These wire vibration isolators are easy to mount and install and are ideal for machines looking for isolation of both vibration and shock.

Andre HVAC International offers a wide range of wire rope isolators that are made of aluminum bars and stainless-steel wire ropes for a corrosion resistant and extreme temperature resistant solution. This makes our wire isolators virtually impervious to severe conditions, and practically maintenance free equipment. The wire rope isolators that we offer operate well in all forms of compression, tension, and shear. Further, these isolators are known to provide protection in all axis simultaneously. Our wire vibration isolators are not just suitable for harsh working conditions but ideal for any heavy and lightweight applications like industrial machines, medical equipment, small pumps and motors etc. So, in case you wish to buy wire rope isolators, then do give our executives a call to guide you with the purchase.

Custom designed wire rope isolators for shock and vibration isolation

Constant high frequency vibrations and shocks affect equipments causing structural damage. This in turn affects the operation of the equipment and stalls the entire working system of a machine. Hence, adding isolation equipment for vibration and shock absorption at the source is essential. For situations like these Wire Rope Isolator can be effectively used to isolate machines from any form of disturbing vibrations.  Wire Isolators are typically passive isolator that exhibits spectacular isolation capabilities.

Vibration isolation wire ropes are equipments that consists stranded wire ropes made up of individual wire strands and placed between metal retain bars that offer vibration isolation. Wire rope isolators provide damping of shock and vibration by virtue of relative motion between wire strands. In addition to damping vibration they also limit the noise and vibration occurrence caused during to start-up and shut-down transients.

Andre HVAC Inc offers a wide variety of wire rope isolators and shock isolators that are known to resolve issues pertaining to shock and vibration prevalent in any application. Depending on the machine in use, and the nature of problem, one needs to select relevant vibration wire rope isolators.

Select a wire rope isolator with right wire diameter, number of strands, cable length, cable twist that perfectly suits your machine. We provide isolators that offer superior equipment protection from any form of damage caused due to vibration or shock. Further, our vibration isolation wire rope equipment requires no maintenance, is compact and functional even under the most extreme conditions, temperature and corrosive environments.

The wire vibration isolators offer attenuation of shock similar to as they attenuate vibration disturbance. The wire rope isolators are specifically designed in a way that handles both shock and vibration. They attenuate shock with minimum travel and provide large deflection to limit the impacts within acceptable range. In addition to this its all-axes isolation permits installation vertically, horizontally or laterally offering maximum isolation. So, in case you are on a look for isolation equipments for your industrial machines then do get in touch with us to avail the best for you.



Effective Anti-vibration pads and mounts for industrial compressors and genset machines

Vibration isolator pads and mounts are equipment’s manufactured for all kinds of industrial machines like compressors and genset machines. These equipment’s have great demand in most industries for their unique features of isolation of vibration and dampening of noise and shock that arises during its operations. HVAC compressor vibration isolationpads and mounts designed by manufacturers come in various specifications that help combat such issues that arises frequently in machines. Often anti-vibration mounts for air compressors and genset machines come with a detailed installation notes along with illustrative diagram for right compressor mount installation.

The anti-vibration mounts for air compressor provides optimum levelling and alignment to machines while also helps in dampening of noise and vibration arising in reciprocating machinery and piping systems. Further, these vibration reduction mounts can be quickly mounted without requiring to anchor the machines or mounts to the floor.  These anti-vibration mounts are specially designed for a wide range of compressors, especially for dampening of both vertical and horizontal impact that arise in reciprocating machines. In addition to this, the vibration isolator pads are also designed in a way to prevent machine walking and balances the force to keep the vibration and noise levels of machines under control and more so in case of reciprocating compressor where there are complex forces impacting the machines.

Vibrations are caused due to many reasons ranging right from bent shafts, unbalance in rotating parts, worn or bent gears, damaged bearings, misaligned couplings or bearings, electromagnetic forces to various other external factors. In case of compressors and genset machines, the most common cause of concern is the unbalanced rotating parts and abnormal aerodynamic forces that leads to heavy vibration and high frequency noise. However, with vibrations isolator pads and mounts the damages caused by the above-mentioned causes of vibration can be resolved.

In general, there are two types of vibration issues in compressor which includes the translational and rotational vibration issues. Translational vibration is caused due to motion of external piping structure due to resonance. So, when the vibration of external piping is excessive, it is simply due to vibration within the system at a frequency near the natural frequency of the piping structure. where as in case of rotational vibration it is an extreme vibration occurring along the crankshaft with frequency same as shaft speed. This vibration mainly occurs due to unbalance forces acting on the crankshaft which is probably due to unequal weights.

Going by the most common and frequent cases of vibration problem in a compressor, it is due to the unbalanced weight. Due to unbalanced conditions it leads to high vibration levels which is directly related to the rotational force or the translational force. However, with the right installation of vibration reduction mounts, balance can be achieved and can address the vibrational issues. For the right solution one must approach experienced manufacturers and suppliers of vibration isolators for HVAC equipment who could properly guide you and help you in selection of vibration isolator pads and mounts for different types of compressors, based on their machine specifications and other external factors as well.