Series of Wire rope isolators offered by Andre HVAC

Wire rope isolators in general

There is a wide range of wire rope isolators available in the market that helps combat shock and vibration issues in virtually any application they are installed in. For effective shock and vibration isolation you need to select wire rope isolators that are perfectly well designed with the right wire diameter, right number of strands per section, cable length and twist. Basically these wire rope isolators are designed to provide inherent damping by the virtue of relative motion between the wire strands. The damping thus limits vibration shock and the start-up and shut-down transients in the machine.  Ideally, these vibration isolation wire rope systems require less or no maintenance, takes up limited space and keep functioning under varying temperatures and in corrosive environments.

Types of wire rope isolators

Wire rope isolators come in three different variants including heavy duty wire rope isolators, compact wire rope isolators, and circular wire rope isolators. So, depending on the application in use and the requirement one can decide on the type of wire rope isolator required for n application.

  • Heavy duty wire rope isolators – Heavy duty wire rope isolators are often used in applications that require powerful vibration isolation. These wire rope isolators offer multi-dimensional vibration and shock isolation for all kinds of application in which they are installed. Designed and made of high quality stainless steel braided cable thread, these heavy duty wire rope offer maximum shock and vibration isolation. General applications of Heavy duty wire rope isolators include aircraft, engines, generators, military equipment, marine equipment, shipping containers, ship and boat antennas, compressors, industrial equipment.
  • Compact wire rope isolators

Compact wire rope isolators are small in size and specially designed for applications that have space constrains. Just like any normal vibration isolators they too offer maximum vibration and shock isolation. General application of these wire rope vibration isolators includes Computer Cases, Hard Drives, Generators, Mounted Cameras, Mobile, Drones, Medical equipments etc.

  • Circular wire rope isolator

Circular wire rope isolators are circular in shape are compact in design, ideal for applications that have space limit. These wire rope isolators provide multi-directional shock and vibration isolation like any normal wire rope isolators and can be installed in different ways to meet any application requirement.

 Wire rope isolators offered by Andre HVAC international

Andre HVAC International Inc offers wire rope isolators that are built with heavy duty stainless steel braided wire rope cable threaded in aluminum alloy retaining bars, and crimped and mounted for effective shock and vibration isolation. Built from the best quality corrosion resistant stainless steel these wire rope mounts are unaffected by any harsh environmental conditions, temperatures, oils, abrasives, humidity, ozone, grease, chemicals, ozone, dust and erosion from solvent.  These wire ropes are high performing shock and vibration isolator used in range of applications. Having a comparatively longer life span, ability of adapting to elastic displacement in all dimensions, allowing multi-directional vibration isolation and capability of installing in different ways, makes it an ideal vibration isolation equipment for your applications.


Superior quality anti-vibration pads for effective isolation

Anti Vibration Rubber Pads are used in machines that generate high frequency vibration and noise.
These isolation vibration pads come in different sizes and designs and can also be customized as per the application in use and requirements of the clients. Often these rubber anti-vibration pads are made from superior quality rubber materials that ensure consistent service for long time. The anti vibration rubber pads are widely acclaimed for their ability to insulate high frequency vibration and sound. These vibration isolation pads reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by various applications including machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration and many other such types of equipment.

Rubber anti-vibration mountings are used in a vast range of applications with prime objective of eliminating vibration, reducing noise and absorb shock. Having high internal isolating properties the rubbers in use is ideal for making anti-vibration mountings. Usually, a variety of rubbers are used into making of anti-vibration pads and they include natural rubber, neoprene, silicon etc
Properties of Rubber Anti Vibration Pads

Rubber anti-vibration pads have a unique property that makes it ideal equipment for isolation of vibration. Some of its critical properties are-

  • Rubber anti-vibration pads have the capability to work in the extreme environment.
  • These equipments are resistant to oil, chemicals or any form of liquid.
  • The anti-vibration rubber pads are resistant to surface abrasion wear or wear and tear.
  •  This isolation vibration pad can withstand great temperature fluctuation.
  • They can work under shear compression.
  • The isolation vibration rubber pad offer great radial elasticity.
  • The rubber anti-vibration pads are available in a wide variety and dimensions.
  • these equipments are easy to use and install


General application of rubber anti-vibration pads  

Rubber anti-vibration pads provide vibration isolation solution to the following applications

  • Cooling systems
  • Sensitive electronics equipment
  • Suspension systems
  • Engines
  • Fuel systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Pipework


Industrial Applications

General industry

Rubber anti-vibration pads are used for a variety of industrial application including compressors, pumps, generator, agricultural machinery, and other machinery.

Marine Industry

Anti-vibration rubber pads are used in marine engines, chiller-units, generator sets, cooling machinery, compressors and pumps. They are also used for the flexible support and assembly of exhaust systems on ships.

Automotive and Railway Industry

Anti vibration rubber pads and mountings are also widely used in the automotive and railway industry for smooth functioning of various machines and dampening of high frequency vibration and noise.


Why are wire rope isolators considered to be high performing vibration isolators?

Wire rope isolators are high performing vibration isolation equipments that help in the dampening of high frequency of noise and vibration coming from different applications. These wire rope isolators are designed and built of high quality stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars that offers fabulous vibration isolation. Further, these wire rope isolators are corrosion resistant, and are completely unaffected by oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes.

Ideal to be used in a wide variety of applications these vibration isolators offer high performance in terms of isolation. They are specially designed in a way that absorbs shock and vibration while also offering the flexibility for integration into existing products. Offering versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, these wire ropes meet all the system requirements for industrial, defense, and commercial application.

Wire rope isolators available in the market are designed and manufactured to the most stringent quality criteria. Listed below are some of the features that highlight the reasons why vibration wire rope isolators are the best and the most high performing vibration isolation equipment.

  • Wire rope isolators offer an excellent combination of shock and vibration isolation.
  • They poses high damping ratio as compared to normal vibration isolators.
  • They have the ability to withstand wide temperature range.
  • The wire rope isolators have an extremely rugged construction and known to have a long life span.
  • With wire ropes you need not worry about creeping or aging.
  • They are not affected by any form of chemicals, water, ozone, UV rays, etc.
  • These isolation equipments are versatile in nature and come in a wide variety of sizes, fittings and patterns.
  • Overall wire rope isolators are high quality vibration isolation equipments that are economical yet high performing and high dampening isolation equipment.

Effective vibration isolation technology for suspended equipments

Spring hangers are vibration isolation equipments used for providing vibration isolation for suspended equipment. They offer a combined solution for both vibration isolation and for high and low frequency noise. These spring isolation hangers are often used in suspended equipments like the piping and ductwork with no lateral loads and no change in operating weight.

The application of spring hangers in suspended piping and ductwork helps in preventing vibration transmitting to the surrounding structure. There is wide range of Isolation hangers available in the market, designed in housed cages and encompassing rubber, spring and rubber and spring combination hangers. These spring isolation hangers prevent your machinery from getting damaged with their vibration-control hangers and isolators. The vibration isolation spring equipments are ideal for securing heavy pipes or equipment to limit noise and vibrations during their operations. The hangers effectively isolate transmission of vibration or any form of structural sound. Further, these spring hangers are known to prevent many installation errors as it permit a degree of movement of piping which eliminates the need of a flexible hose connection. In addition to this, the vibration spring hanger isolators will also manage the expansion issues of riser pipe lines.

The market offers a wide range of spring isolators designed to minimize structural transmission of noise and vibration generated by almost any application. With a wide range of hangers available with coil springs for low frequency applications, rubber-in-shear for absorption of sound and shock, this equipment are perfectly designed to offer maximum isolation. Besides, these spring hangers are sturdily built for long rugged use and maximum provision of isolation equipment.

Typical application of spring hangers –

Spring hangers are isolation equipments typically used in suspended equipments which include air handling units, axial fans blower, cooling and heating equipment, ductwork exhaust system, fan coil units, pipe work platform, pumps, ventilation and much more.