Everything that you need to know about wire rope isolators

What are wire rope isolators?
Wire rope isolators are high performing isolation equipments used as shock absorber and vibration isolator in various applications. These wire isolators are critical vibration dampers that help limit vibration and offer excellent performance under the most severe conditions. Further, Vibration wire rope isolators are known to last long and have the capability to adapt to elastic displacement allowing multi-directional vibration isolation.

Application and Construction of wire rope vibration isolators-
Vibration isolation wire ropes are generally used in various types of military applications, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, shipping containers. Wire rope isolators or wire rope vibration mounts offered by Andre HVAC Inc is constructed of aluminum alloy retaining bars, stainless steel cables and stainless steel screws. These Wire Rope Isolators are designed and built for heavy-duty applications that are used in various industries. In addition to these cable isolators are maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant and offer multi-directional isolation protection for applications.

Types of wire rope isolators- It is essential to buy wire rope isolators as per the requirement of the application in which it is used. In general wire rope isolators come in four variants and they are as follows
• Heavy duty wire rope isolator
Heavy duty wire rope isolators are cable isolators that feature stainless steel cable and used in applications that require powerful vibration isolation. These wire rope isolators provide multi-dimensional vibration and shock isolation when in use and are made of high quality stainless steel cable with aluminum alloy retaining bars designed for maximum shock and vibration isolation. These vibration isolators are corrosion-resistance and requires no or minimum maintenance. They are very easy to install and offer good vibration and shock damping. Compact wire rope isolators
Compact wire rope isolators are wire isolators small in size and ideal for applications that have space constrain. Similar to any wire rope mounts, these equipments too offer vibration and shock isolation. The only difference is that these wire rope vibration isolators are smaller size. The compact wire rope mounts are designed and built of high quality stainless steel cable, aluminum alloy and mounted for maximum vibration isolation. These low profile vibration isolators are corrosion-resistant and unaffected by harsh environmental conditions
• Medium load wire rope isolators
Medium load wire rope isolators provide multi-dimensional vibration and shock isolation capabilities for all applications. These vibration wire rope isolators are corrosion-resistant, maintenance free and easy to install. The wire rope isolators are resistant to harsh environmental conditions and temperatures, oils, humidity, chemicals, nuclear, dust and erosion of organic solvent. Medium load wire rope isolators are versatile and can be installed in many different ways. They offer elastic support for heavy-duty equipment such as generators

• Circular wire rope isolators
Circular wire rope isolators are circular in shape and are comparatively more compact in design. These wire isolators are ideal for applications that have space constrains. These wire rope isolators provide excellent vibration and shock isolation even though smaller in size. Besides, our circular wire rope mounts are corrosion-resistant, features easy maintenance and installation in addition to vibration damping. These Circular wire rope vibration isolators provide multi-directional vibration isolation while also providing elastic support for heavy-duty equipment such as generators.


Introducing the newest Seismic spring mount for effective vibration isolation

Seismic isolators offered by ANDRE HVAC International

ANDRE HVAC International has a wide range of seismic isolators to reduce the transmission of vibration and high frequency noise coming from a variety of applications and industrial machines like fans, HVAC equipment, piping, duct works and other industrial machinery. Our seismic spring isolators are designed in a way that helps limit the issue of vibration and noise while offering increased productivity, stability and most importantly longer life of the equipment. 

Seismic spring mounts, rubber seismic mount, and independent seismic restraints offered come in a complete range for various applications. In addition to this, ANDRE HVAC International offers cable restraints which are used with spring and rubber hangers for restraining of seismic affect on any suspended piping or any other equipment.

Variety of seismic mounts

Seismic spring mounts comes in different configuration that are captive, housed and snubbed for floor or stand mounted equipments. These seismic isolators are designed with special multi-directional and flexible restraint to limit equipment movement during sever seismic disturbance. Besides this, during the normal operation, the seismic spring mountings provide vibration isolation in case of equipment movement and displacement causing high frequency vibration.

  • Seismic spring mounts Seismic spring mounts are vibration isolators that limit vibration & restrain seismic forces that affect air handling units, fans, pumps, chillers and other applications that are installed in a seismic zone. These seismic spring mounts are ideal equipments for large application that are often subjected to external environmental factors like wind or seismic forces. The mounts offered are powder coated and galvanized for a long lasting life.  
  • Seismic snubber Seismic snubbers are the best and the most effective way of vibration and seismic control. This equipment is nothing but an open spring and seismic snubber combination that helps in limiting vibration and affects of seismic force on applications. During the normal operation these snubbers do not interfere in the working of the application. These equipments or snubbers are ideal solution for post seismic disaster wherein the application is required to be functional after a seismic event.
  • Seismic cable restraint Suspended applications that require restraints, seismic cables are an ideal option. These cable restraints require no training for installation, have welded options for attachment, and are well designed to withstand seismic forces at maximum rated load. 


Fast and Easy Spring hangers for piping systems

What are spring hangers?

Spring hangers are equipments used for supporting and balancing structures like piping system with vertical displacements. These springs hangers or spring support offers variable supporting load over different range of movement in accordance to the specified characteristic of the pipe spring hanger or spring hanger extension.

Why and where are the spring hangers used?

Spring hangers are essential equipments of the Piping Industry. These pipe spring hangers are used for supporting pipe weights and balancing them during its regular operation. In cases where a rigid support is not taking the load due to movement or the support is affecting the equipment, spring hangers are recommended to support the load and ensure smooth and safe operation of the piping system. Selecting the right type of spring hanger pipe support for an application depends on every piping configuration and its requirement. In general spring hangers come in two different variants that is

  • Variable Spring Hanger wherein the loads varies with its operating range
  • Constant Spring hanger where the load is constant throughout the operating range.

Types of spring hangers

  • Constant support spring hangers Constant pipe spring hangers help support structures like pipes that experience vertical movement. These constant spring hangers support the critical area of a structure and provide a constant force on the structure to limit any extra resisting forces from the support. Constant resistance to moving load is achievable by balancing the moment between the moving structure and the moment by the force of compressing spring at a common point. For designing constant spring hanger it is essential to figure the level of external force, the spring force, and the spring constant for displacement of the external load.
  • Variable support spring hangers Like constant support hangers, the variable support hangers are used for supporting structures like pipes and have the capacity to withstand load variation of up to nearly 25%. Here the vertical movement is accommodated and compressed to an initial load setting by the spring and later during operation is compressed/ to the final load setting. In short the variability of change in the initial load compared to the final load is called variable support. While selecting a variable spring support it is essential to take into consideration the spring rate and the desired amount of travel so as to maintain variability below 25%.

Andre HVAC Inc is specialized in manufacturing of spring loaded isolation hangers, anti-vibration spring mounts and other accessories. We supply of a wide range of pipe spring hangers customized to suit the client’s requirements. So, in case of any requirement of spring hangers or anti-vibration spring mounts do get in touch with us.

Wire rope isolators in military industry

Military industry which is all about defense and security requires isolation equipments to absorb shock and vibration emitted from the machines. This is exactly when the industry utilizes wire rope isolators of for the purpose of shock and vibration isolation.  Andre HVAC International is a reputed company offering quality wire rope isolators to various industries for the purpose of helping their clients resolve issues related to shock and vibration.

Need of wire rope isolator in the military industry

Wire rope vibration isolators or shock isolators play a critical role in the defense or military industry. These vibration isolator wire ropes are required to ensure that the equipments in defense industry are shock and vibration isolated. Equipments and machines in the industry generating high vibration and shock may lead to serve damage, human life casualties or even death. Further, defense equipments are often subjected to high level pressure and temperature variation. Hence, wire rope isolators for vibration dampening are designed and utilized in way to withstand any form of pressure or strain, making it ideal equipment for the defense or military industry.

Wire rope isolators utilized in the military industry

Wire rope isolator or wire rope mounts are widely used in the military industry for various purposes. These cable isolators help in dampening of high level vibrations affecting the equipments in use. They help in absorbing vibration from the source and in turn minimize the damage caused to the rest of the machine. Wire rope vibration isolator is versatile equipment that is designed to withstand any level of pressure. Hence, they are commonly used in military tank, fighter jets and aircrafts for absorbing any form of pressure and dampening of vibration and shock. Since wire rope isolators are strong equipments they are therefore ideal for military industry.

In addition to the military industry, these compact wire rope isolators are also widely used in the aerospace industry that manufactures fighter jets. Other than that vibration isolation wire rope is used in dampening of vibration and shock.

General application of wire rope isolators and mounts

Constructed of stainless steel cables, wire rope isolators are designed and built for heavy-duty applications. These isolators are maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant and also offer dampening or isolation of vibration, noise and shock in all directions. Being a versatile piece of equipment, wire rope isolator has its use in many industries including aerospace, military, medical, shipping and other such industries. These wire isolators are generally used in electronics, airborne equipment, generators, motors, pumps, fans, HVAC equipment, marine equipment, mechanical devices, compressors etc.