Do not ignore the vibrations! Use anti-vibration mat protection.

A steady hum and noise emanating from machines and equipment can give you the solace that you are in a running plant that is in production. We are kind of accustomed to the noise and tend to take it in our stride. What we overlook or tend to miss is the source of the noise. When a prime mover like a motor or pump drives a machine it produces vibrations and noise. The machines, flooring and support are all made of metal or rigid materials and will transmit the vibrations to the surroundings and also cause damage to the sensitive parts in the machine.

The resonance phenomenon: All the rigid parts connected to the prime mover in the machine and the supporting structure will begin to vibrate in harmony with the generated vibrations. Each rigid part or supporting structure has its own natural frequency of vibration. When the induced vibration nears the natural frequency the resonance phenomenon is created. If you have done an experiment with the air column and tuning fork during your school days, you will understand the phenomenon better. Resonance produces a loud noise which can be a real pollutant in the work area. While the vibrations are silently damaging the machine, the noise makes the workforce uncomfortable.

Anti-vibration mounting pads: We cannot ignore vibrations and we have to resort to products like anti-vibration mounting pads and anti-vibration mats in order to dampen the vibrations and protect the equipment and machinery. The anti-vibration mounting pad is a product that is specifically suited for machines and equipment. The machine has to be lifted and the feet of the machine have to be kept on the anti-vibration pads. The best part is that the pads have to be simply placed on the shop floor without any anchoring. Hence, the installation process is very simple. The elastomer in the anti-vibration isolation pads is responsible for absorbing the vibrations and dissipating the energy as low-grade heat. The stud in the center of the pad is used to anchor it to the machine feet.

Equipment vibration isolation: Heavy machinery and equipment with large prime movers, like generators and compressors are also mounted on anti-vibration pads. The air compressor mounting pads are designed to take care of both the rotary and reciprocating motions. The selection of the anti-vibration isolation pads has to be made on the basis of the load bearing capacity. The elastomer element can be simple rubber or neoprene depending on the environmental conditions. Neoprene can offer a better life in case there is exposure to oil and water.

Makeshift anti-vibration solution: In field conditions where we have to work with the makeshift equipment the anti-vibration mats offer the right solution. These rubber mats can be spread out on the floor and equipment like small compressors and generators can be placed on them. Even in homes, the anti-vibration mat for washing machines is quite useful. When the machine is spinning and the load is continuously shifting the vibrations create a lot of noise. The anti-vibration mat nor only dampens the vibrations but also prevents the machine from walking and hitting the side walls.

Materials used in grommets: The anti-vibration grommets come in a variety of dimensions, sizes and shapes. These can be with or without the metallic bush in the center. The anti-vibration grommet is engineered to isolate delicate and sensitive instruments from unpredictable shock and vibration. The insulating anti-vibration grommets are manufactured from durable EPDM rubber. For cooling fans, motors and hard disk drives, the neoprene locking and anti-vibration grommets are well suited. Grommets are also made from a stainless steel body with silicone rubber insert having a hole in the center. While the steel portion provides the rigidity, the rubber portion has a dual purpose. It not only dampens the vibration but also provides the necessary sealing action.

A beginning was made by Andre HVAC International Inc. in the anti-vibration products arena way back in 2003. Today, the entire range of products used in the industry to stem vibrations is available with them.  Whether it the wire rope isolators or the simple anti-vibration rubber mats, the choice is yours for the asking. Extensive product catalogues, information sheets and pages of information are available on the website to help you in making the right selection of the anti-vibration isolation pads. In case, you need a specific solution, the team at AHI would be happy to work out a customized offering for you.

The docile but very effective wire rope isolation solutions

People who are aware of the damage caused by vibrations always include anti-vibration products in their portfolio, whenever they are creating a new infrastructure or installing a new machine or a piece of equipment. The preference is always been for products that are fit and forget type, requiring the least possible maintenance and care. One such product is the nimble wire rope isolator anti-vibration mount. The product is very rugged and a silent performer.

The vibration wire rope isolators consist of stainless steel stranded cables and aluminum alloy retaining bars. The cables are threaded through the retaining bars in order to provide a viable shock and vibration solution. Though the construction is all metal yet the metal alloys provide the required corrosion protection. Thus, the wire cable isolators are Passive vibration solutions through wire rope isolatorsenvironmentally stable and are not affected by the extremity of temperatures and harsh industrial atmospheres. The wire rope isolator for vibration damping performs its function without being affected by chemicals, ozone, oil, water, and abrasives.

The wire isolators exhibit non-linear stiffness behavior. The type of deflection will help in the selection of the wire rope insulators. The spring rate is different for larger shock deflections and small deflections. The average stiffness values of the wire isolators for full loop versions are normally listed on the website or catalogues. The damping values are typically around 10 per cent, depending on the input level and size. In the case of unstable high structures, it is recommended to use stabilizers. A typical example is a piece of equipment where the height is more than twice the base width.

In the places where there is a limitation of space, the compact wire rope isolators provide the ideal solution. As the name suggests, these vibration wire rope isolators provide the cost-efficient, shock and vibration isolation in cringed spaces. The single point installation makes it easy for the compact wire rope isolators to be installed in precise and sensitive applications like electronics and lab equipment. The compact vibration wire rope isolators provide the adequate reliability that is unaffected by temperature or substrate requirements.

The wire rope ISO mounts are specifically meant for applications like cameras to get over Keep the vibrations out with the wire rope isolatorsthe vibration induced rolling shutter disturbance in the HD video. The moisture in the field or low temperatures does not affect the woven stainless steel wire rope isolators. The wire isolators are very rugged but easily adjustable to allow for quick fine-tuning in the field conditions. Design upgrades are available with more holes in the wire rope isolator for looser coil tension. The wire rope ISO mount is cost effective and holds the camera firmly in place.

The wire rope isolator CAD models are available for download from a number of websites. It is also possible to join forums for the model downloads.  The CAD modeling makes it easy to select the wire rope isolator suited for the required application. The armed forces have the requirement of the wire rope isolator for vibration damping in rough terrains and in heavy-duty applications. They can counter the impacts from collisions and poor road conditions. You will also find them in shipping containers, aircraft, and medical equipment etc. While in the air they can withstand high-G maneuvering, turbulent air and hard landings. The wire cable isolators are free from creeping or ageing and have a long lifespan. It is also possible to do quick and economical prototyping for specific requirements.

The wire rope isolator anti-vibration product can be used in a variety of load conditions that include compression, shear, and rolling mode etc. The wire isolators also withstand the combination of loads like the 45-degree compression and rolling. The cable that is looped through the retaining bars is responsible for the elasticity in the wire rope isolators giving it the spring function. On the other hand, the relative friction between the strands of the wire rope provides the damping function in the wire rope isolator. To get the right kind of performance and for proper selection of the wire rope isolator for vibration damping, it is important to understand the spring behavior and damping function.

Andre HVAC International Inc. is a leading supplier of a diversified range of wire rope isolators for vibration damping. It provides customized technology solutions and highly engineered wire rope isolators for the growing industrial markets in the world. The solutions from AHI are well accepted and recognized as the preferred products for vibration isolation. The customized solutions have performed well in challenging applications and harsh industrial environments.

Take to the wire rope isolators for vibration damping in challenging environments

We come across challenging work areas and harsh environments quite often. The defense forces have to tackle the tough terrains, rough seas and air turbulence during their routine forays. There are equipment, machines and sensitive electronic devices that are required to operate and perform in these conditions along with the human beings. The industrial environments with the chemicals, oils and water can be tough on the sensitive equipment and machines. The shock loads and vibrations can take their toll in the telling environment if not taken care of. This is where the wire rope isolators pitch in to effectively counter these forces and protect your equipment.

Simple construction with engineered design: The wire rope isolator is a simple looking piece of equipment. That is the reason you will find plenty of wire rope isolator

ANDRE Wire Rope Series

ANDRE Wire Rope Series

manufacturers around the world and in your local areas as well. The wire rope going round in loops through two aluminum brackets holding them looks easy to manufacture. However, there is a scientific engineering that is behind the design of a wire rope isolator. The diameter of the wire rope and the diameter of the loop are important considerations when it comes to meeting the vibration damping requirements. The elasticity of the loop makes it act as a spring which deflects under load. The deflection of 5 to 15 per cent is what the isolators can take easily.

Adequate corrosion protection: When you look at the wire rope isolators for sale a few things related to the corrosion resistance must be kept in mind. A good design makes sure that the isolator does not rust or corrode irrespective of the oil, water and chemical atmosphere that it is exposed to. The brackets are made of aluminum while the wire rope strands are of stainless steel. The hardware used must be plated in order to protect it from rusting. A good wire rope isolator manufacturer will ensure that all the environment protection systems are in order.

Helical wire rope isolators: The helical cable isolator is the commonly used product in the wire rope isolators damping applications. It is a versatile product providing maintenance-free service even in harsh environments. The selection tables help you in making a choice from the standard sizes with load capacities in the range from 1 KG to 2500 KGs. They are not only popular in the military applications but are also used in the industry. The capability of the wire rope isolators is well known to the engineers who do not hesitate in prescribing them for the areas that are prone to the passive vibrations.

Following are some of the important characteristics of the wire rope isolators:

  • All-metal constitution with a trouble-free lifespan
  • They provide a suitable deflection and a high damping ratio
  • Adequate corrosion protection
  • Fail safe design
  • Customized solutions are easy and fast
  • Wide range available to make an easy choice
  • Operating temperature range from -125oC to 350oC
  • Delivers the right amount of wire rope isolator damping to meet the client specifications

Compact wire isolators: The circular wire rope isolators are recommended for applications where there is a limitation of space. The discerning feature is that they give the isolation protection in all the directions. The standard areas of application include avionics, electronics, and medical equipment but you will also find them in tough environments like military equipment, motors, pumps, and generators. Like the helical cable isolator, the circular wire rope isolators also provide a maintenance free operation and desired corrosion protection.

Make the right choice: The selection of the wire rope is critical for any application involving the wire rope isolator. The wire diameter, number of strands, wire length, wire twist, and The compact wire rope isolator solutions in space constrained applicationsthe number of strands per section are important parameters besides the deflection characteristics and spring constant. The information is available easily for you to make the right choice.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has been leading the drive against the vibrations with its wide range of wire rope mounts and isolators. If you try for wire rope isolators Canada you are likely to come across AHI. Being in this field since 2003, AHI offers customized solutions to its clients, wherever the need for the same arises. There are extensive wire rope isolator selection guides available in the form of catalogues and literature on the website for the ease of customers. The wire rope isolator price based on your selection is available on request.

Why there is so much talk about vibration isolation products?

There is a tremendous amount of interest in vibration isolation material in the general public today. What has brought about this change? What is the reason that people are so much concerned about the vibrations? The vibrations have existed since times immemorial but the awareness came much later. Those who studied science and engineering were well informed but not the general public. Then came the internet boom and it changed the way the people got access to the information. Very quickly the people became aware of the ill-effects of vibrations and how to counter it.

Normal operating conditions: Today, there is a plethora of vibration isolation products available in the market. If you have to install a part generating the dynamic forces on the floor or rooftop you can go in for the vibration isolation mounts. The elastomer element is responsible for damping the vibrations and isolating the vibration source from the support and surroundings. The energy absorbed by the vibration isolation pad is dissipated in the form of low-grade heat into the atmosphere. At times, the cylindrical mounts have threaded studs in the center to allow the equipment to be mounted and tightened with a nut. Thus, the vibration damping pads are easy to install and very effective in vibration mitigation.

Product performance: Thus, we have found two more reasons for the popularity of the vibration isolation products. The ease of installation makes it a product that can be used by one and all. Similarly, the high efficiency of the product becomes known to the people when they see vibrations under control.

Overhead installations: The product range of the vibration isolation material is very vast. While we have talked about the vibration isolation mounts for on the ground/rooftop applications, it is also possible to use the vibration isolation hangers for taking care of suspended equipment. Whether it is the utility pipes carrying the fluids or ducting for the HVAC system carrying cool air, the equipment can be suspended from the ceiling by using the appropriate vibration isolation product. When we say appropriate, it means that the vibration isolator selection has to be made based on the load and deflection characteristics.

Design for suitability: The springs in the vibration isolator hangers come with a spring deflection of one inch or more. The spring deflection allows you to play with the equipment when it exerts a force under dynamic load conditions. The pipes also expand when they carry the hot fluids and contract when the fluid is not there or in a cool state. The rigid supports can break or the pipe may get permanently deformed under such circumstances. However, the vibration isolation hanger is able to absorb the resultant deflection when the pipe expands or contracts. The understanding of the concept has made the vibration isolation products popular.

Product versatility: The vibration isolation products also come in the form of rubber sheets and mats. These products are extremely useful in the field. Equipment like generators and compressors which are a big source of vibrations can be run on construction and machine installation sites by placing them on the rubber mats. The equipment vibrations are absorbed by the rubber mats allowing it to run smoothly without any displacement. A typical application of the vibration isolation pads is at the feet of the household washing machines. The pads do not allow the machine to walk while they are in operation and also prevent the vibrations to get transmitted to the supporting structure.

Tough working conditions: The vibration isolation mounts and vibration isolation hangers find utilization in harsh environments like the armed vehicles moving in rugged terrains. Not only are the springs designed to undergo the deflections due to variable dynamic loads but also the elastomer elements are made of neoprene to provide excellent weather resistance. Similarly, powder coating or galvanizing of the steel parts imparts corrosion resistance. Today, it is possible to use the vibration isolation material in harsh conditions like chemical plants and where there is an exposure to oil and water. The suitability of the vibration isolation products to the typical environmental conditions is another reason as to why people are maximizing their use.

Andre HVAC International Inc. made an entry into the world of vibration isolation material when the information media had started penetrating the masses more than a decade ago. By leveraging the information campaign and assisting the clients in the selection of the vibration isolation products it has moved way ahead of the competition. By sharing the product knowledge extensively and by attempting to resolve the customer problem AHI has won the hearts of one and many. The AHI product range of vibration isolation hangers and vibration isolation mounts is extremely popular with the clients.

Spring isolators are the effective anti-vibration tools for suspended equipment

All modern buildings, malls and industrial complexes make use of the spring isolation hangers for suspension of equipment associated with HVAC, fluid transfer, and any other moving parts. The rotating and reciprocating parts generate vibrations which are transmitted to the surroundings and structural members. It is the spring type vibration isolators that dampen these vibrations and prevent the transmission to the supporting structure or piping. The spring deflects against the load both in the static and dynamic conditions and the elastomer element absorbs the vibrations.

Spring hangers for pipe: All metals have a coefficient of thermal expansion and hence they expand when heated. The metallic pipes which are used to transfer fluids in an industry will undergo expansions and contraction depending on the temperature of the fluid that they carry. If the pipes are put on rigid supports they are likely to be damaged and deformed permanently because they are unable to absorb the force exerted by the pipe when it expands. The variable spring hangers, on the other hand, absorb these forces through deflection of the spring. Also, the spring hangers for pipe allow for an angular movement of 30 degrees from the support point. The pipe thus gets the freedom to expand without much restriction and comes back to its original position when it contracts on cooling.

  • The spring hanger for pipe comprises a steel housing, high deflection spring, and an elastomer element.
  • The riveted plate on the vibration hanger carries the pre-set factory values.
  • The installation position is indicated on the travel scale.
  • The hanger spring’s travel scale also indicates the hot and cold positions. The deflection that happens due to the weight of the pipe in the normal state is called the cold position. The vertical displacement of the pipe when it is carrying the fluid in the hot condition is earmarked as the hot position.
  • The marking is done through blocking pieces which can be removed and reinserted in the position as per requirement.
  • Adequate corrosion resistance is provided by galvanizing the vibration isolation hangers.

Spring isolators for HVAC:  The heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment and its ducting is almost an essential part of the residential and commercial buildings, industrial complexes and malls etc. As per the regulations, the air conditioning equipment is required to be put on the top of the buildings. The air conditioners and air handling units etc. can be mounted using the vibration damping mounts. These are simple elastomer pads with threaded metallic inserts where the equipment can be mounted and bolted in position. In case the air conditioner is to be suspended from the ceiling the spring isolators for HVAC can be used.

The ducting for the HVAC is spread to the various floors in the building and is normally concealed in the false ceiling of each floor. Since the ducting is attached to the HVAC equipment, the vibrations from the moving parts are transmitted to it as well. The spring vibration isolators HVAC become an important tool for preventing vibrations from getting transmitted from the ducting to the supporting structure. In the absence of spring isolation, the noise generated by the vibrating ducts and supporting structure would pollute the working environment.

The structure of a spring isolator: The spring vibration isolators have a simple structure. A metal strip is bent to form a rectangular housing. The housing is attached to the ceiling or support through a rod. The elastomer element prevents the metal to metal contact and dampens the vibrations. The material of the elastomer is weather resistant and can withstand harsh environments also if required. The spring vibration isolators allow for certain construction anomalies by accepting 30-degree variation in the suspension rod. This is possible because of a large diameter hole in the bracket. The spring element deflects based on its load bearing capacity and the spring isolation hangers are rated accordingly. In general, the springs are rated for one-inch deflection.

Andre HVAC International Inc. is in the field of anti-vibration products for more than a decade. It caters to the specific requirements of the clients by providing them with the right kind of solutions. A wide variety of spring hangers is available to suit the requirements of the clients for their HVAC and utility piping suspension requirements. The products perform to the client’s satisfaction and require the minimum maintenance. Support is available for making the right selection of the anti-vibration products for all your needs.

Get the right vibration and shock isolation for your equipment

Wherever there is a working equipment or machinery there are vibrations. They may appear harmless to a visitor or may go unnoticed by the people around depending on the intensity and noise generated. The vibrations are however very harmful to your machines and infrastructure. The surrounding equipment and supports also have their own natural frequency of vibration. The vibrations from a working machine are transmitted to the support causing them to vibrate sympathetically. The phenomenon of resonance occurs when the sympathetic vibration frequency matches the natural frequency of the support infrastructure. A loud noise is produced and the supports may vibrate violently causing damage. Thus, it is essential to go in for rubber vibration isolators in order to safeguard your equipment and machines.

  • The rubber vibration isolators are used to limit the amount of vibration energy transfer to the supports
  • The products are suitable for both stationary and dynamic applications.
  • Choice of size, application, and load bearing capacities are available in the product range.

Mount the equipment: The rubber isolation mounts have the elastomer element, which is responsible for the damping of vibrations. The mechanical energy is absorbed by the rubber vibration damper and dissipated in the form of low-level heat. The amount of damping is dependent on a number of factors like the frequency of vibration, weight of the equipment, and the surface area. The selection of the rubber mounts for vibration has to be done carefully by taking into consideration all the contributing factors.

Shapes and types: There are a variety of shapes and sizes available for the rubber vibration isolators and the selection is based on the application requirements. The shapes include cylindrical, hexagonal, and two-piece etc. In addition to the shape, the rubber isolation mounts are available as center metal bonded type and grommet type etc. to name a few. For applications where the equipment is to be suspended from the ceiling, the spring hanger mount vibration isolators are used.

Suspension of equipment: For the HVAC equipment, ducting, and pipes extensive use of spring hangers is done. The spring provides the deflection to take care of the load while the elastomer element provides the vibration damping. The suspended equipment and the support structure are isolated from each other by virtue of the elastomer which does not permit metal to metal contact. The spring hanger supports are used for ease of mounting. The air conditioning units which generate a lot of vibrations when the compressor works can be mounted on the rooftops by using the rubber isolation mounts while the entire ducting in the building can be suspended from the ceilings or support structure using the spring hangers.

Shock Vibrations: When there is an explosion or an earthquake strike, a shock pulse may be generated which results from a sudden acceleration. This form of shock vibration is highly destructive and damaging. Since an earthquake or a terrorist strike is not a routine phenomenon, it used to be ignored earlier. However, as people are becoming more aware they are concerned about seismic restraints and shock vibration control as well. The shock isolators are now being used extensively for the protection of buildings and sensitive high-cost equipment. They are highly recommended for vehicles used by the armed forces on land, sea and in air. The poor road conditions and situations arising out of collisions are “no match” for the shock isolators. Similarly, they are effective in turbulence, rough landings, high-velocity winds and sea storms.

Shackle mounts with an elastomer element between the metal plates are used as an effective anti-vibration product. The shock impacts are suitably absorbed by the rubber vibration damper in tough conditions. A wide variety of shackle mounts is available in varying shapes and sizes. These include the mounting plate and threaded stud type, square plate with corner holes type, and cap plates with elastomer type.

Andre HVAC International Inc. entered the anti-vibration arena way back in the year 2003. From a modest beginning then, AHI is present today in the majority of the anti-vibration products available in the market. The hallmark has been the consistent quality and customer service. The firm provides assistance to its clients on the various aspects of vibration control at the design stage itself. The customers also find AHI to be a one-stop solution for their anti-vibration needs because of the wide variety of products and selection support documentation. Whether it is a rubber isolation mount or a spring hanger, you can be almost sure of finding the suitable type at AHI Inc.