Application of compact wire rope isolators

Compact Wire Rope Isolators offer the best vibration isolation for a number of equipments. The compact wire rope isolators are smaller than most wire ropes and can provide both shock and vibration absorption in situations where package space and sway is an issue.

The Wire Rope vibration Isolator is made of metal, which gives the best multi-axis shock and vibration isolation in a small package. In a hostile environment the Wire Rope Isolators for vibration dampening has almost no maintenance and are highly resistant to oil, ozone, abrasives, and chemicals. Using these Compact Wire Rope Isolators products can reduce the amount of premature equipment failure and costly machine downtime as well.

In case you have a non-standard application, you may still be able to use regular Wire Rope Isolators. These standard products can suit nearly any application. Under special circumstances, Andre HVAC International Inc can create a customized isolator for your needs. We are a leading wire rope isolator dealer in India offering solutions to suit your needs

Specifications of our compact wire rope isolators

  • They are easy to install
  • Have static load capability
  • These compact wire rope isolators are cost effective and durable
  • Its metal design is suitable for even a hostile environment
  • These isolators are perfect for sensitive equipments
  • Also suitable for temperatures ranging from -100º to 260ºC

Application of compact wire rope isolators

Our Compact Wire Rope Series products are used in the following applications:

  • Disk drives
  • Medical equipment
  • Sensitive mobile electronics
  • Electronic cabinets
  • Small pumps & motors
  • Shipment of sensitive items

Spring hangers for vibration isolation of suspended equipments

Spring hangers are anti vibration hangers that provide effective vibration isolation for suspended equipments. These isolation hangers effectively isolate the transmission of vibration and sound from the machine to the surrounding structure. These vibration hangers have always been used as pipe supports and hangers by every piping engineer. In case some rigid supports are not taking the load due to its thermal movement or creating bad effect to equipment in connection, the piping engineers suggest the use of a spring hanger pipe supports to share the loads and to keep the piping system safe and secure.

Selection of appropriate type of spring hangers for any given application depends completely upon the individual piping configuration and job requirements. Hanger spring isolators prevent many installation errors by allowing a degree of freedom of movement of piping thus frequently eliminating the need of using flexible hose connections.

Applications of spring isolation hangers

Typically the spring isolation hangers are used in suspended applications like Acoustical Ceiling, Air Handling Units, Air Conditioner, Axial Fans, Blowers, Cooling and Heating Equipment, Ductwork, Exhaust System, Fan Coil Unit, Fans, Lighting Fixtures, Mechanical Equipment, Pipe Work, Platform, etc.

Andre HVAC International Inc is a leading manufacturer of various isolation hangers, spring hangers and spring brackets for the purpose vibration and sound isolation. So, depending on your application and the job that needs to be done, we offer you a customized hanger springs.

Vibration isolation through rubber bushes for machine

Rubber bushes are a type of vibration isolators or vibration dampening mounts made of fully rubber-metal bonded, with the rubber compound bonded to both top and bottom metallic. These rubber bushes feature a special process to accommodate high resistance of stresses that occurs during machine operation. The rubber bushes are designed to eliminate high frequencies, noise while also supporting high vibration loads in vertical direction. It acts as an isolating interface between two parts, thus damping the energy transmitted through the bush.

A common application of rubber bushes are in vehicle suspension systems, where a rubber bush separates the faces of two metal objects while allowing a certain amount of flexibility. A rubber bush may also be described as a flexible mounting or anti-vibration mounting.

One of the major advantage of a rubber bush, is it allows less or no noise and vibration transmission. Another advantage is that these rubber bushes are they require little or no lubrication.

Applications of Rubber Bushes:

  • Rubber Bushes are used as vibrations rubber mounts in small portable genets.
  • Motors can be easily mounted in many special purpose machines using these rubber bushes.
  • These rubber bushes are used for mounting hard-disk drives in server cabinet stand prevents external vibrations from entering and damaging the HDD.

Andre HVAC International Inc, a leading manufacturer of anti-vibration pads and isolation equipments offers a wide range of rubber bushes. These rubber vibration bushings are manufactured in a wide range of metric sizes to suit the majority of industrial applications. Alternatively, we also manufacture rubber bushes in unique sizes or materials to suit your requirements. The rubber bushes manufactured can operate in compression or shear applications. These rubber bushes provide low natural frequencies for absorbing high vibrations. The rubber bushes are made from natural rubber to achieve the required vibration isolation and environmental conditions. The rubber bushes are designed to absorb vertical and horizontal vibrations in these machines.

How to reduce vibration by selecting the correct anti- vibration pads for industrial machine

Vibrations are produced by all industrial machinery and these vibrations can be quite damaging to the internal parts, bearing, gears and shafts of the machine. Hence, it is essential to block all the high amplitude vibrations generated by these machines. There are a number of vibration pads for machines available in the market for the sole purpose of dampening sound and vibration. One needs to select the right vibration pad for machinery to solve the problem.

For instance Vibrations in generators can travel through an entire building structure and cause a lot of nuisance to the building inhabitants. Similarly, a large compressor mounted on a factory rooftop can create massive vibrations during intermittent start-ups and stops. While you can reduce vibrations in these machines by following proper maintenance schedules, the fact is that eventually when the machine like the generator, compressor, motor, pumps etc gets older, the maintenance costs and maintenance downtime increases. In such a scenario vibrations are not totally avoidable. The machines will tend to vibrate. But, what can be done is mounting the machine on anti Vibration mat or anti vibration pads. The machine pads are made from vibration absorbing materials like springs or rubber or neoprene for effective vibration dampening. The major advantage of these anti vibration pads are that they effectively isolate all vibrations being produced by the machine. Thus, the vibrations produced by the machine are not transmitted beyond the anti vibration pads and can greatly be controlled, absorbed and isolate the harmful and annoying vibrations that gets transmitted from these machines.

Andre HVAC International offers a wide variety of anti vibration pads and isolation equipments like rubber isolation pads, neoprene pads, neoprene cork pads, vibration suppression pads etc for industrial machines. So, depending on the requirement we can offer our clients with vibration pads for machine that’s suitable, reasonable and reliable.


Andre HVAC International Inc’s spring mount isolators

Vibration and noise from a machine will surely affect the life span of any equipment, as well as cause undesirable sound disturbances to the surrounding area. To limit or avoid such nuisance, Spring Mount Isolators are designed to reduce these issues. There is a wide variety of spring isolation mounts and hangers that assist in the eliminating the transmission of vibration, and noise over a variety of applications like engine gen-sets and small fans to heavy duty HVAC equipment and industrial machinery.

So, while equipments like spring isolation mounts are used to reduce the transfer of noise, shock and vibration produced by mechanical, industrial or process equipment into or within a building structure. Spring vibration isolation hangers are designed to reduce the transfer of vibration and noise from suspended equipment and systems.  Typically, spring mounts and isolators are used in applications like pumps, fans, cooling towers, rooftop units, chillers, boilers, compressors, etc

Andre HVAC International Inc offers a wider range of spring mount isolators for industrial applications. Designed with precision to suit the applications in need and to meet the purpose of isolation, our professionals offer you the best possible spring vibration isolators.

Spring mountings, an ideal vibration eliminator for industrial application

Spring mounts are vibration isolators used in industrial applications as high frequency vibration eliminators.   Andre HVAC International Inc is a leading manufacturer offering a wide range of Spring Mountings that are applicable in various industries and are appreciated for their excellent performance and durability. Designed from high quality raw material, these Spring Mountings, also known as anti vibration mounts are offered to customers at competitive prices.

Spring mounts come in a wide variety. Below are some of the types of anti- vibration spring mounts available in the market-

  • Spring mountings with damper

Spring Mountings with damper are isolation mounts that are individually designed and engineered to provide effective spring stiffness and system damping for proper operation of the mounted equipment.

  • Open spring mountings

Open spring mountings are a unique product designs that are widely used to isolate vibration from every conceivable type of rotating and reciprocating machine. In machines where control of transient motion is required open spring mounting are to be used in conjunction with viscous dampers.

  • Enclosed spring mountings

Enclosed spring mountings are vibration isolators designed primarily for building services applications where the control of low frequency vibration & noise emanating from mechanical equipments is critical. The rubber & steel housing enclosed spring mountings are ideal isolation equipments as per industry standards.

  • Double spring mountings with viscous damper

Double spring mountings with viscous damper are ideal to suppress vibrations. These spring isolators feature

  • Easy installation
  • High performance
  • Minimal compression
  • Excellent performance

High Performance wire rope isolators for vibration and shock

Wire rope isolators are vibration isolation equipments used in a wide variety of industrial applications. These high performance wire rope isolators are designed with stainless steel cable and aluminum retaining bars that provide excellent vibration isolation. The wire rope vibration isolators are corrosion resistant, making them environmentally friendly, durable and offering high-performance in a variety of applications. In addition to this, these wire rope isolators are completely resistant to oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone, and temperature extremes.

The wire rope isolator absorbs shock and vibration from mechanical equipments in operation. Their single point mounting offers flexibility for integration into existing products. With versatile mounting options, crimping patterns, and size variation, it can help your systems meet all requirements for industrial, defense, and commercial uses.  These wire rope vibration mounts and isolators can be used on components where motors and fans produce vibrations onto surrounding structures. They can also be used to control vibration and thermal expansion.

Applications of wire rope isolators

Ideally these equipments are used in all types of military applications, rough terrain vehicles, industrial and medical equipment, shipping containers, aircraft etc. These wire rope shock isolators and vibration isolators are perfect for most of the industrial application today and can be customized to the clients need.

Benefits of wire rope isolators

  • Wire rope isolators provide excellent shock and vibration isolation.
  • These wire isolators’ posses’ high damping ratio.
  • These equipments are extremely rugged construction and are highly durable.
  • These vibration isolation wire ropes are resistant to chemical agents, seawater, ozone, UV rays, etc.
  • The wire rope vibration isolators offer a wide variety of possible fittings.
  • These equipments are easy to install and very economic.

Andre HVAC International Inc, a leading wire rope isolator manufacturer offers you the best isolation solution to your industrial equipments. The Vibrations and shock emitted from machine are studied using various techniques and analyzed to predict their detrimental effect on the equipment and structures. Accordingly, depending on the requirement and suitability of application in use we customize equipments to your need.

Seismic control solutions for the mechanical and electrical equipments

Seismic mounts are seismic isolation device used in mechanical equipments for supporting the structure in an event of seismic disturbance.  These seismic vibration isolators or mounts are designed to combine the spring mount vibration isolation with multi-directional flexible restraint to limit equipment movement under a seismic disturbance. During the normal operation, the mountings provide vibration isolation just as similar to open spring mountings but, when subjected to physical displacements such as those caused by the seismic forces, equipment motion relative to the supporting structure is restricted. The maximum restraint capacity of each mounting type movement limits to less than 12mm along any major axis. By selecting the right equipment, the integrated seismic mountings will allow conformance to the design requirements and the International seismic codes.

Floor or stand mounted equipment are often subject to high G forces during a seismic event. The amount of force that the equipment will bare depends on how it is installed, where in the building it is installed, and the project location. Since, all major equipment on a project must be reviewed for seismic forces, Andre HVAC International Inc provides the client with detailed installation drawings and anchorage calculations in accordance to their project’s seismic specification.

Andre HVAC International Inc is a leading seismic isolator manufacturer offering a wide range of seismic spring mounts for a full range of applications, including rubber seismic mount, seismic restrained isolator and cable restraints, which are used in conjunction with spring or rubber hangers for the seismic restraint of suspended piping and equipment. So, depending on the project requirement, we design and develop seismic isolation units for the clients.