Spring Isolators for industrial equipments

Spring isolators are known to be the most powerful tools for preventing transmission of vibrations from heavy machinery to the ground and walls. Tools like spring hangers are used to block vibration which is also a key element to noise control. This is crucial for industrial applications located near populated areas, to limit structure borne noise and vibration. Installation of these spring isolation hangers minimizes the vibration and noise impact on machinery’s and other equipment, thus offering them a long shelf-life. The typical applications of spring hangers include fans, air conditions, distribution pipes and ducts. 

Choosing the right anti vibration hanger

Anti- vibration hangers comes in wide variety, depending on different applications, tasks and loads. So, depending on the requirement, one can select from the wide variety of HVAC vibration hangers, pipe spring hangers, spring ceiling hangers etc for effective isolation.

Andre HVAC International Inc. is a market leader in offering specialized noise and vibration isolation equipment to customers across various industries. Factories, workshops and other institutions that use heavy machinery in production require isolation technology to comply with noise laws and to prevent high frequency noise. We offer them our specialized anti-vibration solutions that are designed to suit their needs. Our company has years of experience in offering our customers with the best isolation equipment for their needs.  Our professionals engineer vibration isolation equipments customized to the requirement of every client to meet their expectations.

Ways to tackle the nuisance of noise and vibrations from generators

Vibration isolation pads are equipments employed for flexible mounting of generators, pumps, electrical panels, compressors, engines and other industrial machines. These rubber isolation pads help dampen the vibrations and noise produced in the machine. The Vibration Pads are designed to suite for damping vibrations in generators weighing from anywhere between 20 Kgs to 20,000 Kgs.

By mounting the generators on rubber isolation pads, the vibration movements are safely damped. The Vibration Pads are designed to absorb vertical and horizontal vibrations in these machines. In addition this, these anti-vibration rubber pads are even rust proof and oil proof.

Given below are some of the benefits of Vibration isolation pads for generators:

  • Generator Vibration is typically in the frequency range of 50-60 Hz. For such high frequency vibration, rubber isolation pads are suitable for isolating 90% of the disturbing vibration frequencies.
  •  The anti-vibration pads for generators are uniquely designed for a safe and fail proof protection from noise and vibration.
  • They are designed to absorb Horizontal, Vertical and Rotational generated by machine.
  • The anti-vibration rubber pads have a very compact design offering better stability.
  • These rubber isolation pads are available in different sizes and can absorb vibrations in generators ranging from the smaller generator to a huge generation unit.
  • These are low maintenance pads. So, once installed the life of the vibration pad is the as much as the generator itself.
  • The anti-vibration pads for generators are very economical and easy to install.
  • Anti-vibration pads for generators prevent vibrations from damaging electrical switches and electrical panels.

Andre HVAC International Inc is the leading manufacturer of anti-vibration pads and vibration rubber mounts for industrial and commercial machines. So if you are interested in buy an anti-vibration rubber pad do give us a call or drop us a mail.

Andre HVC International Inc’s anti-vibration mounting system

Vibration isolation is the key element that limits the transmission of energy from the vibrating equipment and machines in the industry. Often high frequency vibration and noise causes’ premature wear and tear, loosens fastening hardware, and generally disrupts smooth functioning of mechanical operation.

Capable of sustaining high vibration frequencies, here is a range of anti-vibration rubber mounts that offer effective isolation. Featuring high load bearing capacity these anti-vibration mounts are sure offer the best isolation to equipments from high frequency noise and vibration.

Andre HVAC International Inc manufactures a wide range of anti-vibration pads and mounts for varied industrial and commercial application. Among all the equipments our anti-vibration mounts represent one of the many successful product lines that we manufacture. Characterized by the quality of their construction and attractive pricing, these anti-vibration mounts have become popular and are in widespread use today at companies around the globe.

Designed to produce zero-defect product, our anti-vibration mounts undergo thorough inspection and maintenance to ensure the highest degree of quality on every production run. Our custom-developed vibration rubber mounts are engineered to suit application as per the client need. To suit the needs of individual applications, we customize these anti-vibration mounts in different sizes and varied specification.

So, if you are interested in buying these mounts for your application or learn more about the product, then do give us a call immediately. We will be pleased to help you.

What are rubber bushings and how do they help in vibration isolation?

Rubber bushing is a kind of vibration isolator that serve as an interface between two mechanical parts, acting as a buffer and absorbing the energy produced by the two parts in motion. These bushings basically act as buffer that separates two parts while allowing them limited movement. This helps in minimizing the nuisance of vibration and noise produced in a machine.

Rubber bushings come in a variety of forms. They are designed into a cylinder shape and are encased in metal cases or in an outer tube. These rubber bushings are often preferable to solid connections as noise and vibration are limited. Also, installing of rubber bushing eliminate the use of lubrication between two parts.

Rubber bushings are widely used in a wide variety of application. Initially, they were used in anti-roll bars, shock absorber mountings, double wishbone suspensions, gear sticks and in the internal combustion engines of some cars. Eventually, these bushings were used in various other industrial application that generated vibration and noise.

Rubber bushings are also be used as shock absorbers, vibration insulators and abrasion resistors. Used with wires, pipes and tubing, these rubber bushings act as a seal. They are also used to help transfer load from one area in a structure to another, thus reducing strain.

Andre HVAC International Inc is a leading manufacturer of vibration isolator.  They offer a wide variety of rubber bushing depending on the specific requirement of the clients. If you are interested in learning more about the product or any other product, contact us today.

Vibration dampening sandwich mounts for various industrial & commercial application

Vibration dampening Sandwich Mounts have an excellent capacity for energy control. This makes it an ideal tool for protecting equipment and machinery against high frequency vibration & noise. Constructed with high-strength bonds and specially compounded elastomeric, these vibration dampingsandwich mounts feature a high load-carrying capacity, durability and good reliability. The sandwich mounts are available in the market in three size groups for varying applications. That is small, medium, and large. So, depending on the application one can select the right size.

Given below are some of the benefits and features of vibration dampening sandwich mounts –

  • They are much more economical than any other equipment in the market.
  • The vibration dampening mounts feature a high load bearing capacity.
  • These mounts are compact and lightweight.
  • Sandwich mounts are highly durable equipments.
  • They are easy to use and install in most applications.
  • Sandwich mounts do not require much maintenance & care.


The typical application of vibration dampening sandwich mounts are listed below –

  • Heating machines
  • Ventilating and air conditioning equipment
  • Light motors
  • Commercial appliances
  • Shipping containers
  • Feeders
  • Compactors and vibratory rollers and various other industrial equipments.


Andre HVAC International Inc is a leading manufacturer of vibration and shock dampening isolators. The Sandwich Mounts designed by us, offer better protection to the equipment and machinery against the damaging vibration. These vibration isolation mounts manufactured have excellent capacity for energy control. Constructed to offer effective dampening, these mounts provide high load-carrying capacity and assure long working life of the machine. These simple and easy to use mounts provide low-cost mounting systems which are compact, lightweight, easy to install and maintenance free. These sandwich mounts are available in three sizes to suit a variety of industrial applications in the market.


What are rubber vibrations mounts?

Rubber anti-vibration mounts, rubber vibration dampers and rubber isolation mounts are all used for the same purpose that is isolation of high frequency noise and vibration. In any industry a large machine such as a pump, compressor or industrial engine produces noise and vibrations. These vibrations can cause damage to equipment, prematurely wear out machines and create unsafe working conditions. Eventually this can affect the product quality and can even bring plant production to a complete stall. To protect your machinery, from such damage, rubber isolation mounts are necessary. These devices help reduce the amplitude and frequency of the vibration created by the machinery.

A properly sized rubber anti-vibration mounts will significantly reduce the vibration, shock and noise created by the machine thus increasing the life span of the machine.  These vibration rubber mounts creates a resilient connection to the machine and transfers the energy from the machine onto the mount which thus dampens the vibrations and shocks. Vibration damping mounts are commonly made with an elastomeric such as natural rubber which is bonded to a metal. This rubber vibration mount is then attached to a machine such as a generator that helps lower the natural frequency of the machine below the disturbing frequency, all without affecting the performance of the machine.

While an inappropriate sized mount might reduce the higher frequency vibration or noise, but the lower frequency conditions may amplify, resulting in worsening the condition. Hence it is important to select the right anti-vibration mount for your application.

Vibration mounts come in a wide variety of range. So, depending on your application in use one must accordingly select the right vibration mounts. For instance marine engine mounts are used as rubber vibration isolators in industrial applications such as diesel generators and engines. While, rubber cylindrical mounts also known as rubber bobbin mounts are used in light weight applications for isolation of shocks and vibrations.

The Common applications of rubber vibration mounts are pumps, roll mills, CNC machinery, military equipment, washing machines, industrial engines, HVAC systems, Aviation equipment, compressors, shipping containers, defense equipment and much more.

Andre HVAC International Inc offers the highest quality rubber vibration mounts and isolators at the most reasonable price. Here the mounts and isolators are made with the best materials for high durability and prolonged life span of your equipment. So, in case you are replacing worn out vibration mounts or have a special mounting requirement, we have it all to provide you with the best noise, vibration and shock isolation. Get in touch with us for any noise, vibration and shock isolation requirement and we will provide you with the best solution, customized to your specific application need.

Rubber in shear isolators for effective vibration dampening

Rubber in Shear isolators are used in a number of heavy industrial equipment such as compactors hammers for excavators, crushers and generators. A rubber in shear isolator is installed in a machine to dampen the extreme shocks, high frequency noise and vibration. These isolators are composed of two metal parts with elastomeric compound in between that helps to absorb high level of G’s. These shear mounts help provide cost effective vibration isolation, noise control and protection for a number of industrial applications.

The rubber in shear isolators are specially designed & developed for offering outstanding ability to absorb the heat generated by the vibrations of applications. It offers shear and compression to most application and guarantees good performance of the machine. It is made into a variety of shapes and with different load bearing capacity. Besides, the internal damping effect is bigger than steel springs, reducing excitation frequency of about 10 Hz.

The application of this rubber in shear isolator includes engine containers, highway rollers, , HVAC equipment, generator sets, missile component containers, crushers and generators, vibratory compactors, hammers for excavators and much more.

Andre HVAC International offers you a wide range of rubber in shear isolators customized and built to suit your application. So, depending on your requirement, just give us a call and we will provide you with the best solution for effective vibration and noise isolation equipments for your machine.

Rubber bushings, an effective isolator for heavy duty industrial application

Anti vibration bushings also known as bushes or center bonded bushings that are rubber to metal bonded bushing mounts built for absorption of extreme static and dynamic forces in industrial & commercial applications. These rubber bushings are typically used in applications where the absorption of shock, attenuation of noise, limiting of the wear and tear and where elimination of lubrication is required.

The rubber bushings are designed to be loaded radially and utilize a soft torsion spring to provide freedom in rotation. They provide positive torsion positioning and pivot action under the most demanding operational conditions. But, while the high radial restraint maintains the alignment between joined parts, they are not intended for the use in applications where there is extreme rotational motion. So, the typical applications include, vibratory feeders, mobile power equipment and vibratory cable layers

At Andre HVAC International Inc, our fully bonded rubber bushings are designed of rubber compound, bonded to both inner and outer sleeves. These bushing vibration isolators are designed to eliminate high frequency vibration and noise, while supporting high loads in all directions. Also, the bushings are pre-loaded using a special process that assures a high resistance to the stresses involved during the operation.

The rubber bushes are manufactured in a wide range of metric sizes to suit a lot of industrial applications. We also sell these bushings designed in unique materials to suit your application requirements. Easy to install, the uncomplicated designs of the rubber bushings provide high strength bonding that assure, effective isolation and extended service life all at economical rate.

The typical application of these rubber bushing include vehicle engines, flexible joints, motor vehicles, auxiliary equipment, military, light and heavy duty equipment, farm, drilling equipment, harvesters, combines, cooling towers, earth moving machinery, general machinery,  industrial and construction machinery.

Rubber grommet isolators for commercial & industrial applications

Grommet rubber isolator is an effective and economical vibration isolation tool for light loads or applications. These grommet rubbers are suitable for commercial and military applications like computers, disk drives, business machines, precision instrumentation and general industrial equipments that require vibration isolation.

Andre HVAC International Inc is a leading vibration and shock absorbing manufacturer who specializes in manufacturing grommet rubber isolators for vibration isolation of various industrial and commercial application. These grommet rubber isolators are designed and produced with the same kind of precision and care as any high performing elastomeric mounts. It provides close control of stiffness and dimensions, thus offering great performance and quality, all that you need at low cost.

The rubber grommet helps eliminate sharp edges so your wires or sensitive components are protected and that in turn greatly helps in reducing the stress and chance for premature failure. In addition to this, the rubber grommets enhances the aesthetic value of your unit or application, giving a nice clean look to virtually any application.

Andre HVAC International Inc produces a number of standard grommets and custom grommets in a variety of materials to suit your application and ensure a long lasting performance. So, the standard grommet isolators are made of neoprene and natural rubber that provide good vibration isolation for disturbing frequencies above 30 Hz. While, the damped grommet isolators are made of elastomeric that are well suited for applications which involve limited sway space.

Features and Benefits of rubber grommet

  • Rubber grommet isolators are economical
  • They offer improved reliability & performance in an environment where there is harsh vibration and shock.
  • These rubber grommets are rust, water and oil resistant.
  • The rubber grommet not only offers effective vibration isolation and shock protection for light load application, but also offers better space saving. 

In case you are unable to get the right size of rubber grommet, we at Andre HVAC International Inc can customize it to your needs. So hurry up and contact us! We have the ability to produce any custom size vibration isolators to fit your exact application need.


HVAC mounts for vibration isolation

Andre HVAC International Inc is a specialist in manufacturing anti-vibration HVAC rubber mounts and isolators for both industrial & commercial application. We have a wide variety of corrosion-resistant products to isolate Heat, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) equipment. These high end isolators are manufactured using rubber, springs and various other materials, specially designed for effective vibration isolation.

All industrial and commercial machinery which by virtue of its design have reciprocating or rotating parts, create high frequency noise and vibration. This especially occurs due to the imbalance in the moving parts of the machine. Thus vibration produced by  machines ultimately lead to different problems such as high frequency noise & shock, wear & tear of machine, reduction in the machine’s life and so on. Andre HVAC International Inc has been developing different ranges of HVAC mounts that can solve problems like the ones described above.

So taking into account the data of the machine like weight, mount positions, type of machine, center of gravity, frequency of excitation, etc., Andre HVAC designs appropriate anti-vibration mount solution for each case. The proposed solutions are commonly taken using following types of anti-vibration HVAC mounts:


  • Rubber mounts

HVAC rubber mounts are anti- vibration isolators designed to isolate or dampen lower frequency vibration & noise for various applications.  The load capacity of these mounts can vary depending on the size of machine in use.

  • Air Mounts

The low frequency air mounts are specifically designed to maintain a certain static deflection for very long periods of time. These mounts offer consistency and reliability. Also, their structural design is more advantageous than the typical air mounts that are usually used.

  • Spring Mounts

Spring mounts are isolators that are weather resistant and support low natural frequencies. The load ratings of these mounts range from light weight to heavy duty, including seismic applications as well. These spring mounts are highly impact resistant.  In addition to this, the deflections are also easily checked through the casings, and are useful for quick and easy installation.