Vibration dampener pads for solving vibration issues in a washing machine

Many front-loading washers vibrate because of their superfast rotation creating a lot of nuisance. Especially if the washing machine is based on a wood-framed floor, they can make the floor and the house itself shake and could possibly end up cracking the tiles. However this vibration problem can be eliminated with the help of a washing machine vibration dampener pads.

A good washing machine vibration dampener pad is specially designed for your front load washer and dryer for effective isolation of high frequency vibration. The solid rubber pad are designed to reduce the transfer of vibration up to nearly 90%. These washing machine vibration dampener pads can help prevent washers from creating nuisance of noise and movements caused due to heavy vibration. This can also eliminate the need to reinforce upper level floors. These pads can be used with top load washers. The recess in these pad ensures that the feet stays in place, while also allowing ample space for level adjustment.

Andre HVAC offers top-end washing machine vibration dampener pad that is a revolutionary solution to all the vibration. By just installing an anti-vibration pad the vibration problems can significantly be reduced. These pads are significantly different from other isolation products in the market mainly because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce the vibration. Andre HAVC has developed an extensive range of washing machine vibration dampener pads that have been extensively tested and comes out with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Vibration Dampening Pads

Vibration dampening pads are used in industrial applications to absorb mechanical energy for the overall system protection. Using a vibration dampening pad in equipment’s can help isolate the vibration from the source. Dampening is a function of mass, frequency, surface area, and other factors including temperature.

Vibration damping pads are made from a range of materials, one of the more common materials is the rubber pads which are made in a variety of densities and thicknesses that allow for fine tuning. These rubber vibration dampening pads have excellent rebound over a long time frame making it more reliable than any other material.

These damping pads are installed at the source of vibration in the machine or equipment so that they act in compression.  This rubber damping pad serves to increase the damping of the structure, and suppress any form of high frequency vibration or noise induced in machine.  Installing of the damping pad slightly increase the flexibility of the base on which it is installed and can result in slightly higher lateral deflections when installed in the equipment/machine that is subjected to external loadings.

Features of vibration damping pads

  • These damping pads are impervious to most oils and solvents.
  • They are resistant to effects of steam, water, mildew etc.
  • Made of high quality material these pads offer effective damping.
  • Reasonably priced, these vibration damping pads are the best isolators for vibration.


Application & principles of anti-vibration mountings

Anti-vibration mountings installed in machines and equipment’s help minimize the level of vibration transmitted from a system to its surrounding area. Alternatively these vibration mounts are used to protect the fragile equipment from the external vibrations. The amplitude of vibration of the system itself does not decrease and must therefore needs to move with the vibration.

 Generally anti- vibration mountings should be selected to provide at least 70% isolation, with not more than 30% transmission, against the lowest disturbing frequency of the

Application & principles of anti-vibration mountings

Application & principles of anti-vibration mountings

system. Whereas, in case of static applications the maximum recommended strain in the rubber is 15% in compression and 30% in shear.  Also, certain rubber-to-metal bonded mountings are used in shock applications to absorb energy, and compression strain levels of up to 30% which are acceptable in this type of application.

So, while there is an external force of energy maintaining the vibration of the system, anti-vibration mounts incorporating rubber reduce the amplitude of vibration that is passed in to the surrounding structure. In such a case the system is said to have a degree of isolation. If the amplitude of vibration of the given system progressively reduces, the system is then said to be damped. That is there is no external source of energy maintaining the amplitude of vibration and thus the system ceases to vibrate.


Anti-vibration gourmet for effective vibration isolation

Professionally designed to isolate sensitive instrumentation from unpredictable high frequency vibration and shock, anti-vibration gourmet engineered to flex as required to dampen all the unwanted noise or vibration. Formed with specially designed shoulder screws these anti-vibration grommets offers good spacing while also allowing the screw to be fully tightened.

Anti-vibration gourmet are isolators that not only provide effective but also economical vibration isolation for light load equipment’s and machines. They are ideal for commercial and military applications including computer, disk driver, business machines, precision instrument and general industrial equipment. These specialized isolators are designed and produced with the same kind of precision instrumentation and general industrial equipment’s.

Anti-vibration gourmets are designed and produced with great precision and care as that of our high performance elastomeric mounts used in industrial machines for isolation of vibration. This isolator provides close control of stiffness and dimension and provides the best performance and quality, all that you need at an extremely reasonable cost.


  • These anti-vibration gourmets are economical, user friendly and of high quality
  • They offer improved reliability in environment where harsh vibration and shock occur.
  • The anti-vibration gourmet offer good spacing.
  • They are oil & water resistant
  • These isolators are ideal for effective vibration isolation and shock protection especially for light loaded commercial industrial applications.

Anti-Vibration Pads for isolation of industrial machines

Anti-vibration Pads are used in a number of industrial equipment’s like elastic mounting of machines, generators, pumps, electrical panels, compressors, engines and many other industrial machinery. These isolation pads are suitable for damping vibrations in machines weighing anywhere from 10 Kgs to 20,000 Kgs. By mounting the machines on anti-vibration pads, the vibrational movements are damped by the elastomer or pneumatic damper. These anti-vibration rubber pads are designed to absorb vertical and horizontal vibrations in these machines.

Steps to select the right anti-vibration pads for your machine-

  • Select the industrial machine like generator, compressor, pump, motor etc. for which you need vibration damping pads.
  •  Then select the number of mounting locations for the machine along with all attached accessories available. The number of mounting locations is basically the number of machine feet or machine foundation bolts with the machine.
  •  Calculate the total weight of the machine and then calculate the static and dynamic weight of the machine at each mounting point. Based on these weights select the correct Anti-vibration pad for your application.
  • Check for any special parameters for the anti-vibration pads. For example if you need the anti-vibration pads to be made for mobile applications, if you require the anti-vibration pads to be made suitable for external operations and resistant to weather and climatic conditions, the vibration isolation pads if required can be made rigid or extra soft as per the application, the vibration pads could be made resistant to very high water, acid, oil or diesel flooding, etc.
  • You also need to specify the location of the machine where the anti-vibration pads are to be mounted; that is either on the ground or suspended floors.
  • Specify bolt-size and other mounting requirements for the machine where the anti-vibration pads are to be mounted.


How can an air compressor mounting pads help limit high frequency vibration?

Almost every machine in an industry, work shop, or garage vibrates when in motion.  While in most cases these vibrating machines aren’t harmful, sometimes in case of high frequency vibration can cause machinery to fail and cause pipe fittings and welds to leak. That’s when every compressor must be isolated from vibration with an air compressor mounting pads.  So, when it comes to vibration issues in an air compressor, there are two places that are always a major concern.

Every compressor manufacturer says that you need a vibration isolators or flex hose between the compressor and the pipe system.  It is important that everybody knows how critical they are to the air compressor. The reason being your compressor vibrates at high frequency when the air goes down the pipe.  The vibrations from different sources have different harmonics that vibrate at different frequencies and different amplitudes.  When you don’t isolate the vibrations of different harmonics, it wears off the components much more quickly, resulting in lesser life span of the machine.

Although most compressors are built and tested to withstand its own vibration, but they were not built to withstand different harmonics. There is no way a manufacturer could possibly test all the conditions that a compressor may face especially when having infinite number of possibilities.  Also the problems that we are discussing are not immediate results. They are in fact a long term effect that usually takes a couple of years for the lack of vibration isolation to cause such problem.  However there are also chances that it may never cause a problem.  But investing in an anti- vibration mounting pads, prevent thousands of dollars in broken parts and they surely seem like a no-brainer to me.

Vibration pads where the compressor is mounted

The other place where you have to worry about vibration in an air compressor is where the compressor is mounted.  There should be a rubber pad or foot at the bottom of the compressor.  Sometimes the compressor will come with these pads already installed, but sometimes you will have to add them yourself. If you don’t do this, the weld where the foot of the tank meets will crack.  Again this could take several years, but why make a tank that should last decades only last a few years?  This issue can also be easily avoided with a little bit of investment in compressor mounting pads or sheets.

Handling of excessive vibration with vibration pads of hydraulic presses

If a hydraulic equipment produces excessive vibrations during its course of normal operation, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises down the line, such as decreased performance or can possibly even expect a complete system failure. If nothing else, you will be dealing with increased and potentially dangerous noise levels. Fortunately, there

vibration pads of hydraulic presses

vibration pads of hydraulic presses

are ways to detect and correct the causes of excessive vibration by installing vibration pads of hydraulic presses to keep your hydraulic equipment in top working condition.

Proactive maintenance and routine detection helps in identifying and correcting the root cause of conditions that would otherwise lead to equipment failure. In the case of hydraulic systems, there are two easily detectable symptoms that give early warning to the condition of the system. These symptoms are, high fluid temperature and hydraulic mounting alignment.

One needs to check the hydraulic pumps as they are most of the time the main culprit for excessive vibration in hydraulic systems. Pumps create fluid pulses during operation that causes hydraulic lines to vibrate, increases friction causing damage to hoses and wear and tear of connections. Checking the pump for proper operation is a good first step.

Another most common issue is with the mountings of the system. So, one needs to check all the machinery mountings pads as hydraulic equipment can suffer from both fluid-borne and structure-borne vibrations. Structure-borne vibrations are rare when equipment is new, but they often occur after the system has been worked upon. It is important to check all mountings after any work has been performed to ensure that all parts are secure and in their proper alignment. If your equipment suddenly has a vibration issue after the work has been done, checking the mountings can often provide a quick and effective fix. With proper machine mounting pads the vibration issue can be handled.

If required get a professional opinion.  In case you need help troubleshooting your hydraulic equipment, connect to experts like Andre HVAC. Our expert hydraulic technicians can based on their years of experience identify the cause of the machine vibrations and recommend the required solution. Our professionals will thoroughly test all equipment after work is complete and you can be rest assured of not having any vibration problems at the time of operating your system.


Practical sound & vibration proofing with speaker isolation pads

Often recording musicians face a lot of problems with unwanted noise and vibration. Sound from monitor speakers and instruments can leak into neighbors’ property causing a lot of nuisance. Most precisely, sound is vibrational energy in the audio frequency range that passes through the air, and gets transferred via solids or liquids. Though airborne sound can’t escape directly from an airtight environment, its vibrational energy causes the walls of the surrounding environment to move and they in turn launch new soundwaves which can be heard outside.

In such a case, the best way to limit the sound & vibration is through speaker isolation pads. These vibration absorbing pads & sound dampening pads offers practical sound

vibration dampener pads.

vibration dampener pads.

proofing. Often Professional studio designs build a completely separate inner room inside the existing space, isolated from the original floor with blocks of neoprene pads or even mounted on metal springs. However, professionals say that it is rarely necessary to go to these lengths other than for high-end commercial studios.

In a number of studios built in colleges, they often comprise additional studding and plasterboard walls. But the floors and ceilings are fitted to the existing structure via neoprene vibration isolation pads to prevent vibration being transmitted through the structure. But, since sound isn’t only transmitted through the air and travels through solids, the sound is likely to be audible in any space that the joist passes through. If you can isolate your speakers from the walls or the floor, by using mounting speaker isolation pads you are less likely to have sound passing from room to room via mechanical vibration within the structure. Also, Isolating the partition from the floor and adjoining walls using speaker isolation pads can also improve performance but all air gaps around the edges must be filled with a resilient material such as silicone rubber or expanding foam.

Again in case the noise coming from above is a problem, a suspended ceiling can be a surprisingly unobtrusive and an effective solution. An alternative commercial solutions using springs serves to absorb the vibrations that cause sound in the room below. All that one needs to do is inspect the source of problem and accordingly work on it with vibration dampener pads.


How effective are the anti-vibration pads for washing machines?

Front-loading washing machines can often be noisy and cause extreme vibrations to the point where damage can occurs within the home. So, why suffer from a washer you can’t stop from vibrating when you can buy the latest, revolutionary solution for it. Purchase a set of anti-vibration pads to stop the washing machine walking and creating a havoc in your life. With just fraction of the cost you can isolate the vibration and can add years of peaceful and useful life to your appliance without investing extra money.

Why settle for second-rate rubber mats, or other outdated vibration isolation technology? Our top-rated anti-vibration pad is a revolutionary solution to washing machines. By just installing an anti-vibration pad the vibration problems can significantly be reduced. Anti-vibration isolation pads boasts of an unparalleled 90% vibration reduction even at the top spin speed. These vibration pads are significantly different from other isolation products in the market plainly because it is the only product that uses a true isolator to reduce the vibration. Andre HAVC has developed an extensive range of anti-vibration pads that have been extensively tested and comes out with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

When it comes to drastically reducing front-loading washing machine vibration, the anti-vibration pads for washing machine has developed the definitive anti-vibration solution. Utilizing a system specifically designed to eliminate vibration levels attributed to many front-loading washing machine units, Andre HVAC’s Anti-Vibration pads represents the premier in anti-vibration technology by reducing vibration levels at a spin speed that is as much as 90%.

Primarily designed to limit or eliminate the transmitted washing machine vibration that is felt by the users, the Anti-Vibration pads offers front-loading washing machine owners an anti-vibration remedy that outperforms any standard isolation equipment’s available in the market. The utilization of this isolation technology allows the owners of front-loading washing machines to significantly reduce the physical effects of washing machine vibration while also limits the transmission of vibrations from the machine into the surrounding structure.


How can a washing machine vibration dampener help reduce the vibration & noise nuisance?

Like any other industrial or home applications, washing machine too vibrates during the spin cycle thus shaking the whole house and creating a lot of noise. But you can get them under control with vibration isolation pads or vibration dampening pads. Although in some cases it may seem counterintuitive, but if your washer still happens to vibrate even after being leveled, the solution is not to bolt it to the floor. In fact that will just add more to the noise caused. Instead of connecting the washer to the floor, you rather need to isolate it from the floor. Usually it is the washer’s rubber feet that is supposed to do that, but unfortunately, at a high speed spin, they are unable to do a very good job. However, with the right vibration isolation pads or dampeners the problem can be solved.

Installers use heavy-duty rubber pads under furnaces and blowers.  Companies like Andre HVAC make pad specifically for front-loading washing machines to absorb the vibration. Installing these pads is a simple three-step process. Start by lifting each corner of the machine and slip in a rubber isolation pad under each foot. Mark each of the rubber pad location on the floor. Then lift the washer out of the way so that you can apply the adhesive discs and mount the pads to the floor.

Produced from a unique design of stacked neoprene, a synthetic rubber that is also found in products that are as diverse as laptop covers, car fan belts and wet-suits, these non-vibration pads are resistant to detergents and bleach and easily manage to outlive your washing machines life shelf! Highly rated by users, have told us that up to 99% of floor vibration has been eliminated after the fitment of these dampers that have made them so popular. The pads cleverly allow the machine’s feet to embed over a period of few days after which they time a perfect bond between the washer and pad.

These multi-core pads have received wide and positive coverage among many users. Designed and manufactured by a highly respected company; Andre HVAC who are one of the leaders in this field, have specialized in industrial vibration absorbing pads and noise reduction solutions. They have been successfully offering these products to a wide variety of industries & home application users for over years.