The importance of the vibration dampening pads for protection and noise control

Vibrations can cause noise in a machine which may be irritating to the people in the surroundings. Excessive vibrations may result in parts of the machine rubbing against each other. In the long run, the rubbing can result in breakage or breakdown of the machine. The vibration dampening pads can be used to isolate the parts of the machine or absorb vibrations.

Why we use vibration control pads? Vibrations are a part and parcel of our everyday life. They are necessary for generation of sound for communication and say listening to music. They are also used for generation of heat. But the vibrations are harmful to machines and equipment. That is why we resort to the use of vibration absorbing pads and anti-vibration sheets for vibration dampening pads protection. The vibration control pads absorb the mechanical energy and help in overall system protection. The absorbed energy is dissipated in the form of low-level heat by the vibration dampening pad. The dampening depends upon a number of factors like the mass, frequency of vibration, and the surface area and hence the selection of the vibration absorber has to be done carefully.

Rubber cork sandwich pads: It is almost a century ago when the rubber and cork combination was found to offer a reduction in vibration and noise. The rubber cork pad comprises of a cork layer sandwiched between two layers of rubber. Suitable ribbing is provided in the rubber portion to avoid slippage. The ribbing in the rubber cork pad can lead to loading of the cork and a waffle design is used in the rubber to increase the load bearing area. Special elastomeric rubber materials like neoprene can offer resistance to ageing water and oil. The neoprene cork pads can thus suitably handle harsher environments. While the neoprene vibration isolation pads are known for resiliency, its combination with cork provides superior sound isolation.

Other anti-vibration products: The anti-vibration grommets are used to isolate laboratory instruments and other sensitive equipment from unpredictable vibration and shock. The grommet comprises of a rubber isolation pad/grommet with a special shoulder screw to ensure correct spacing and full tightening. The TICO anti-vibration pads provide a good vibration damping performance. They use a fluted elastomer element sandwiched between two cork pads. The cork layers prevent slippage and the elastomer provides the damping.

Vibration damping systems: In vibration isolation system the natural frequency of the mechanical system is lowered below its excitation frequency. The natural and excitation frequencies do not synchronize and hence, resonance is not caused. This reduces the amount of vibrations and linked problems. The Vibration damper works on taking the energy out of the system. By increasing the damping you can reduce the vibration and noise. In a good vibration damping system, the leftover energy is converted into a small amount of heat that is dissipated. The damping system also improves the fatigue life of the mechanism or structure.

Andre HVAC International Inc., which is based in Ontario Canada, is one of the leading anti-vibration pad suppliers. You can source the entire range of anti-vibration rubber pads and a wide variety of vibration pads for machines from them.

The importance of seismic restraint isolators and mounts in everyday life

The seismic activity arising out of earthquakes, tsunami and terror strikes can result in heavy destruction and loss of human life. In hospitals and medical emergency areas, there are people who are on life support systems and any disconnection from the emergency equipment can result in the loss of life. seismic spring mounts Thus, the seismic restrained isolators are used for the mounting of emergency equipment and life support systems to restrict their displacement during an earthquake. The selection of the vibration isolators and their anchoring is normally designed by professional engineers.

Here are the characteristics of the seismic restrained isolators:

  • They provide restraint in all directions with mechanical stops in the vertical direction.
  • The equipment motion as measured at the isolators is limited to 5 mm in all the directions.
  • The free height and operating height is almost constant.
  • Adequate corrosion resistance is provided by the galvanized housing and powder coating on the spring.
  • The spring coils can be interchanged with ease in the work area.
  • Neoprene elastomer is used for the 3-axis snubbing element.

The seismic spring isolators are recommended for large and heavy equipment in seismic zones and wind prone areas. They are ideal for the equipment that is mounted on structural frames or concrete bases. The characteristic feature that allows for a near constant operating height makes the isolators well-suited for boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. The weight variation due to the movement of water in these types of equipment is well accommodated by these seismic restrained isolators.

The restrained seismic spring mounts are designed keeping in mind the dual function that they offer. They combine the vibration isolation feature with the multi-directional restraint to limit the movement of the equipment when seismic activity strikes. When the equipment is operating under normal conditions, the seismic spring mount behaves like any other vibration and noise control isolator. The difference becomes noticeable when it restricts the equipment motion relative to the supporting structure when this kind of displacement force is generated by the seismic activity.

Even in the non-seismic areas, the regulations require the seismic restraint of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. The seismic spring mounts and isolators are available to control the motion of the equipment, piping and ductwork during the seismic activity. You can seek professional help to calculate the anchorage, positioning, and size of the seismic restraints. This part is necessary to adequately restrain the equipment against seismic activity. The project architects and engineers can get in touch with the provider to work out the best possible seismic solution.

Andre HVAC International Inc. offers the wide variety of seismic restrained isolators and seismic spring mounts. They conform to the various standards and international seismic codes. AHI is in the field of vibration isolation and seismic spring mounts since their inception in the year 2003. The tables and charts available through the website allow you to calculate the static deflection and then select the seismic mount according to the equipment load. They also provide you with the necessary support and help to arrive at the right solution.

The exclusive vibration control products to cater to your anti-vibration needs

The vibration isolation mounts and isolators are used to insulate a piece of equipment from the source of vibrations. The vibrations propagate with the help of mechanical waves and cause the supports and base frames to vibrate in harmony. If the natural frequency of the support frame matches that of the induced vibrations, it causes resonance leading to a very high noise.

The anti-vibration manufacturers make use of materials and mechanical linkages that absorb and dampen the mechanical waves. The process is called passive vibration isolation. A wide variety of vibration control products is manufactured using this anti-vibration spring mountsprocess. These include the anti-vibration spring mounts used for a variety of applications like HVAC, fans, pumps, and motors etc. Let us look at these different types of vibration isolation mounts.

The HVAC spring mounts are capable of providing vertical and horizontal deflection of up to one inch. They come with easy installation and mounting options like only caps, lower base and cap, and lower and upper base. The bases are provided with mounting holes while the caps can easily locate into female slots in the equipment. The HVAC vibration isolator consists of a helical coil spring and an elastomeric element. This simple arrangement in the HVAC vibration isolators makes them suitable for vibration and noise reduction. They are thus recommended for use in fans, AHUs, pumps, generators and other HVAC equipment.

The anti-vibration machinery mounts are designed to support heavy equipment and absorb any kind of intermittent or continuous vibration. The vibration isolators for the machinery are available in a wide range and cater to the leveling requirements, shock and noise absorption. The isolator mounts effectively increase the service life of the machines with smooth and accurate operations.

The free-standing spring isolators for fans are highly effective for control of both high and low-frequency vibrations. The fans and pumps are capable of generating both types of vibrations and these anti-vibration spring mounts come in quite handy to absorb these vibrations and reduce the noise.  The vibration eliminators are available with a high range of static deflections and load capacities.

The pump vibration isolators are available in both spring and rubber options depending on the customer requirement. The rubber isolators are designed with a mounting base and cap on the top and the rubber element sandwiched between the two. The spring options are available as single or double spring models. The base plate of the anti-vibration motor mount has welded channels to guide the movement of the top plate resting on the springs. These types of anti-vibration spring mounts are suitable for engine and motor-driven pumps, utility sets, reciprocating compressors, engine driven compressor sets and refrigeration machines.

Andre HVAC international Inc. welcomes you with its wide range of anti-vibration mountings and isolators. You can browse our website online for easy online purchasing, pricing and availability. We have the largest selection of spring vibration isolators, pump isolators, HVAC spring mounts, motor mounts, and fan isolators.

Spring hangers for your piping, HVAC, and ceiling requirements

Ceiling hangers can comprise of spring elements, rubber elements or a combination of both. The use of spring hangers is recommended for locations subjected to impact and very low frequency noise. The hanger springs can provide lower natural frequencies than the designs that have rubber elements alone. When the two are combined the resulting anti-vibration hanger provides acoustic isolation across a wide frequency range.

The spring ceiling hanger consists of a metal bracket, spring with metal cup, and an elastomer element. The anti-vibration hanger can be suspended from a threaded rod that is properly anchored or can be attached directly to a metal or concrete deck. Normally the hanger springs are rated for a one inch Spring hangers for your piping, HVAC, and ceiling requirementsdeflection. The neoprene elastomer element is resilient enough to support one or more layers of the gypsum board that goes into the false ceiling. The spacer bracket which is a part of the spring ceiling hanger holds the vibration hanger rigidly till the gypsum board weight compresses the spring into position.

The metallic spring brackets that house the spring coil and the elastomeric element and made from metal strip bent into a near rectangular shape. They are protected from corrosion by the process of galvanizing or powder coating. Since the spring ceiling hangers are hidden from view, adequate corrosion protection is provided.

The high rise buildings also house the HVAC equipment, piping and ducting. While the HVAC equipment is mounted on the top of the buildings, the piping and ducting crisscrosses the various floors in the building. The designers try to hide the ductwork and piping between the concrete and gypsum ceilings. The problem that can arise is the vibrations carried by these HVAC ducts which can get transmitted to the supporting structures. This can create serious noise problems in the work areas inside the building. The solution lies in the use of HVAC hangers which can isolate the suspended piping or duct from the supporting structure. The deflection of the spring element combined with the resilience of the elastomeric element provides an effective dampening of vibrations.

The pipelines used in the industry, commercial and residential buildings are sometimes used to transport fluids at high temperatures. Since most of these pipes are metallic, they are prone to thermal expansion. If the rigid supports are provided, the pipes tend to deform when they carry the hot fluid. This can cause damage to the installed pipes. To take care of the thermal expansion and return to shape when the fluid temperature becomes normal, the use of pipe spring hangers is recommended. The spring element in the piping spring hangers can get stretched out or get compressed under the thermal movement of the pipe. The hangers provide for free displacement of the pipe in the vertical direction.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has been in the field of anti-vibration hangers and mounts for a good thirteen years now. They not only have the expertise in the field of pipe, ceiling, and HVAC hangers but also have a wide variety of the spring hangers in their manufacturing range.


The vibration protectors for your equipment – rubber mounts and isolators

The anti-vibration rubber mounts and rubber isolators can reduce the level of noise and vibration caused by everyday equipment and machinery in use. The rubber isolation mounts are used in compression to reduce vibration and shock transmission to

Rubber Mounts-RMD-Series

Rubber Mounts-RMD-Series

buildings and support structures and also protect your equipment from damage. The rubber vibration mounts that use the elastomer Neoprene, provide oil resistance and increased durability. The single deflection shear hangers come in handy for sound and vibration absorption in suspended HVAC equipment and ceilings.

The rubber vibration isolators are used for equipment like pumps, motors, compressors, and generators. The rubber mounts and isolators are responsible for creating a flexible connection between the machine and the rigid surface. The vibrations that are generated by the machine get absorbed in the rubber vibration dampening mounts and the transmission to the rigid structure is greatly reduced.

The grommet rubber isolators provide the effective, economical vibration isolation for light loads. They are used for applications like computers, disk drives, precision instruments and general industrial equipment. The HVAC rubber mounts and double deflection rubber shear mounts are recommended for mounting of fans and air conditioner units. The HVAC rubber hangers are useful when the HVAC distribution pipes and ducts are required to be suspended from the ceiling. Depending on the load and deflection requirements the single deflection rubber shear hangers and the double deflection shear hangers are the ideal choices for suspended equipment.

The anti-vibration rubber mounts come in a variety of shapes and applications to suit the application requirement. Some of the shapes are cylindrical, hexagonal, angular, pedestal and sandwich. From the wide variety of shapes and sizes, it is easy for the customer to find the vibration dampening mount that suits his requirement. The rubber mounts and rubber isolators can also take care of the compactor, shock and shear compression requirements of the customer.

The anti-vibration rubber mountings give you the peace of mind as far as the protection

anti-vibration rubber mount

anti-vibration rubber mount

of your equipment from vibration is concerned. The sensitive lab equipment and electronic parts get adequate shielding and run trouble free for a longer life span by the use of anti-vibration rubber mounts. The small cooling fans in the electronic cabinets make use of the fan rubber mounts to douse the vibrations. Thus, the fan vibration dampers, which may be very small in size, play a critical role in enhancing the life of the electronic parts.

The rubber anti-vibration mounts and rubber hangers thus form an integral part of the industry, labs, offices and homes. The vibration isolation rubber and the rubber in shear mounts play an equally important role in the dampening of vibrations in a variety of applications.

Andre HVAC International Inc. has led the way in developing solutions to minimize noise, shock, and vibration for the past twelve years. They are ready to partner with you to develop a solution to meet your requirement. They can do this by way of developing a new application or by capitalizing on their existing vibration management systems. With their well-known range of rubber to metal mounts and hangers, their aim is to improve the quality of your products.

Look out for the Natural forces! Install seismic vibration isolators

The natural calamities are particularly harsh on the human beings when they strike. They cause a lot of damage to the infrastructure and also result in the loss of human life. As human beings, we can only take some preventive actions to make things a bit safer and protect ourselves from the fury of Nature. The earth is crisscrossed by the

Seismic Mounts

Seismic Mounts

seismic zones and the earthquakes strike without warning. By installing the seismic vibration isolators we can reduce the extent of damage that may result from the earthquakes.
The seismic spring mounts are used in the civil construction in the foundations of the buildings in order to make them resistant to the seismic vibrations. The seismic spring isolators are designed to withstand seismic forces up to a magnitude of 2G. The color coding on the seismic mounts indicates the deflection and the load capacity of the springs. For the compliance of the seismic code, a spacer block is provided for the setting of the air gap.
The regulations require the air conditioning equipment to be mounted on the top of the buildings. During an earthquake, there is a likelihood of the HVAC equipment getting dislodged and it can come crashing down along with the ducting. However, with the use of the HVAC vibration isolation products such a situation can be easily avoided. The special seismic mounts and independent seismic restraints are the typical HVAC vibration isolation products suited for this application. The air-conditioning equipment, fans, motors and ducting can be easily secured to the building and ultimately provides adequate safety and protection during the seismic activity.
The seismic spring isolators are designed with a steel body housing which is strong enough to withstand the seismic impact. The top plate mounting design of the seismic mounts makes them suitable for easy installation. There is also a provision for threaded holes in the top plate for securing the equipment to the seismic isolator. Sometimes it is not possible to align the heavy equipment to the bolt holes due to the constraints at the work site. In such typical situations, there is always the option available to weld the equipment mounting surface to the top plate of the isolator.

Normally the seismic isolators are provided with a neoprene element at the core of the snubbing element. Neoprene has the property of withstanding harsh environments and gives a good weathering resistance. It also provides the necessary durability and long life of the isolator. Suitable seismic spring isolators are also available for applications requiring directional snubbing. This makes them reliable for heavy duty conditions also. Zinc metallization on the metal parts protects them from corrosion.

Seismic Mounts-SSR-1-Series

Seismic Mounts-SSR-1-Series

Andre HVAC International Inc. is in the business of seismic mounts and seismic spring isolators for more than a decade. Their products are recommended for use by the civil contractors and equipment installation teams for suitable protection from the seismic activity. By use of the correctly selected seismic isolators, you can keep your equipment, piping, and ducts firmly secured to the building and limit the damage in case of seismic activity.