Make effective use of vibration isolation systems to protect your equipment

Vibrations can be detrimental for your HVAC equipment, precision machines and other systems. You need effective vibration isolatorsand vibration mounts in order to protect your equipment. Each piece of machinery or equipment has its own natural frequency. When the induced vibrations from motors, fans, pumps etc. cause it to vibrate Make effective use of vibration isolation systems to protect your equipmentharmoniously at its natural frequency, resonance is created and produces a heavy noise. This leads to an ultimate damage to the equipment also. The vibration isolation mounts and hangers separate the equipment from the vibration source, thus reducing the impact of the vibrations drastically.

The commonly used anti-vibration products are comprised of springs, neoprene, and fiberglass mounts. With the advancement in technology, a lot of improvements are seen in the elastomer material and its properties. The newly developed elastomers not only absorb the vibration but also convert it into a small amount of energy that is dissipated. These elastomeric compounds are used in the anti-vibration mountings that are readily available from Andre HVAC International Inc.

Today, there is a thrust on the vibration isolation systems that are custom designed to meet the end user requirements. You can find the vibration control workstations, bench-top platforms, and vibration isolation system platforms as excellent examples under this category. Even the original equipment manufacturers make use of the vibration isolation systems when designing and retrofitting sensitive equipment.

Chillers form an important part of the HVAC equipment but also create a lot of noise as well. They are normally isolated from the rest of the equipment by virtue of their design placement in the mechanical room. The spring isolators for chillers are recommended by Andre HVAC International Inc. to take care of the chiller vibration and noise that gets transmitted via the structural members.

Andre HVAC International Inc. is well known in the area of HVAC vibration isolators. The building owners work in tandem with AHI for installation of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems. The anti-vibration spring mounts are quite effective in dealing with the noise and vibration problems. The range also includes the anti-vibration fan mounts that are used for isolating the fan vibrations from the support structure. Fans are like any other rotating part and generate vibrations. The fan vibrations can significantly become noisier when there is a rotor dynamic balancing problem. The anti-vibration spring mounts and fan mounts help in keeping the support structure safe and protected.

Andre HVAC also brings the vibration isolation products for use by its clients. The AndreHVAC spring vibration isolators and vibration mounts are in demand by the construction contractors, who ask for the product brand by its name. We built a reputation for itself in the past years for excellent products in the vibration damping, noise control, and seismic isolation.

Whether it is HVAC equipment or system isolation requiring the vibration damping, the entire range of anti-vibration products is available from AHI. They also make sure that the specialized products like anti-vibration isolators are also readily available for the clients.

Important considerations for seismic vibration isolation

The seismic mounts and isolators are recommended for use with the mechanical equipment when it is subject to seismic occurrences, high wind loads and other external forces. The seismic isolators are pretty effective for noise and vibration sensitive areas when the mechanical equipment is located above or near it. The seismic spring isolators are very effective when the equipment for isolation experiences significant weight changes due to the fluid drainage during routine maintenance operations. The equipment that falls under this category is cooling towers, chillers and boilers etc.

The seismic vibration isolators consist of a welded steel housing that has a free standing, large diameter steel spring in the middle. The metallic housing has zinc metallization on it in order to protect it from corrosion.

Important considerations for seismic vibration isolation

Important considerations for seismic vibration isolation

The housings have elastomer members assembled which work in tandem with the spring member to provide the required damping effect. The housings are fabricated in such a manner so as to limit vertical movement of the isolated equipment. The vertical movement is generated if there is a reduction in load due to fluid drainage or increase in load due to large external forces like seismic events or high winds.

The top plate in the seismic spring isolator housing has threaded holes for anchoring the mechanical equipment. In certain situations, it becomes difficult to align the holes and welding is recommended. The snubbing element has the neoprene elastomer at its core. For heavy duty applications, the seismic vibration isolators have elements which can accommodate directional snubbing also.

Andre HVAC International Inc. provides the entire range of seismic spring isolators and seismic spring mounts for the mechanical equipment. They also help in carrying out computer studies for snubbing systems in earthquake and bomb blast zones. The HVAC vibration isolation solutions from Andre HVAC are guidelines that provide general seismic details for suspended piping, ductwork and electrical systems. There are special seismic mounts and independent seismic restraints for the HVAC applications. With the help of these mounts, you can secure the air-conditioning equipment, fans, ducts etc. to the building. The cable restraints also come quite handy for restraining the suspended pipe and equipment. The seismic spring mounts thus provide adequate protection from the seismic activity.

Thereis a variety of mounts available which primarily consist of a spring and an elastomer- neoprene. There are also wire rope and pad type vibration mounts and isolators. The seismic mounts comply with IBC regulations. The Amber booth vibration isolators have been used in HVAC, defense, transportation and OEM market for over 60 years. Amber booth is a member of the American society of heating, refrigerating, and Air-conditioning engineers, Inc. and Vibration isolation and seismic control manufacturers association. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you the entire range of Amber booth products to meet your specific requirements.

The seismic spring mounts are color coded to indicate the spring deflection and the load capacity. To meet the seismic code compliance, a spacer block is provided for the air gap setting. The Andre HVAC seismic spring isolators are designed to counter the seismic forces up to a value of 2G.

The anti-vibration rubber mounts and hangers help you keep pace with the growing vibration damping needs.

The purpose of an anti-vibration rubber mount is to reduce the effect of vibration and noise on the structure, equipment and people. The rubber mounts and isolators lower the natural frequency of the system to below the excitation frequency. If the two frequencies match it causes resonance which causes damage to the equipment and produces a large amount of noise. The anti-vibration rubber mountings keep the two frequencies out of sync. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you a wide variety of rubber isolator mounts and vibration damping mounts and hangers. Here are some of them.

The grommet rubber isolators provide economic vibration isolation for light loads. They are ideally suited for computers, disk drives, and precision instrumentation.

The heavy-duty fan rubber mounts from Andre HVAC are capable of handling loads up to 1000 Kgf. The applications for these mounts include induction fans and heavy duty compressors.

Rubber mounts are an efficient low-cost option of anti-vibration products that offer a reasonable degree of isolation efficiency. They are typically used in standard non-critical applications.

The HVAC rubber mounts consist of a steel center with a flanged base which has been

HVAC rubber hangers

HVAC rubber hangers

molded in neoprene to provide corrosion resistance. The rubber vibration isolators have a tapped hole at the top and are ideally suited for mounting of air conditioners on the rooftops. The HVAC rubber mounts have a deflection of 0.5 inches and have a non-skid surface on both the top and bottom.

The exhaust rubber mounts restrain the exhaust system from moving around and safeguards it from damage. The rubber isolators are made from high-density rubber which is very strong and durable.

The rubber isolator is recommended for suspended items. It consists of a rectangular steel bracket which is powder coated for rust protection. The double deflection shear hanger also has an elastomer element that has a projected collar to prevent metal to metal contact between the rod and bracket. The elastomer in the rubber hangersis normally resistant to water and ozone. Earlier on the compression elements were designed with straight line deflection curves and were known as single deflection shear hangers. In these single deflection rubber shear hangers, for a given deflection the frequency was roughly the same as the rubber-in-shear. Instead of using two single deflection rubber elements at the top and bottom of the rubber hanger, the taller and larger double deflection element was developed. There is a wide range of HVAC rubber hangers available from Andre HVAC International Inc.

Today, the reduction in vibration emission and damping play an important role in the operation of plant and machinery. The performance of the equipment and machines has improved over the years. This has come with an increase in the motor power and vibrations in the machines. These vibrations must be controlled with the use of rubber vibration damping mounts and rubber isolation mounts if the accuracy of the machines is to be sustained. Andre HVAC specializes in double deflection rubber shear mounts and rubber anti-vibration mounts to cater to your specific needs. Think of the anti-vibration rubber mount and you will find it with Andre HVAC.

Take control of your vibration issues with the latest anti-vibration products

The popular vibration isolation products include small springs, neoprene, and fiberglass mounts that provide good vibration isolation medium. The common spring vibration isolators and anti-vibration mountings are readily available from the house of Andre HVAC. However, with the advancement in technology there are new products that make use of the visco-elastic polymers for the isolation of vibrations. These special elastomers not only absorb the vibration waves but also convert it into a small amount of heat energy that is dissipated. Listed below are the different types of vibration isolation products that are available and suited to specific customer requirements.

Vibration isolation systems: Andre HVAC International Inc. provides a wide variety of vibration isolation systems specifically designed to meet the end user vibration free applications. These include vibration control workstations, bench-top platforms, and vibration isolation system platforms. You can also get vibration isolation mounts for use by original equipment manufacturers when designing and retrofitting sensitive equipment.

Spring isolators for chillers: If you are into the installation of HVAC systems, you would have probably known by now that the noisiest part of the equipment is the chiller. The designers try to isolate it from the rest of the equipment by placing it into the mechanical room. Despite the isolation, the chiller vibrations and noise is transmitted via the structural members and can cause noise pollution in the work areas. The ideal solution for this problem is the use of spring isolators for chillers. The Andre HVAC International Inc. range of anti-vibration spring mounts provides the customers with a wide choice of anti-vibration products.

Anti-vibration fan mounts: Any rotating piece of equipment generates vibrations and fans are no exceptions. The vibration problem gets accentuated when there is a rotor dynamic balancing problem. The anti-vibration fan mounts are quite effective in isolating the fan vibrations from the support structure. Thus, the support structure stays protected from vibration damage and noise is greatly reduced.

Mason vibration isolation: Mason has earned a reputation for itself in the field of vibration damping, noise control and seismic isolators. The company has been in the field for more than five decades. The construction contractors demand the vibration isolators and vibration mounts as per the Mason brand name. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you the Mason vibration isolation products for your anti-vibration requirements.

HVAC vibration isolators: HVAC vibration damping is the area where Andre HVAC International Inc. made a modest beginning in the year 2003, in Ontario Canada. Today AHI enables building owners to execute their plans for installation of heating ventilation and air conditioning systems without the worry of noise and vibration problems. The dedicated expert team from AHI provides technical assistance to the customers in the selection of the correct HVAC vibration isolators as per their project specifications. The HVAC spring mounts from AHI reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from the pumps, motors, fans and chillers of the HVAC equipment to the building structure and protect it from damage.