Troubled with Noise and vibrations? Adopt vibration control products for relief!

People around the world are quickly adapting to the anti-vibration mountings, isolators and hangers to get over their vibration and noise troubles. Vibrations, as you know, can cause irreparable damage to the support and noise can be a deterrent for the smooth operations in a workplace. There is a variety of anti-vibration spring mounts, isolator mounts and other anti-vibration machinery available from Andre HVAC International Inc. to take care of your vibration needs. Let us look at the various vibration control products:

Anti-vibration motor mounts: The Andre HVAC anti-vibration motor mounts are capable of sustaining high vibration frequencies. The construction of these vibration isolation mounts is very simple and consists of neoprene elastomer disc and a steel mounting bolt. These are manufactured using the compression molding process and the stem of the bolt is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Pump vibration isolators: The base spring mounts are used for vibration control in air handling units, fans, pumps, other HVAC equipment and generators. The pump vibration isolators from Andre HVAC come in three possible options. These are with no base, only with a lower base and with both top and lower base. The core which is encased by the spring is made up of foam rubber pad and polyethylene.

Spring vibration isolators: Andre HVAC spring vibration isolators are used to cut down the transmission of noise and vibration that is generated by mechanical, industrial or process equipment within a building structure. These vibration eliminators are used for boilers, chillers, compressors, fans, pumps and cooling towers.

Spring isolators for fans: The fluctuating aerodynamic forces or the rotor unbalance in a fan lead to the vibrations. These are transmitted to the supporting structure and may lead to noise which can distract people in an office. If the magnitude of vibrations is higher, it may lead to a gradual destruction of the supporting structure.

  • Vibration isolators are used to prevent or limit the amount of force transfer to the supporting structure.
  • Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you the range of HVAC vibration isolators and spring isolator for fans to take care of your anti-vibration requirements.
  • Products are available for both stationary and portable applications.

HVAC spring mounts: As per the latest construction regulations most of the utility equipment needs to mount on the top of the buildings. Hence, the protection of the building structure from vibrations becomes all the more important. The HVAC spring mounts and HVAC vibration isolators can be used for mounting the air ventilation units, chillers, pumps, air conditioning equipment and heating equipment. The entire product range of HVAC spring mount is available from Andre HVAC International Inc.

Mason vibration isolators: The contractors, consultant and architects ask for the vibration control products of Mason industries by name. The anti-vibration manufacturer has dominated the field of noise, vibration and seismic control for more than fifty years. Andre HVAC brings to its customers the Mason vibration isolatorsfor meeting the specific brand requirements. The product range from AHI includes a variety of other vibration isolation mount and anti-vibration spring mount choices for its clients.


The dependable vibration mounts and isolators for protection from seismic activity

The vibrations of the earth and its crust due to the seismic activity can have devastating effects. The equipment, piping, and ductwork can be dislodged from their mounting position in the building. The people today are increasingly becoming aware of the damages that can be caused by earthquakes and tsunami. They are taking the requisite countermeasures by using the seismic vibration isolators in the installation of equipment and machinery. The seismic spring isolators from the house of Andre HVAC International Inc. are designed to withstand the seismic forces while keeping your equipment safe.

The seismic spring mounts have the following distinct properties:

  • Suitably located bolt holes in the seismic mounts make them easy to install.
  • The body of steel with a solid build makes the housing strong enough to counter the seismic impact.
  • The seismic spring mount is designed for easy top plate mounting.
  • The snubbing element is made from the molded neoprene elastomer.
  • The Zinc metallization on the metal parts protects them from corrosion.

If you do not want to use the threaded holes in the top plate for anchoring the equipment you can go in for the welding. In many typical situations, the alignment of the heavy equipment becomes difficult and welding is the only alternative. The neoprene elastomer is at the core of the snubbing element. However, the Andre HVAC range offers you the seismic spring isolator which can accommodate directional snubbing also. These are specially meant for heavy duty applications.

For ease of identification of the load capacity and deflection the springs in the seismic mounts are color coded. A spacer block is also provided for the air gap setting in order to meet the seismic code compliance. The seismic isolator is designed to counter the seismic forces up to a value of 2G.

HVAC vibration isolation

During an earthquake, you will not like your air-conditioning equipment to come crashing down along with the ducting. The Andre HVAC International Inc. range of HVAC vibration isolation products includes the special seismic mounts and independent seismic restraints for the HVAC applications. You can thus secure the air-conditioning equipment, fans, ducts etc. to the building with adequate protection from seismic activity.

Amber booth vibration isolators

Amber booth which is known for its specialty in the seismic products is a member of vibration isolation and seismic control manufacturers association and also American Society of heating, refrigeration, and air conditioning engineers Incorporated. Andre HVAC is proud to be associated with their product range and brings to you the Amber booth vibration isolators for your specific needs. These seismic spring isolators are recommended for use in HVAC, defense, transport, and OEM market. The Amber booth seismic control products, which have been in the market for the past 60 years, are especially suited for services and new construction.

By using the cable restraints in combination with the rubber hangers you can achieve the seismic restraint of suspended pipe and equipment. This becomes critical as falling pipes and equipment pose a grave danger during an earthquake.

Spring isolation hangers are the perfect match for your equipment suspension requirements

In the multi-storied buildings, hotels and office complexes there are huge utility requirements.  You will find many equipment and piping laid as a network in an under construction building. There are the fire hydrants, heating and cooling pipelines and many HVAC equipment that are to be positioned and concealed inside the building. When the HVAC equipment operates or the fire hydrants are pressurized, vibrations are induced in them through the rotating and moving parts. If the equipment and pipes are secured to the structure of the building, it will not only cause damage but also generate a lot of noises. The most suited solution for the suspension of pipes and equipment is the vibration isolation hanger.

Anti-vibration hangers: The spring isolation hangers are designed to take care of your anti-vibration and noise control requirements. The construction of the anti-vibration hanger is very simple. It comprises a rectangular metal bracket, an elastomer element and a high deflection spring with caps. The spring plays an important part and the spring hanger has to be selected based on the load and deflection requirements. The spring isolation hangers are especially suited for suspension of rotating equipment like air handling units, fan coil units, ventilation fans, large variable air volume boxes etc.  You can make a choice from one-inch deflection spring hangers and go upto four-inch ones. The load capabilities vary accordingly from 40 to 3500 lbs. Thus, you can easily make a selection of the vibration hanger as per your needs.

The features of the anti-vibration hangers are as follows:

  • The rectangular steel housing and other steel parts are zinc plated for corrosion resistance. The steel housing is tested at 5 times the load capacity.
  • The steel rings are color coded according to the load bearing capacity and deflection. They are also tested at 50% overload conditions.
  • In particular types of isolation hangers, it is possible to have pre-compression of springs prior to the installation.
  • The hanger spring isolators can take misalignment within an arc of 30 degrees.
  • High-quality neoprene rubber elements are responsible for avoiding the metal to metal contact.
  • The spring hanger pipe support provides for ease of installation. It can be mounted direct to the support structure or fitted to the drop rod.

Pipe spring hangers: The pipe supports in any building are supposed to meet the two standard requirements. In the case of heating and cooling pipes, the pipe supports must be able to absorb the impact of expansion and contraction due to temperature variation. Also, they must be able to balance the concentrated gravitational load generated by the vertical sections of the pipe. The Andre HVAC International Inc. range of spring hangers for pipe is designed to meet these requirements. The spring coils in the pipe spring hangers can easily resist the compressive forces. The neoprene elastomer elements provide the necessary flexibility and also the much-needed weather resistance. You will be able to find the isolation hangers to meet your requirement easily from the Andre HVAC product range.

Get some effective vibration isolation through rubber mounts and rubber dampers

If you go around any industry or office basement, you are likely to see a number of pumps, motors, generators, compressors and HVAC equipment in operation. All these equipment have rotating or moving parts which generate vibrations. To mitigate the vibrations, the anti-vibration rubber mountings or rubber hangers are used. The other common rubber dampers in use are the elastomer pads, dense closed cell foams and laminate materials.

Andre HVAC International Inc. makes use of the latest technology and developments in the damping materials to bring you the entire range of vibration dampening mounts and rubber hangers. Their range also includes the HVAC rubber mounts and exhaust rubber mounts which are suited for specific requirements. Andre HVAC products are known for their quality and performance. The effective control of vibrations by their anti-vibration rubber mounts is what draws the customers to them.

The theory behind the control of vibration by the rubber isolation mount lies in the effective control of resonance amplification. This phenomenon happens when the natural frequency of the equipment matches with the generated vibrations causing it to vibrate in harmony and produce a loud sound. The rubber vibration isolators limit the level of amplification by dissipating the energy in the system. However, the selection of the anti-vibration rubber mounts has to be done carefully as an increased damping may result in reduced isolation at higher frequencies.

HVAC rubber mounts and isolators: The heating ventilation and air conditioning applications are very common in the homes and commercial establishments. The temperature control by these equipment looks good, but the vibrations and noise emanating from the moving parts can pose a lot of problems. However, the Andre HVAC double deflection rubber shear mounts come to your rescue. You can use the neoprene based HVAC rubber mount for installing the air conditioner unit on the rooftop. The unit is secured to rubber mounts with the help of bolts while the metal flange bonded with the rubber isolator secures it to the surface on the roof. The rubber provides the isolation and damping. The fan rubber mounts and fan vibration dampers are ideally suited for the fan installation.

HVAC rubber hangers: Most of the installations of HVAC systems require suspension from the roof and you can make use of the single deflection rubber shear hangers and double deflection shear hangers based on the weight and dynamics of the suspended part. The housing of the single deflection shear hanger is formed with a plate bent in rectangular shape. The HVAC rubber hanger has a grommet rubber at the bottom which isolates the equipment from the suspended part. The rubber in shear mount is made from specialty rubbers like neoprene which provide isolation as well as weather resistance.

Andre HVAC International Inc. made a foray into the field of rubber vibration dampening mounts in the year 2003.  They started with the rubber anti-vibration mounts for the HVAC installations and have grown from strength to strength over the last decade. Today they have a wide variety of vibration isolation rubber products for multiple applications in varied fields. If you need a rubber isolator mount you will find it with Andre HVAC.

Anti-vibration hangers for noiseless ceilings and silent HVAC suspensions

The customers today are very specific in their demand of ‘no vibrations and noise emanating from the ceilings.’ They have a similar requirement for vibration and noise free HVAC installation. Andre HVAC International Inc. comes forth with a wide variety of anti-vibration hangers and spring brackets especially suited for these applications. The spring ceiling hangers provide for the acoustic isolation by combining the metal spring elements with the resilient elastomers.

Spring ceiling hangers: The product is available from the house of Andre HVAC International Inc. for both wood and concrete/metal ceilings. These spring ceiling hangers have a spring, elastomer, spring cap and metal plate housing. The springs are rated for a deflection of 1” while the neoprene elastomer element ensures that the concrete or wooden roof is isolated for vibrations and noise from the suspended ceiling. The housing of the hanger springs can be directly mounted to the concrete/metal or wooden roof. The suspension is also possible from a threaded rod that is suitably anchored to the roof. The spring ceiling hangers are flexible enough to allow for the leveling of the suspended false ceiling.

Piping spring hangers: The piping spring hangers and supports are preset at the manufacturing plant based on the installation load specification and blocked in both the directions. These settings are very precise and are carried out on digitally controlled test benches. Blocking of the pipe spring hangers assumes significance with regard to the pickling, flushing and hydrostatic tests which result in additional loads.

  • Factory set values are marked on the pipe spring hangers.
  • The installation position/ cold setting are indicated on the travel scale.
  • The hot position is defined by the maximum permissible load deviation as a reaction force to the expansion and is capped at 25% of the operating load
  • The blocking pieces can be removed and reinserted in any required position in the vibration hangers.
  • The fully galvanized surfaces provide the adequate protection from corrosion.

HVAC hangers: The anti-vibration hangers for HVAC applications can get rid of the structure-borne noise and vibration. These hanger springs are suitable for suspension of HVAC equipment like air conditioners, fans, ducts and piping. The large hole in the rectangular metal frame housing helps in assembly even if there is some angular misalignment. The elastomer grommet ensures that there is no metal to metal contact and perfect isolation from vibrations and noise is achieved. The HVAC hangers are available from Andre HVAC International Inc. in a wide range of load bearing capacity and spring deflection.

For certain applications where not much movement of the ceiling or equipment is permitted due to the civil structure design, you can go in for the pre-compressed spring hangers. Theanti-vibration hangers are adjusted for 70 percent of the anticipated load by the use of the pre-compressed spring. The movement in the ceiling or equipment does not begin till the deflection under load exceeds the 70 percent value. The Andre HVAC pipe and spring ceiling hangers are thus able to meet the majority of customer requirements.

A wide range of rubber mounts and hangers to take care of your vibration issues

Every industry which is into manufacturing deploys equipment for production. These machines have motors, pumps, pneumatic and hydraulic systems which run by consuming power and energy. When the motors rotate or the pumps run, they produce vibrations. Each machine and equipment has its own natural frequency and starts to vibrate in tandem with the generated vibrations. These vibrations as you know are harmful to theequipment and can cause substantial damage over a period of time. But you need not worry. Andre HVAC International Inc. brings to you a wide range of rubber anti-vibration mounts, rubber bushings, rubber isolators, and HVAC rubber hangers. Therubber mounts and isolators can take care of your entire anti-vibration needs.

Rubber mounts: The automotive industry is a major user of the rubber mounts. The engine as a source of power is a major generator of vibrations. It is assembled to the chassis using anti-vibration rubber mounting.The rubber mounts have a metallic center with rubber casing and a metal mounting plate. The rubber is bonded strongly with the metal to form an inseparable unit. The vibration dampening mounts come in a variety of shapes like cylindrical, hexagonal, angular, pedestal, and sandwich to suit the customer application requirement. Besides the automobile the rubber vibration dampening mounts find use in the marine and railroad industry as well. Another typical use is the HVAC rubber mounts.

Rubber vibration dampers:

  • The rubber in the vibration rubber mounts acts as the damper between two metallic surfaces.
  • The machine or equipment is anchored to the rubber vibration isolation mount, which in turn is secured to the floor or mounting surface.
  • The bolts used for anchoring do not allow the machine to move or shift even when it is rotating at high speeds while the rubber provides the isolation from the vibrations.
  • High-quality rubbers are used to form strong bonds with metal in the rubber anti-vibration mounts.
  • With their ability to absorb vibrations, the rubber isolation mountsact as a catalyst for noise reduction.
  • This makes the operating environment comfortable for the employee working on the equipment.

Rubber in shear isolators: Besides mounting the equipment on the floor or surfaces, a lot of it is suspended from the roof and ceilings as well. The single deflection rubber shear hangers and double deflection shear hangers are ideally suited for this application. The hangers are made from a metallic plate bent in a rectangular shape with a threading on top and a hole at the bottom. While the top is secured to the ceiling using the threaded hole, a rubber grommet is fitted in the bottom hole from where the equipment is secured to the hanger. The rubber in the shear isolator with projected collars is responsible for eliminating the metal to metal contact.

Rubber bushings: Metal bonded rubber bushings from the house of Andre HVAC International Inc. find use in mobile power equipment, vibratory feeders and wheel suspensions. The rubber vibration isolators successfully reduce noise and wear. Thus, the rubber vibration dampers are also responsible for a reduction in the use of lubricants.