Andre HVAC equipments for effective vibration isolation of mechanical equipments

What is mechanical vibration?

In simple terms vibration in mechanical equipment is simply the back and forth motion or oscillation of machines and components, such as pumps, compressors generators and so on that make up mechanical systems. Vibrations in industrial equipments are common phenomena. Massive vibrations in a machine can be a sign of trouble. However Vibration is not always an issue. In fact in most cases vibration is inherent in machine design. For instance, vibration is almost unavoidable in the operation of reciprocating pumps, compressors, internal combustion engines, and gear drives. In a well-engineered & well-maintained machine, such vibration should be no cause for concern.

So when does vibration become a problem?

Most industrial devices are designed to function smoothly and avoid vibration. In machines, vibration can indicate problems or deterioration in the equipment if vibration increases beyond normal levels. If the underlying causes for vibration are not corrected, it can cause a lot of damage. This is where the use of vibration isolation pads comes into the picture. Based on the cause of vibration isolations pads are selected and designed for the machinery for vibration shock & noise absorption.

Andre HVAC, a leading manufacturer of vibration isolation equipments, offers a range of solution for all kinds of noise & vibration of mechanical equipments. We are a one stop solution for all vibration & noise isolation issues. Our range of products include

  • ·         Anti – Vibration Pads (Waffle and Ribbed)
  • ·         Rubber Cork Pads and Rubber Steel Rubber Pads
  • ·         Spring Mounts / Spring Isolators
  • ·         Spring Hangers
  • ·         Rubber in Shear Mounts / Hangers & much more.

What is the difference between vibration isolation & vibration damping of machines?

In any industrial set up, having Vibration management system is very essential. It plays a critical role for the smooth functioning of the machine. Machineries that are well designed & that have effectively incorporated vibration systems are truly considered to be the best designed & developed machine. On the contrary, the machines that are not built with vibration isolation system could result in the malfunctioning & break down of it.  Neglecting or by not addressing to the issue of vibration promptly can often result in a catastrophic failure.

In the market there are a number of anti vibration pads, sound isolation pads, vibration damping equipments for HVAC applications & other industrial machineries. But selection of the right device is very critical & significant.  So to make the right choice, one needs to understand the devices & their importance.

Difference between vibration isolation & vibration damping

Now there are basically two ways of managing vibration in machines, one is through isolation of vibration & other way is by damping of vibrations. Isolation and Damping are actually two different terms that are often used inter changeably. Isolation is nothing but prevention of vibrations from entering into a system, where as Damping is the absorption of the vibration energy that is entering the system. Although both have different meaning & functionality but both are the process through which the vibration issues can be solved & at the same time enhance the efficiency of a machine

What are snubbers & how do they work as a vibration isolator

Snubbers also known as dampers or shock absorbers, are devices designed & engineered to limit the sudden unwanted heavy movements in components like pumps, motors,  storage tanks, piping’s, steam generators, compressors & various other applications. Due to heavy and speedy movements or vibration caused by external forces, it leads to dynamic energy that damages the machine.

But by installing snubbers, they immediately lock the vibration & speed within the normal limits & thus, prevent the machine from any kind of damages. In that way, the machines parts are well protected & provided with temporary support to the installation.  This prevents the machine from any lateral force, thereby eliminating the risk of break down due to vibrations & movements.

Seismic Snubbers are designed for the use of resisting high impacts caused during earthquakes in locations subject to such natural calamities & external forces.  Such external natural forces could potentially displace the supported equipment leading to a severe damage. Snubbers, when anchored to the machines or building structures, are placed around vibration-isolated equipment with the objective to limiting the lateral motion caused by natural force & there by containing the supported equipment or machine. Seismic snubbers are used to prevent & resist impacts caused by earthquakes, strong gusty winds or any such natural force that could damage the machines buildings or other equipments.

Spring hanger, an equipment perfect for isolation of vibration for suspended applications


 Spring Hanger are equipments used for the purpose of isolation of low frequency vibrations that are generated by suspended mechanical equipment like those of fans, pipes, duct works, fan coil units, air-conditioning units, exhaust systems etc. They are also used for false-ceiling applications like in cinemas, studios, theaters etc, offering a very low natural frequency. Spring hangers are typically designed & engineered depending on the type of application they are used in.

They are equipments that can be customized in accordance to the specifications made for the load range. In case of an application having increased weight and limited hanging points, Heavy duty spring and rubber anti vibration hangers are used in applications. In such applications, heavy duty anti-vibration hangers are used so as to mainly sustain the increased weight, & at the same time provide adequate spring vibration isolation.

Spring hangers that have very low natural frequency value are basically used for vibration absorption in an extensive range of domestic and industrial applications. In order to achieve better & improved results, a combination of steel springs and rubber elements are used in the spring hangers for various applications. Encompassing of springs & rubber materials in the spring hanger provides maximum static deflection that enhances the efficiency of isolation. To achieve optimum performance, the spring hangers are designed in a way that best suits a particular application. Mostly having used in the suspended piping and duct work, the Spring Hanger Mount preventing transmission of vibration to surrounding structure or applications.

How can Vibration Isolation Equipment be beneficial for Industrial Businesses?

What exactly is Vibration Isolation equipment? 

Vibration isolation equipment refers to the using of anti vibration rubber pads, anti vibration mounting pads & various other equipments that works as a shock absorber & a vibration isolator.  These vibration isolation pads are used for the purpose of damping vibration caused by various industrial applications & in turn increases their durability.

How are the anti vibration equipments beneficial for industrial business?

In an industrial set up, one of the major concerns of engineers are the vibrations that are caused by the industrial machineries. Vibrations are a major concern mainly because, the slightest of vibration caused can lead to high frequency noise & great amount of friction between machinery parts leading to a severe wear and tear of the machines. Also in a worst case scenario, due to the vibration of machines there are chances of a complete failure or a break down leading to stall in the operation of machine. This is mainly the reason why vibration isolation equipments play a major role in industrial business.

By using the isolation pad, not only does it absorbs the shock but also prevents heavy machine parts from creating noise & friction beyond a set point.  These pads are designed in a way that can take extremely high impacts, from manufacturing equipment lines. By reducing the vibration, one can actually improve the product output and increase the efficiency & performance. If the machines & equipments are well protected from vibrations, there is no requirement for maintenance, repairing &replacement of parts to be done regularly.  This saves a lot on expenses of maintenance & potential loss caused due to failure of machineries.

Best Vibration Isolators for HVAC Equipments & other industrial equipments


Vibration isolation can be defined as the process of isolating vibration from various parts of machines & equipments in an industrial or domestic set up. By installation of anti vibration equipments like the anti vibration rubber pads, anti vibration mounting pads, rubber cork pads, & various other HVAC Isolation pads, the machinery parts are prevented from causing any kind of noise & vibration. These types of vibration control equipments are extremely essential in HVAC systems for a number of reasons.

Vibration in industrial equipment is a sign of trouble & danger. This is mainly because unwanted vibrations have severe & adverse impact on the performance of equipment. Unchecked machine vibration can increase the rate of wear & tare of equipments & ultimately damaging them. Vibration of machines can create loud noise, causing safety problems and lead to degradation in plant working conditions. Also such noise can also injure the employees working around the machine. Another effect of Vibration is that it can cause machinery to consume excessive power and may damage product quality. In the worst cases, vibration can severely damage equipments, ultimately leading to the break-down of the machines and Stall the plant production.

There are a number of solutions to prevent any vibrations from within a HVAC system & some of them are the use of spring hangers & mounts, rubber mounting, fiberglass mounts etc. These equipments manage to isolate the vibration waves from various parts of the HVAC system & reduce the potential impact caused by the vibration to the machines.

Andre HVAC Rubber in shear mounts

Rubber in shear mounts, are mechanical devices that are used for damping extreme shocks, high level vibration & high frequencies machine noise. These devices are specially designed & developed from rubber & high grade Neoprene. They are typically designed & developed for shear & compression.  The shear mounts have an outstanding ability to absorb the energy generated by the vibrations which is very critical for all the applications.

This is essential mainly because, having the heat generated due to vibration could have a great impact on the working of machine which could ultimately lead to its failure. By installing the rubber shear mounts, it prevents the mechanical equipments from heating or any kind of damage to it. Rubber in shear mounts is an efficient, low cost option, offering a reasonable amount of isolation efficiency. These Rubbers in shear mountings usually come in single or double deflection and are one of the most effective forms of isolators for standard non-critical applications as well as heavy machineries.

The rubber Shear Mounts are the best & the most cost effective vibration & noise control isolators that are used in en number of mechanical equipment. The Shear mounts are often used for heavy equipment such as compactors, hammers for excavators, crushers and generators, springs for vibratory equipment like of Fans, Fan Coil units, Fan Motor assembly of Air Handling units & Pumps etc.

Anti Vibration Mountings an excellent isolation device


Anti vibration rubber mountings are devices that are designed to absorb the vibrations produced by the mechanical equipments. These anti vibration mounting devices are also popularly known as vibration isolation devices or vibration isolation mountings. By installing these devices it ensures smooth running of the industrial machine in which they are installed. Such anti vibration mountings are specially designed and manufactured to minimize potentially vibration shock & noise during the functioning of industrial equipment & machines. These vibration isolators are designed for HVAC applications, industrial applications, compressors, generators and others industrial applications.


What makes the Anti Vibration Mountings device so essential? 

Anti vibration mountings are very essential for industrial application. If for a prolonged period of time the machines are unchecked & run without isolation equipments, the machines are sure to damage it. Therefore proper installation of anti vibration mountings or pads is required for increasing the durability & efficiency of machine & also protects it from the effects of vibrations.

Advantages of Anti Vibration Mountings in industrial machines

  • By installation of these devices the machines can be protected from the wear & tare.
  • It can also reduce the potential expenses that come with the repairs & maintenance of machine.
  • Brings in a lot of efficiency in the production & performance of machines
  • It reduces the risk of breakdown of machine which could ultimately lead to loss in production.

Andre HVAC International Inc, a leading manufacturer for anti vibration pads

Installation of vibration & shock resistant systems is quite simple provided one has the right equipment for it. ANDRE HVAC International Inc is a pioneer in providing such unique & customized product solutions to their clients. They are one of the most renowned manufacturers of shock and vibration control products globally with headquarters based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada. Since inception, they have been in the forefront of manufacturing shock and vibration control products for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Industrial Applications and Defense Applications.

Established since the year 2003, they have been providing quality products & services that have helped them build a reputation that is unmatched in the industry. ANDRE HVAC International Inc has a team of skilled professionals & experts who are dedicated to providing superior quality products & on time delivery services to their clients.

ANDRE HVAC International Inc has manufacturing process that incorporates the latest technology and high quality raw materials in their production, providing the best features for better performance and functionality. They also offer a wide range of standard products to meet the needs of the customer. They specialize in providing a customized solution to clients as per their client specifications.

The company has their business spread across the world & caters their services to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Wholesalers and Distributors, Industrial Contractors and Defense Agencies/Contractors in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

High quality Rubber in Shear Hangers of Andre HVAC

ANDRE HVAC International Inc is a leading brand of Vibration Control & isolation products for HVAC Industries. AHI have been manufacturing superior quality Rubber Shear Hangers to its clients globally for years. Over the years being a trusted Rubber Shear Hangers Manufacturer, they have been catering to the precise expectations of the clients & matching the international quality standards. The high quality Rubber in Shear Hangers of Andre HVAC has a helped build a reputation unmatched in the industry.

The Rubber in Shear Hangers equipments offered by Andre HVAC are rigorously tested on various parameters on a regular basis & evolved it to keep in tune with the standard that meets client expectations & demands.  These equipments are highly used in industrial applications for uniform load distribution and high frequency isolation. The spring hangers are usually used in critical areas where noise and vibration need to be well under control.

Backed by technically advanced facilities & experienced professionals AHI provides a comprehensive range of anti vibration Rubber Shear Hangers designed & constructed for different load range & different sizes depending on the requirements & also the load deflection properties. Anti Vibration Spring Hanger are manufactured with utmost accuracy & are equipments that can be easily installed in the required area, offering quality results.